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Germany is the fifth largest country in the whole of Europe, covering a total area of 357,022 square kilometres, and with an estimated population of 82.9 million. The country e-commerce has experienced tremendous growth in recent years with a worth of over 76.2 billion euro in 219. This growth happens because most German citizens tend to buy the majority of their goods online several times a week. Based on that, there is no doubt that the market is flourishing. Additionally, the country’s language is the second most widely spoken language in Europe and a native language to about 100 million people around the world. As such, this market is worth penetrating to give your business better international recognition. To reach this market, you might need to consider German translation services and have your website translated to German.

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Benefits of using German translation services

There are a lot of benefits that you stand to gain when you translate your website. These benefits include but are not limited to access to a larger and further audience, better business accessibility, increased conversion rate and better search engine rankings. Additionally, when you translate your website to German, it will make your business accessible to more than 100 million people across the whole world. This can give your business the international recognition that it deserves. Additionally, translating your website to German will let you penetrate the 4th largest economy in the world, which sounds like a good deal for your business. With all these numerous benefits, we are confident to tell you that having your website translated can never backfire. When you decide to have your website translated to German, there are several options you can use. First, you can consider hiring a German speaker at your company, work with a freelance German translator or make use of an online translation tool (which we strongly advise you not to). However, when you translate your website to German using German translation service, there are a lot of benefits to gain from it. Some of the benefits are:
  • Highly accurate: You can count on the accuracy and professionalism of a translation provider. When you trust a translation provider for your website translation, you can rest assured that your business will receive the high degree of accuracy as the translation provider ensures that your message is relayed across to your audience accurately and comprehensively.
  • High volume projects: The size of your project is not an issue for a translation provider. Whether you want your a single article translation or large website translation, they are up to the task and will execute them within a short period.
  • International reach: Translation providers can translate into multiple languages. This gives you the ability to reach customers all over the world. When you use a translation provider for your website translation, you will benefit a lot, and your business can access new international markets.
  • Guaranteed native speaker: Translation agents have access to wide range native German speaker with many years of experience in the field. So, you can rest assured that the final translation project will be free of any grammatical errors and sound natural.

How to evaluate a translation service?

Having known the benefits that come with website translation, you might decide to look for a translation provider offering German translation that can help you translate your website. However, you should know that the marketplace is full of numerous providers who offer website translation in different languages including German. As such, the question you might be asking yourself is “How can I choose the right agencies that can do a perfect job for me?” Based on that, we have provided you with some tips for making the right decision.

Topics covered

There are a lot of businesses out there in the marketplace offering products and services for various niche markets. Have you ever heard of for example environmentally friendly kitchen supplies? Are you current with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, binary options trading or cyber security threat? There are countless topics that you can write about. You need to ensure that the translation agency you are settling with will ensure that your final translated text will be of good quality with the high degree of accuracy. A good translation service is more than just word by word translation. The translation should sound natural and relay the same messages as the original text.

Integration options accessible

The quality of the translation is undoubtedly one of the most important things to consider when choosing the right translation agencies. However, you should also pay attention to the integration options that are made available by the translation provider. This will let you have an idea about the provider’s delivery methods. For large volume projects, we think that it will be of a greater advantage to make use of an API or a plugin accessible in your CMS to get your final translated project delivered directly to your system. Additionally, you can also decide to use personal self-service, which gives you the ability to create and manage your order.

Language pairs available

The language pairs that are supported is also a way to evaluate a translation service. We want you to know that a translation provider won’t be able to translate your website if they do not support the language pair you want. So, we recommend that you pay attention to this. Many businesses need their website to be translated from English or Italian to German, while you might have a website that is written in Spanish or Swedish with the desire to penetrate the German market to reach more audience. As such, when choosing a translation provider, ensure that they offer German translation services in the language pair that you desire.

Questions you should ask a translation service provider

With what we have discussed so far, you still might find it difficult choosing the translation providers that is best for you. Having understood that, we have come up with a series of questions that you should ask when you want to hire a translation provider. We think it is best that you get satisfying answers to the questions before settling down with them. This will let you know if the translation agencies meets your requirements or not. The questions are as follows:
  • Can your translation agencies translate from language X to German?
  • Do your translators have experience working within my business scope?
  • What pricing structure does your translation agency use?
  • How do you revise translation projects that does not meet the project aim or top-notch goals?
  • How do I get my source or original text to you?
  • What are your values?
  • Can you integrate with our Content Management System to deliver the final translation project directly to our system?

Why prices for the same language pair can differ between different translation services

There are different reasons as to why the prices for the same language pair differ between translation services. First, the price of the final translation project can depend on the deadline of the project, the language pair to be translated, and the total number of words in the project. Also, translation providers differ from one and another. This can lead to varying prices from different agencies for the same language pair. This can be traced to their level of expertise and professionalism. The price is also different because every translation agencies have a different pricing structure that they follow. Some might base their pricing structure system per word, while some might charge you base on the topic of the project, the volume, format and even the technicality of the project. As a result, it is recommended that you carry out some pricing structure comparisons before you choose a translation provider.

Why Topcontent is a good German translation service provider

There are countless reasons why you should choose Topcontent as your translation service provider. One of these benefits is that we have a wide range of experienced translators that will ensure high-quality translation of your website, for example, from Swedish or French to German. With Topcontent, you will also be able to give your business international recognition. Some other benefits of choosing Topcontent as your preferred agency include:
  • We offer translation services in multiple languages, so, you can get all your translation work done in one place.
  • Here at Topcontent, we ensure that your translation projects are handled by professional German native speakers. So, rest assured that the final translation text will be free of grammatical errors, and will sound natural just like the original text.
  • At Topcontent, the volume of your project is not a problem. We have a pool of translators who are ready to commence work with high accuracy and swift deliveries. Depending on your request, you can expect to get your final translation project in just a couple of days.
  • We have a transparent pricing structure, and you will be charged at a fixed price per word.
  • At Topcontent, your final translated text will be sent back to you in the same format as the original text.

Topcontent’s German translation services prices

As we have mentioned earlier, Topcontent employs a transparent pricing structure based on the total number of words in the source text. When you request our German translation services, we will calculate the total number of words present in the order. The calculation will include everything you want to translate. This includes table, headings, citation, body text, lists, and lots more. However, we do not include HTML code or programming code in our price calculation. Additionally, note that the final translation price will be based on the total number of words in the original text. However, we want you to note that the final translated German translation might be longer or shorter than the original piece. Read more about our prices here.


Website translation is a good option for your business if you want to enter the international market. When you have your website translated to your targeted audience local language, they tend to trust your brand the more. Aside from that, translating your website will also have a positive impact on your business search engine ranking. It will also give you world-wide visibility and might lead to increase in conversion rates. There is no doubt that quality translation is essential for proper business growth. This said, it would make perfect sense if you hire the service of a professional and experienced translation provider to help you handle your website translation. A good company offering translation service should ensure that you get the positive results you’re looking for. Here at Topcontent, we offer translation services in different languages. With our top-notch German translation services coupled with fast deliveries, expert translators, and professional proofreaders. You can rest assured that your business will be given international recognition. Contact us now and let’s gain you access to new markets.