Case study: KaFe Rocks

iGaming lead generation and affiliate marketing company expanded to new markets fast and efficiently with Topcontent.

When KaFe Rocks needed to expand to new markets at a faster pace with high quality content, they partnered with Topcontent.

The content they received enabled them to enter new markets quickly and start ranking just as well as their existing markets within a short period if time.

About the company

KaFe Rocks is a leading player within the iGaming lead generation space; they have been featured on the annual EGR Power Affiliate list every year since 2018.

The company runs a global portfolio of 70+ informative websites that shed light and transparency on the industry, and help consumers around the world make informed choices. KaFe Rocks is known for working for its users and being a company heavily focused on its employees.

Seeing the need for a global brand that all iGamers around the world know they can rely on and trust, was founded in 2021 as a company within the KaFe Rocks Group. This brand is present in eight markets and plans to provide gamblers with advice on all regulated markets worldwide within five years.

Types of content ordered

KaFe Rocks ordered a variety of content ranging from casino reviews, to bookie reviews, slot reviews, informative general gambling articles and big landing pages.

In their newer markets, such as,, and, most of the content was provided by Topcontent. KaFe Rocks just implemented and published the content.


KaFe Rocks’ main goal was to:

  • expand effectively into new markets at a pace and with quality content that they wouldn’t be able to do internally.

To achieve this goal, KaFe Rocks partnered with Topcontent, which was known to them as a solid provider of well-researched iGaming articles offering objective and transparent information.

Solution: Content delivered fast and efficiently

Topcontent delivered content faster than it was internally possible for KaFe Rocks.

Ready-made SEO templates made the order placing process more efficient and easier, saving KaFe Rocks a considerable amount of time.

Goals achieved

In alignment with their expansion objectives, KaFe Rocks was able to expand to new markets quickly whilst enjoying high search rankings. They were specifically able to:

  • Launch two markets of approximately 100 pages six months ahead of their original schedule in their business plan.
  • Enjoy the fact that both of these markets started ranking as high as their existing markets which had already been live for six to eight months.


“Topcontent is by far the most efficient agency we’ve ever worked with – and we’ve worked with quite a few. The pace of delivery along with the high quality that is kept is absolutely outstanding.”

“Especially their internal setup where we can customise templates with very strict SEO instructions when we order… it saves us a massive amount of time in terms of optimizations later.”

“Our internal structure has been changed so that all new markets we enter, we enter with Topcontent first.


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