E-commerce Writer (paid internship)

Create a name for yourself as an E-commerce expert. Develop your own brand whilst adding value to hundreds of E-commerce business owners. 

Topcontent is a leading content creation & translation provider with a goal to help online business owners achieve their dreams. We do this by creating SEO content for them, helping them reach more customers. And now we want to do even more; we want to help solving the most common problems our E-commerce clients have. 

We love to add value and we are looking to create resources of information that will be of huge value to E-commerce owners. You will be responsible for creating and writing blogs and guides directly related to the E-commerce industry and you will be able to write answers to questions E-commerce owners have.

Who are you?

You are currently studying (or recently graduated with) a bachelor degree or masters in E-commerce. You will actively follow E-commerce groups on social media, identify opportunities to help businesses and write content that will answer questions many E-commerce business owners have. 

Flawless grammar and sentence structure in either English or Swedish is required.

What’s in it for you?

The opportunity to have the content you create out there in the E-commerce industry. Your writing will be a perfect match to your E-commerce degree and you will be building a name for yourself as an E-commerce expert. You will also start creating a network of contacts and followers. The writing that you do will add value to the Topcontent brand and you’ll be able to take credit for being an integral part in growing our own business and network.

Are you interested?

The obvious answer is that you are interested! Who wouldn’t be interested in creating content that adds a ton of value? If you would like to take on this role, get in touch with us by writing an email to hr@topcontent.com and let us know why this opportunity is perfect for you. Also, suggest 5 topics that you would recommend writing and what these topics will answer and how e-commerce business owners will benefit from these.