France is a Western European country with a population of about 66.99 million as of 2019. It is ranked the 25th richest country in the world and it is well-known for its awesome attractions and good economy. In terms of internet penetration rate, over 82% of people living in France use the internet. There is also a steady growth in the eCommerce sector of the country. A considerable number of French citizens buy different items online such as electronics and clothing. This makes France a good market for online businesses to target. One should also not forget that French is widely spoken around the world outside of France. It is one of the official languages of for example Belgium, Canada and several African countries.
However, if you want your business to target France or other French speaking market, you need to ensure that the people of France can read and understand your website. And the best way you can go about it is to get French translation services to help you translate your site to French.

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Benefits of using French translation services

If you translate your website, there are several benefits you can get from it. The obvious benefit is that your business will be able to grow beyond its immediate borders, and this can lead to more profit. Additionally, translating your website can give it a higher rank when search engines search for it. This, in turn, can lead to an increased conversion rate and it can also give your brand that international recognition. The truth is that not all French people can speak or read other languages, so it is better if you translate your site to the language they understand.
If you want your website translated to French, you have many options on how you can do it. One way is for you to hire a French speaker to your firm and let he or she handle the translation. If you don’t want that, you can go for a freelance French translator who will help you translate your content to French. Another way which to go about it is to use online translation tools. However, online translation tools are ineffective, and we advise against using them. Nevertheless, the benefits that come with using a French translation service for your website cannot be overstated.

  • Native speakers guaranteed: Translation companies work with native speakers and ensure that the translated texts sound natural and are free of grammatical errors.
  • Larger volumes: Translation companies work with a pool of translators, so they can take large orders and complete them quickly.
  • Proofreading: Translation companies don’t just translate your text, but they also proofread and ensure it meets your set scope and objectives.
  • Localisation of text: Translation companies localise each text they translate so that it can convey your information in a way that your target will understand.

How to evaluate a translation service?

Are you ready to look for a French translation company? If that’s the case, kudos to you. But before you proceed to choose a translation company, there are a few things you need to have in mind. You need to know that the global market is filled with several translation companies, and not all of them are competent enough to provide good quality translations. Therefore, you should be careful and make sure you’re choosing a translation company that will provide the best services. Here are some tips that can help you choose correctly.

Topics covered

There are a myriad of businesses out there and each offers products and services that are different from the others. The type of content each business needs will also be different since their niche market is not the same. Know anything about cryptocurrency trading? Do you have up-to-date knowledge regarding new IT trends and cybersecurity? The truth is that you can write on a wide range of topics. So you have to ensure that whichever translation company you’re using can develop high-quality content related to your business. A good translation isn’t about translating word by word. Rather, it’s about making the translated text sound natural and readable, while it passes the same information as the source text.

The supported integration methods

Although the quality of translation is the paramount thing to look out for, you should also consider checking the integration methods supported by a translation company. This is important if the project you want to translate is large. If you select a translation company with integration methods such as an API system or CMS plugin, getting the final translated text will be easy. These integration methods will allow the translation company to automatically deliver the translated text to your CMS system instead of you having to do the whole thing manually. This will, in turn, save you a lot of time which you can use productively.

Supported language pairs

Even if you are able to find the best translation company in the world, it would be meaningless unless the company can handle the particular language pair you need. It is common for most translation agencies to specialise in translating between two specific languages. For example, if a translation company can translate from English to French, but you need a translation of your site from German to French, such a translation company will be unable to help you. Thus, go through the language pairs supported by a translation company before you hire them, and make sure they are competent enough to deliver the best services to you.

Questions you should ask a translation service

Taking into consideration all the different points we have talked about in the sections above, we have also drafted some of the essential questions that you should ask any translation company before hiring them. The response of the translation company to the questions will help you make a decision on whether they are the best for you or you need to look for another company. Below are some of the important questions that you should ask:

  • Can you get my website translated from X to French?
  • Do your translators have knowledge about my business area, and can they translate to sound completely natural and grammatically error-free?
  • How do you charge for translation?
  • What are the formats that you support in receiving the source text?
  • How is my final translated text delivered?
  • Do you have integration systems in place that can help me receive my final translated test in my CMS?
  • How fast is your delivery?

Why prices for the same language pair can differ between different translation services

There are several factors that cause the price of translation to be different. The language pair is one of these factors. Translating from some languages to another is more difficult than the others and this can cause an increase in the price. Besides that, the price may also vary depending on how urgent you need the translation completed, and the number of words in the final text. Each translation company has its own pricing structure which is different from the others. Some charge customers depending on the word count in the text they want to translate, while others may consider the topic area, volume and format of the content when giving a price. So, try as much as possible to compare prices of different translation companies to choose the best one based on budget and preference.

Why Topcontent is a good French translation service

At Topcontent, we’re professionals in French translations. We have a team of experienced French translators and proofreaders who are professional native speakers. Our translators have a wide knowledge base in different topics and can handle your French translation needs with ease. We tailor the content we translate to fit your business objective, and we ensure that it sounds natural. Some of the other benefits you’ll get using our services are:

  • We support different language pairs, so you can have your translations done in one place.
  • Our experienced translators have knowledge of various topics from iGaming to cryptocurrency, travel and e-commerce.
  • Our pricing structures are clear. We charge per word and the price is fixed.
  • We have different integration tools such as our API system and WPML plugin that can allow you to get your content delivered to your CMS system.
  • We can handle all translation requests no matter how big or small they are. We also deliver quickly.

Topcontent’s French translation services prices

As we mentioned in the section above, we have a simple pricing structure for our French translation services. We charge mainly based on the word count of the source text. If you reach out to us with your source text that you want to translate, the first thing we do is count the words in the document. This includes the entire body, lists, tables, headings and subheadings. Whatever the word count is after our counting, that is what we will use to calculate the price you will pay for the translation. You need to note however, that there may be a slight difference between the number of words in the original source text and the translated text. If you want to read further concerning our pricing structure, click here.


Having your website translated usually comes with great benefits. It helps your business expand and target new markets. By translating in the local language of your target market, the trust in your brand will increase. Not to talk of your ranking in online search engines and your conversion rates which will also increase. However, for you to benefit maximally from translating your site, you should ensure that its quality is impeccable. Thus, you should hire a professional translation agency to help you translate your website. The company should be able to deliver the best quality translation which sounds natural to readers and is grammatically accurate. The translated content should also fit your market perfectly.
At Topcontent, we are professionals in translating texts between different languages and ensure high-quality, natural outcome. Our French translation services are affordable and we support different integration tools that you can use. Additionally, we have a clear pricing structure and we deliver quickly.
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