Full stack Developer

You will work closely with the team and only build stuff that will immediately improve the life of your colleagues. 

We are a company that sells text and translations. We have a project management system that handles everything from client ordering to freelancers doing the work and the results being delivered. The system is based on Laravel, is a Saas style system and has been up and running for 5 years. We handle a lot of text data through our system. We are now looking for a Full stack developer to join our team. There will be both frontend and backend development. Being good at server management (NGINX etc) is a big plus. 

You will build features from rough idea sketches from your colleagues. We put them live as soon as you finished them. Your work will have an immediate positive impact. 


  1. Front end website development
  2. Designing user interactions on web pages.
  3. Developing back end website applications.
  4. Creating servers and databases for functionality.
  5. Adding new features that benefit the team members
  6. Developing and connecting to APIs.
  7. Meeting both technical and consumer needs.
  8. Keeping up to date with developments in web applications and programming languages.

Skills Required:

  1. Being really good at coding
  2. Proficiency with fundamental front end languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  3. Experience with JavaScript frameworks such as VueJs.
  4. Proficiency with server side languages such as PHP and experience with Laravel framework. OOP, SOLID, Git
  5. Experience with database technology such as MySQL.
  6. Be ready to work with legacy code. Ability to read and understand other people’s code. 
  7. Good understanding of servers
  8. Good written communication skills in English.
  9. Good problem solving skills.
  10. Attention to detail.
  11. A degree in Computer Science is a plus but not mandatory.


  • Minimum of 3 years experience as a Fullstack developer
  • Experience working remotely 
  • Access to a high speed internet connection and office set up

Our Tech stack

  • PHP 7.4, Laravel, MySQL, VueJS, Bootstrap, Bulma

Application Process:

Send your cover letter and CV to hr@topcontent.com.

Candidates ideally are based within the European Union and the contract will be on a freelancer basis. Further details will be provided.