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Five years ago, when New Zealand Casinos needed to find writers who could provide high-quality content and compile facts in a comprehensive way, they teamed up with Topcontent.

Since then, New Zealand Casinos has put their trust in Topcontent to deliver quality content that makes them more efficient.

  • Tell us a little bit about your company; the industry in which it operates, and its position in the market.

We are a marketing company whose main focus is to help and guide our online readers. A key factor in our success is the information we create to help our readers. Giving our readers the absolute best answer in the simplest way is and will always be our top priority.

  • How long have you been working with Topcontent?

We are currently in our fifth year working together with Topcontent; which is longer than any other agency we have ever collaborated with.

  • What problem were you looking to solve when you decided to start working with Topcontent?

Providing our readers with quality and engaging content is our top priority!

Our biggest problem has always been finding good writers who can provide our websites with quality information where they have done research, compiled facts and have thoroughly checked everything to ensure that the information is correct and available for our customers in the best way possible.

  • How has Topcontent helped you solve your problem and achieve your goal(s)?

Topcontent has freed up a lot of time for us by reducing our involvement in the texts we need. We work together in a way that suits us both and ensures the quality of the information.

  • Why would you recommend Topcontent to other companies?

We actually often recommend Topcontent to other similar companies.

We haven’t stayed with Topcontent out of “habit”. We have tried many other content companies before but had no success.

In short, after several years of testing out other services, we are well aware that Topcontent is the right partner for us because of the quality, personal service and small details that save us time and ensure that we get what we ask for.

This is the answer to why we stay with Topcontent and that is the reason why we recommend Topcontent.


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