Content writing prices

You will pay fixed amount per word on content and translations.

Price variations

Price per word depends on language and quality level.

*Only available for enterprise clients

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Subscription packages

If you have a continuous need for content and translations, we can offer great discounts through our subscription packages.

1,000€ per month
Free Onboarding
2Hrs Content Manager Service
5% top-up bonus
30€/hour CMS

2,000€ per month
Free Onboarding
3HRs Content Manager Service
10% top-up bonus
30€/hour CMS

5,000€ per month
Free Onboarding
6Hrs Content Manager Service
20% top-up bonus
30€/hour CMS
Dedicated KAM

10,000€ per month
Free Onboarding
10HRs Content Manager
30% top-up bonus
30€/hour CMS
Dedicated KAM
New Language Request
Dedicated Developer for Integration

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Top-Up Bonus

Get more and pay less by topping up. We offer the following Top-Up bonuses.

  • €10,000 – €49,999 = 20% top-up bonus
  • €50,000 – €99,999 = 30% top-up bonus
  • €100,000 and above = 50% top-up bonus

Top Up and Order

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Additional benefits

If you want to save time, we offer a Content Manager service at an affordable hourly rate. An experienced Content Manager will take care of placing your order and ensure the content you get is exactly what you wanted. 

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