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Italy is a large country located in south-central Europe, with an estimated population of 60.8 million people. The Italian e-commerce market has been experiencing steady yearly growth for quite some time now, and it is expected to keep growing for many years to come. It should interest you to know that the Italian language is spoken by over 85 million people, making it one of the most popular and influential languages in the whole world. The language is officially used in Italy, Switzerland, Vatican City, and San Marino. The language also serves as one of the working languages of the Council of Europe. As a result, the Italian market is a potential market for all e-commerce businesses. So, if you want to penetrate this market, it might be a good idea to consider Italian translation services and translate your website to Italian.

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Benefits of using Italian translation services

We all know that translating your website comes with a lot of benefits. This ranges from better search engine rankings to increased conversion rates and the possibility of greater global visibility, thereby reaching a further and larger audience. Aside from that, the use of good Italian translation services will allow the foreign market to mix with the local culture. This is a good option for better marketing campaigns. Also, it has been proven that people tend to stay much longer on a website that is translated into their language. This has proven beyond doubt that having your website translated can never be a bad idea.

Additionally, for your campaigns to be successful, they has to be appealing to your targeted audience. To achieve this, considering the culture of your targeted audience is essential. If you are planning to have your website translated to Italian, there are many ways you can go about it. You can hire the services of an Italian speaker in your company; you can also work with a freelancer, or even take advantage of online translation tools (which we won’t recommend for you). However, you will stand to gain lots of benefits if you have your website translated using Italian translation services:

  • Increased customer base: Translation agencies can help you to focus on your international growth strategy without the fear of language barriers. They will take care of all the necessary things needed (translating, social media marketing, communication) to penetrate a new foreign market.
  • Guaranteed native speakers: The use of translation service providers ensures that your website translation is handled by professional native speakers. This guarantees that the translated text will be grammatically correct and sounds natural.
  • Larger volume: Translation providers work with a wide range of language translators. You can rest assured that even challenging and larger volumes of translation work can be completed in a short period.
  • Meeting global standards and regulations: Translation providers understand the standard and regulation needed to protect your business from false impersonation. You can trust translation agencies to give your business the boosts needed to work in the international markets with ease as proper guidelines are followed to ensure proper behaviour, and conduct with your business.

How to evaluate a translation service

Have you considered website translation and you are in search of reliable translation agencies that can help you translate your website to Italian? If yes, that’s a great move. However, in recent years, several translation agencies offering multilingual translation services, including Italian, have graced the industry. As such, choosing the translation agencies that will perfectly suit your needs might be difficult. Knowing that, we think knowing how to choose the right one is vital. Here, we have provided you with some tips to help you make the right choice.

Topics covered

We all know that there are millions of companies all over the marketplace, each of them offering the products and services for several different niche markets. Are you conversant with green energy or search engine optimization? Are you recent with blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies or Forex trading? There are various topics that you can write about, and you need to ensure that the translation provider that you want to partner with can guarantee high-quality results about your niche. When we talk of good language translation, we don’t only mean a word by word translation from the source to the targeted audience language. The translated text should sound as original and natural as the original text.

Integration options available

There is no doubt that the quality of translation is the most vital thing when choosing a translation provider. However, we can’t dispute the fact that considering the type of integration system or methods used by the translation agencies is also important. This describes the methods used for the delivery of projects. For bulky or large volume translation projects, we recommend that you make use of API integration or a plugin available in your Content Management System (CMS) to get the final translation text delivered directly to your system. When choosing a translation provider, make sure they support such automatic delivery methods.

Language pairs supported

When choosing the right translation agency to help you with your website translation, you should also consider the language pairs that are supported by the agency. This is because a translation company that does not support your preferred language pair would not be able to help you with your website translation projects. While some organization might want to have their English, French or Spanish website translated to Italian, you might want to have your Norwegian or Swedish website translated to Italian. As such, we recommend that when choosing a translation agency, you should ensure that they have Italian translation services in the exact language pair you want.

Questions you should ask a translation service provider

After all that we have discussed so far, you might still be confused as to how you would choose the right translation provider to help you translate your website to your preferred language. Having known that, we have come up with some lists of questions to ask when you contact a prospective translation service provider. It is better to go ahead with the translation service agency after you have gotten satisfactory answers to the following questions.

  • Can your translation company help translate my website from language X to Italian?
  • How is the final translated content delivered?
  • Do translators have experience working within my industry?
  • How do you ensure that translators deliver high-quality output?
  • What is the process used for revising translation projects that do not meet quality requirements?
  • How can I get the source text across to you?
  • What charges are associated with translation services?

Why prices for the same language pair can differ between different translation services

There are several reasons which influence the pricing variation between different translation services. These reasons range from the language pair to be translated to the total number of the word count and the translation deadline. The difference between translation service agencies can also influence the price. As such, you might receive a varying price range from two different translation providers for the same language pair. This difference in prices is bound to happen because each translation company has its own pricing structure. While some translation agencies base their pricing structure per word, some other agencies might structure their price system based on the volume of the project, project topic, document format, or even the technicality of the project. As a result, we recommend that you carry out some pricing comparison between different translation providers before making a final decision.

Why Topcontent is a good Italian translation service

There are countless reasons why you should choose Topcontent as your preferred Italian translation provider. One of these reasons is that we offer translation services in various languages, so you can get all your translation work done in one place. Also, at Topcontent, our Italian translation services are top-notch. Our expert and experienced translators can translate your website, for instance from Spanish or English to Italian. Other benefits include:

  • Irrespective of the volume of your project, we are up to the task. We can handle your small translation need (e.g. an article) as well as handle bulky translation needs (translation of entire web documents) perfectly.
  • With us you will get your Italian translation back in the same tone and format as the original text. To make it easier, you can have your final translated text delivered directly to your system via our CMS integrations of WPML plugin.
  • Our price structure system is simple, so you will get a fixed price per word.
  • At Topcontent, we have a wide range of professional translators with in-depth knowledge in varying subject matters, from blockchain to iGaming, IoT, and e-commerce.
  • Fast deliveries of your work are guaranteed. Depending on the volume of the project, you might expect to receive the final Italian translation project in just a couple of days.

Topcontent’s Italian translation services prices

As we have mentioned earlier, our translation services price is based on the number of the word count in the source text. This includes every word that you want to translate. When you request for your project to be translated, we calculate the number of words in the source text. The calculation of the words includes everything in the original text, meaning the headings as well as the body text, lists, tables, citations, quotes, and much more. The final price will be based on the total number of the words in the source text. However, after the translation is done, the Italian text might be longer or shorter in length. Read more about our prices here.


Translating your website is vital for your business to grow. When your website is available in the local language of your targeted audience, it will increase their trust towards your company. Aside from that, it can also increase your search engine ranking. Thereby it might lead to a better ROI on your Italian advertising campaigns. However, getting your final translated text to convey the same meaning as the original text is important. As such, it makes more sense turning to a professional translation agency to handle your website translation. A good translation agency will provide you with top-notch translation services that will help boost your business, and give it better global visibility.

At Topcontent, we offer translation services in multiple languages. We can help you grow your business with our Italian translation services, with experience and professional translators, a simple pricing structure, and easy and swift deliveries.

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