Blue Window about Topcontent

Blue Window needed help to scale up their content creation and at the same time manage better the workload of their in-house writers. After just few months of cooperation, they have successfully outsourced part of their content creation to Topcontent and have managed to scale up their content production.

  • Tell a little bit about your company; the industry in which it operates, and its position in the market.

We are a digital marketing agency specializing in delivering high value traffic towards the online gaming market. We compete with the biggest affiliates in the market.

  • How long have you been working with Topcontent?

At Blue Window, we have been working with Topcontent for around 9-10 months.

  • What problem were you looking to solve when you decided to start working with Topcontent?

We have our own writers, but we want them to focus on other writing tasks. That’s why we contacted Topcontent to assist us with content and scale up the content needs we required.

  • How has Topcontent helped you solve your problem and achieve your goal(s)?

We have managed to outsource content creation to Topcontent. Our cooperation is still in progress and we work very closely with them up until this very day.

  • Why would you recommend Topcontent to other companies?

We receive high quality content within the stipulated time frame.

Topcontent is also very professional, and we have great communication with them. Whatever question or feedback I might have, it’s taken care of straightaway.


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We have helped to expand globally and reach larger audiences with high-quality content in English and Norwegian.

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