Case study: Skogstrollen

iPhone accessory online store expanded to new markets, increased revenue and built trust with high-quality translations.

Skogstrollen started to work with Topcontent when they needed translations from Swedish to Norwegian to expand their e-commerce business selling iPhone accessories. The expansion continued further into the Finnish and Danish markets. 

High-quality translations have not only helped Skogstrollen to expand their business, but also to build trust with clients, improve conversion rates and sell more. Furthermore, the automated translation process by the Topcontent API ensures Skogstrollen doesn’t need to spend time handling large amounts of content in different languages – everything happens automatically. 

About the company

The e-commerce business of Skogstrollen started with, selling iPhone-accessories to the Swedish market. Originally they started selling only accessories for the iPhone, and then they expanded by providing accessories for the iPad, Macbook, Apple Watch, Apple TV and finally AirPods.

During the expansion of products, the company decided to go global and expand their business into Norway. This is when Topcontent came into the picture by providing translations for the Norwegian website and then also for Finland and Denmark when these markets were launched.


Types of content ordered

Topcontent works as a translation provider for Skogstrollen, mostly translating product descriptions for,, in Norwegian, Finnish and Danish. In addition to this, Topcontent has translated the whole e-commerce solution to the respective languages.


As Skogstrollen expanded their business both in terms of the variety of products offered and target markets, their goals were:

increase sales in domestic and international markets
improve conversion rates with trustworthy, high-quality translations (no machine translations)

Solution: Topcontent API

To manage large amounts of descriptions for various products in different languages, Skogstrollen has been using Topcontent API to get translations sent directly to their system.

Texts are submitted to Topcontent automatically, and when they’ve been translated, they’re sent back, and again, automatically imported into the webshop. No manual work involved!

Goals achieved

After seeing too many badly translated websites, it was important for Skogstrollen to have high-quality translations in order to build trust with their potential customers. This allowed Skogstrollen to:

focus on other important aspects of their business, by gaining efficiency and saving time with the Topcontent API.
be seen as a local company and give a good impression to their potential customers. This has been important to Skogstrollen to be able to grow their business in international markets, and that has been achieved with high-quality translations from native speakers.


It just works!

“We started working with Topcontent back in 2016 and we are still a loyal customer.”

“In the few instances when we’ve had problems, Topcontent has been VERY quick in getting back to us. Problems do occur with every company we work with (be it supplier of payment solutions or a company we purchase goods from), the thing that sets apart the good from the bad is how they handle these problems. Topcontent has definitely handled every challenge in a good and FAST fashion.”

“About the API, to put it simply, without the API, we wouldn’t be a customer. Automation is key when you’re running a small business like ours.”


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