Content and translation rates and languages

We like to keep things simple and have a very straightforward pricing structure that is easy for you to understand.
We offer two options:
  • Pay per word for content and translation. So for any text that is written or translated, you will be charged a fixed amount per word.
  • Sign up for one of our subscription packages where you pay per your content needs in a month and enjoy additional services.

Price variations

The price we set per word depends on what quality level you’re looking for and in which language you want it written in. The final price per word of your content order is based on these two variables. The prices are presented in euros.

*Only available for enterprise clients

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Subscription packages

If you have a constant need for content, we recommend you to choose one of our subscription packages. You choose a package based on your content needs per month, and each package includes additional services.

1,000€ per month
Free Onboarding
2Hrs Content Manager Service
5% top-up bonus
30€/hour CMS

2,000€ per month
Free Onboarding
3HRs Content Manager Service
10% top-up bonus
30€/hour CMS

5,000€ per month
Free Onboarding
6Hrs Content Manager Service
20% top-up bonus
30€/hour CMS
Dedicated KAM

10,000€ per month
Free Onboarding
10HRs Content Manager
30% top-up bonus
30€/hour CMS
Dedicated KAM
New Language Request
Dedicated Developer for Integration

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Top-Up Bonus

To make sure you get all the content you need, we offer a Top-Up Bonus for all deposits of €10,000 or more. This means you can order more content and pay less!

Here are the bonus rates:

  • €10,000 – €49,999 will get 20% top-up
  • €50,000 – €99,999 will get 30% top-up
  • €100,000 and above will get 50% top-up

Top Up and Order

Read more about the Top-Up Bonus

Additional services

If you prefer not to subscribe to one of our monthly packages but still feel you might need some help with placing your content orders, we offer a Content Manager Service at an hourly rate. You can get in touch with us to request this or to make any other query.

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