Affiliate Program

Topcontent offers a free to join affiliate program. Become a content affiliate today and start earning commission!

If you want to get affiliate links to your website for free and are looking for an affiliate program to join, you can become a content affiliate for Topcontent. All you need to do is sign up to our system as a freelancer, fill out your invoice profile and implement your unique tracking link to your website. You will earn commission from all referrals who top up their balance.

Topcontent affiliate programme commission plans

When you join Topcontent’s affiliate program, you can earn up to 15% commission on all top-ups made by your referrals. 

The plans are as following:

  • 5% commission for the first €10,000 referred
  • 10% commission between €10,001 and €50,000
  • 15% commission on values above €50,000

The total levels of revenue are counted on a yearly basis, and the affiliate year starts when first referral from your site registers an account to our system.

You can find more details about our affiliate program here.

Register now and start earning!

Frequently asked questions on Topcontent Affiliate Program

Who can become a Content Affiliate for Topcontent?

Everyone can become a Content Affiliate. Whether you are an affiliate company, a casino affiliate manager, a happy client of ours or even just an individual who has good connections and knows some potential clients who need content, you are welcome to sign up!

Why should I refer clients to Topcontent?

Affiliates need a high volume of content. We provide this and we have a long track record of returning and happy clients. This means we generate more traffic for you.  Moreover, our commissions are among the highest in the industry and considering the large volume of orders we receive, your earning potential from this program is huge.

What can you offer to the clients we bring your way?

Topcontent has the most advanced platform in the industry. Our writers and translators cover a great number of language markets and are able to provide a large capacity of work, that means a large volume in a short time.

How long do commissions last?

Commissions have a lifetime value. That simply means that every time the client you referred places an order with us, you will get a commission. Lifetime.