Our culture

The Topcontent Culture

At Topcontent, we don’t buy you toys, we treat you like the adult you are. When you join Topcontent, you are signing up for being part of a creative team where we want you to be part of the growth and strategy of the company.

Remote working and results driven

We have gone 100% remote (and have been for years) so no one is limited to just one location. With our flexible working model, you can pretty much manage your time in a way that works best for your lifestyle.  Everyone can enjoy taking longer vacations when visiting friends and families from different countries because you can pick up your laptop and work from anywhere in the world. Just make sure you make yourself available within our core hours (11 am – 3 pm CET) and scheduled meetings. It also goes without saying, your actions and results will speak louder than words.

Weekly training sessions

Healthy body, mind and soul. It’s all about balance. We encourage everybody to go for a weekly training session. Whether that’s going down to the gym, playing squash, horse riding, or a walk on the beach, just do anything to get you moving. This weekly workout hour is included in your work week – so you get paid for working out!

Transparency and communication

We like to share as much information as possible. It’s also on you to ask any questions you might have to anyone in the business. If you don’t know something and you’re curious, then ask away. Being a multicultural team also means English, for most of us, is our second language. So we like direct, straight to the point communication, in plain English.

We embrace the culture of a flat organisation

IKEA invented the flat packages and Scandinavia invented the flat organisation. We believe that skilled workers should be responsible for their output and will do a far better job than if they being micromanaged. If you can rise to the challenge, this is the organisational culture for you. Your results and outcomes are what matter.

We still enjoy some fun time

Just because we are all working remotely, we still come together in fun ways! Just like office-based companies, we want to get to know each other. We just do it in our own unique way. When you join Topcontent, you truly join an extended family all over the world.