Topcontent Affiliate Programs

Topcontent offers two affiliate programs, one for human content and one for AI content through Topcontent/AI. Become a content affiliate today and start earning commission!

At Topcontent, we offer both human content and AI content. We keep these two services completely separated by having two systems, Topcontent Crowd (for human content) and Topcontent/AI (for AI content).

We offer an affiliate program in each of these systems. They work slightly differently and have different commission models, but they are both completely transparent and easy to use.

The best part of being a Topcontent Affiliate is that our customers stay with us for a long time (years). That is because they are happy with the services we provide. In other words, when you send new customers our way, you can rest assured that they will be treated well and that you will earn commissions for a long time to come.

Commission for AI Content

In Topcontent/AI, users can buy credits for €5 each, or subscribe to a monthly plan.

  • 30% Commission from all sales from new users signing up through your affiliate links.
  • Valid for the first 6 months from the user signing up.
  • This applies to all purchases; no matter if a user buys credits for €50 or our Limitless Plus plan for €8,999 per month.

To start promoting Topcontent/AI, you just need a regular user account (sign up for free below), head over to the Affiliate Program, and grab your unique link.

Commission for Human Content

In our platform for ordering human content, users top up their account balance and spend the balance on content orders.

  • Commission on all top-ups, using a ladder model:
    • 5% commission for the first €10,000 referred
    • 10% commission between €10,001 and €50,000
    • 15% commission on values above €50,000
  • The total levels of revenue are counted on a yearly basis, and the affiliate year starts when the first referral from your site registers an account in our system.

If you want to earn commissions on human content, you first need to create a freelancer account, fill in your invoice profile and contact us to get started.


Who can become a Content Affiliate for Topcontent?

Everyone can become a Content Affiliate. Whether you are an affiliate company, a casino affiliate manager, a happy client of ours or even just an individual who has good connections and knows some potential clients who need content, you are welcome to sign up!

Why should I refer clients to Topcontent?

Companies that outsource their content production to us often need massive amounts of content. We provide this and we have a long track record of returning and happy clients.  Moreover, our commissions are among the highest in the industry and considering the large volume of orders we receive, your earning potential from this program is huge.

What can you offer to the clients we bring your way?

Topcontent is one of the most trusted content providers in the industry. Our writers and translators cover a great number of languages and markets and can provide a large capacity of work, meaning a large volume in a short time.