Gambling affiliate company grows its business and increases traffic by scaling up its content creation

When our client wanted to grow their gambling affiliation business in the Finnish market, they turned to Topcontent for help to scale up their content production. The high-quality content they have received during the collaboration has helped them improve their search engine rankings and attract more traffic. Outsourcing content production has enabled them to target their internal resources more efficiently and save valuable time.

About the company

Our client is a gambling affiliation company focused on the Finnish market.

They are running two organic SEO sites. One of those sites is a straightforward one reviewing online casinos and helping players to avoid rotten eggs as well as helping them play at high-quality and trustworthy online casinos. Their second site is more of an educational site in the casino world. 

The company has been regularly buying content services from Topcontent for both of the sites for quite a while.

Types of content ordered

As Topcontent, we have provided our client with all types of iGaming content, for example; articles, game reviews and casino reviews.


Our client used to produce all their content in house. However, to be able to grow their business they had to make a choice whether to hire more in-house content writers or to outsource at least some of the content writing to an external provider.

  • Scale up content production
  • Grow business and increase revenue

Goals achieved

Ever since the start of the cooperation, our client can speak for Topcontent’s communication, content quality and scalability. Buying content from Topcontent has helped them to achieve several goals:

  • Precious time allocated better to grow their business when content production is handled externally. 
  • High-quality content received from Topcontent has had a positive impact on the company’s websites’ search engine rankings, which has resulted in increased organic traffic.


“Naturally we had our doubts in the beginning [of our cooperation], as the content needs to be top notch in order for us to really take that step [to grow our business], but Topcontent has just been great from the start.”

“The two biggest reasons for us working with Topcontent are, the quality of the content and how well they are communicating with their clients.”

“They always listen to you and really try to cater for your needs. It is especially refreshing to work with a company who can implement workflow improvements and features based on the clients needs and always listen to your input.”

“I think our biggest take-away is that communication has always felt like it is a dialogue where both parties try to improve and optimise the workflow and quality.”

“SEO is an area where you can seldom pinpoint exactly what is working and what is not, but we can honestly say that content is a part of our SEO strategy which we don’t have to worry about at the moment.”


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