Case study: Cashcow

Affiliate marketing company grew their business in existing markets and opened to new ones with multilingual and scalable content.

Cashcow needed to scale up their content creation to take advantage of growth opportunities in their existing markets. They were also in search of an agency who could create content in a variety of different languages, so that they could open up to new and emerging markets.

Topcontent not only provided Cashcow the high volume content they needed, they also provided multilingual content to help Cashcow enter into new markets. Additionally, outsourcing their content creation enabled Cashcow to save a considerable amount of time.

About the company

Cashcow Ltd was founded in 2017 as an affiliate marketing company based in Malta. They operate primarily within the iGaming market, most notably through their flagship product –

The company originally launched Casino Professor in Finnish and English, also in 2017. Since then, they’ve expanded to cover many different languages that target a variety of regions.

Types of content ordered

Cashcow has mostly ordered informational articles about iGaming from Topcontent. These are articles with specific topics that their readers are looking for, so they needed the writers to follow their content briefs very carefully. In addition, some of the articles they ordered required thorough research for accuracy.


Cashcow’s biggest goal was to scale up their content creation to take advantage of new opportunities. Their objectives were to create more content for existing markets and expand into new markets whilst being able to order engaging and quality content – with little effort required from their side. Cashcow’s specific goals were:

  • Grow their business by expanding their current operations in existing markets
  • Enter new and emerging markets
  • Grow their other websites – such as

Solution: Scalable and multilingual content from Topcontent

Topcontent delivered more content campaigns than it was previously possible for Cashcow.

Additionally, multilingual content written by native speakers enabled Cashcow to enter new and emerging markets.

Goals achieved

Cashcow was able to grow their business in the existing channels by scaling up their content creation. Additionally, they were able to expand into new markets with multilingual content, delivered fast.

They were specifically able to:

  • order native Portuguese content in a matter of days. This allowed Cashcow to launch their site much earlier than planned.
  • sustain and grow this site by utilising the same writers as before, allowing Cashcow to choose content creators who know their product well.
  • save time by reducing the workload of their own team by outsourcing their content writing.


“We can highly recommend Topcontent to other companies due to their professionalism, speed, and quality of content they provide.”

“For us, they’ve played a huge part in us being able to expand our business and will continue to do so in the future.”

“As quality content creation takes a lot of time, our partnership with Topcontent has reduced the workload of many employees significantly”


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