Manage your data and translations in a centralised hub with Pimberly and Topcontent

Companies with large product data face many challenges, such as complexity of managing data in multiple channels, manual processes, increased transactional costs and lack of localization in international markets. Pimberly, a Product Information Management (PIM) software and Topcontent, can help overcome these challenges.

What is a Product Information Management (PIM) system and who can benefit from it?

Product Information Management (PIM) is the process of managing data needed for the sales and marketing of products; everything from product descriptions to images, user guides and sizing charts.

PIM software manages these complex product data and digital assets in a centralised hub so the companies can work from a single source of truth. PIM software helps companies stay ahead of their competition by making them more efficient.

Companies from various industries can benefit from using a PIM; such as manufacturers, distributors or retailers that sell their products online in channels such as marketplaces, direct to consumer web stores, B2B or B2C.

Why do you need a Product Information Management (PIM) System?

save money
Increase Revenues
Speed time to market, increase conversions and Customer Lifetime Value with better customer experiences

improve conversions
Increase Margins
Reduce product return rates by up to 40% with accurate product data.
Cut operational costs with automation.

Fast turnaround times for ecommerce content
Improve Efficiencies
Get your products to market faster by centralising product onboarding and distribution processes.

online security with automated content publishing
Reduce Risk
Automation and a central data hub enable you to eliminate inaccurate data and manual errors.

Why Pimberly?

With Pimberly’s great features, you can supercharge your eCommerce performance!

  • Easy to Import: Import your data from various sources in any form with fast connections to all your supplier, manufacturer and data feeds. Enjoy faster product on-boarding with no manual work.
  • Easy to Manage: Manage all your product information easily with dashboards that can handle unlimited SKUs. Get an instant view of completeness across all your product ranges. Access your product information, attributes and assets easily.
  • Enrich and Optimise: Make your products easy to find by search engines and customers with accurate and captivating product descriptions and media assets. Save time by automating this entire process.
  • Automatic Publishing: Automatically push data to eCommerce sites, mobile apps, resellers, marketplaces and in-store technology.
  • Easy International Expansion with Topcontent Integration: Translate your store content with Topcontent; add and manage translations easily. Everything is automated – no more spreadsheets!
  • Unlimited Global Expansion: Hold unlimited number of translations centrally and send them across unlimited sales channels internationally with Pimberly. There is no per channel charge, so you can expand to an unlimited number of countries without any extra fees!

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How does Pimberly work?

How does Pimberly work

1. Collect & Centralise

Pimberly collects product information from various internal and external data sources, including ERP, PLM, or supplier feeds.

2. Update and Enrich

Cleanse, enrich, and optimise all the product data and assets, such as product technical specifications, product descriptions and pricing.

3. Publish and Connect

Easily publish your data across various channels, such as marketplaces, resellers, social media platforms, eCommerce sites. You can also share your data with customers and team members.

How can Topcontent and Pimberly help you expand internationally?

Pimberly and Topcontent’s custom integration, Textport, automates your translations, making it easier for you to have a multilingual website and expand globally. 

Connect Pimberly to Textport

Easy set up.
No technical background required.

Choose Translations Preferences

Choose the items you want to translate.
Choose between human or machine translations.

Order Translations

Place your order.

Retrieve Automatically

Retrieve translations to Pimberly automatically and publish them across your sales channels.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from using Pimberly?

Any organisational team can get huge benefits by using Pimberly. Some of the top benefits for different teams include:

  • eCommerce Team: for driving demand, and generating online revenues.
  • IT Team: for streamlining all internal systems and reducing downtime.
  • Product/Category Managers: for tracking products when they move through their development cycle.
  • Product/Master Data Managers for ensuring consistency across data and full compliance across all channels.
  • Merchandisers: for creating innovative and helpful customer experiences with high-quality data output.
  • Sales & Marketing: for creating strong, successful campaigns that will deliver results.
  • C-suite: for drastically improving productivity through streamlining and scalability via new sales across a variety of channels and locations.

In short, a PIM system makes sure that you get a high quality loop of data circling in and out of the company.

Why is PIM important?

With any sales growth, it’s important to consider using PIM. This is because PIM systems contain important data to enable companies and businesses to keep and maintain a centralised data repository. With more people shopping online, the expectations of the shopping experience are growing. Buyers want detailed product information including information on sustainability, proof of origin for the materials, supporting visuals, metric values and more.

Third-party logistics and cross-border next-day delivery alternatives are also continuing to grow as international eCommerce grows too. This means that a growing number of companies have to manage and deliver product information in multiple languages. Localisation of product information can actually have a big impact on the volume of product data as all of this data needs to be collected, organised and validated for each market.

This is why eCommerce businesses need better, comprehensive solutions in place, like Pimberly.

Does Pimberly work like a database?

Yes, but with a difference. Pimberly is a non-relational database which means that it stores all the product data necessary for eCommerce businesses. It also aids in distribution to different markets and channels. 

PIMs like Pimberly only use non-relational database models because they can store unstructured data.

Subsequently, a non-relational database provides greater flexibility, speed and is instantly more scalable, making this the preferred working model for companies.

What types of data can I store in Pimberly?

Pimberly has massive storage capabilities and can host a wide variety of data sets, including structured and unstructured data.

Structured data:

  • Critical product information like product names, titles, descriptions
  • Translations of product data, including descriptions, currencies, and sizing information with Textport
  • Additional information around packaging, delivery, and returns
  • Sustainability credentials and supplier information

Unstructured data:

  • Images and videos, 3D and 360 views
  • Audio files
  • PDF documents – manuals and sizing charts
  • Microsoft documents
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) improved product catalogues
  • Files that are improved with CAD POS information