Norway is located in the North of Europe. It has a population of over 5.3 million and the internet penetration of the country, as of 2019, was 96%. Norway’s economy is good and the eCommerce field has continued to grow at a steady rate over the years. As such, Norwegians participate in online shopping and tend to purchase most of their household equipment and clothing online. With the current growth trend of eCommerce in the country, Norway is a target for online businesses looking to expand their reach. However, before you can successfully target the Norwegian market, you should consider the language difference. It may be a good idea for you to get Norwegian translation services to help you translate your current website content from English to Norwegian.

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Benefits of using Norwegian translation services

Translating your website to Norwegian comes with several benefits. The obvious benefit is that your business gets to reach new markets and this can be a good thing for business growth. Besides that, a well-translated website is also good for search engine rankings. This is because most Norwegians tend to use their native language to search for things online. And once your website is converted, it ranks higher on the local search engines. Another benefit is that your conversion rate may increase significantly with a translated website. Once you decide to have your website translated to the Norwegian language, there are a couple of ways you can achieve it. First, you can employ a Norwegian speaker at your firm to help you translate your content. Another option is to contact and hire a freelancer who can help you handle the translation. Lastly, you can use online tools or plugins to help you do the translation. However, we advise against the latter due to its ineffectiveness. The best option is to use the translation services of an agency, as this comes together with many benefits:
  • Native speakers guaranteed: Norwegian translation services hire only native speakers, so you can be guaranteed that your text will be grammatically correct, and it will sound natural.
  • Localised translated content: English to Norwegian translations services perform translation and localization so that it will fit your target market. They also use proofreaders to ensure that your quality objectives are met.
  • Translation of large orders: Top translation companies have a large pool of professional writers, so this helps them handle large orders and deliver on time. It also means that you can choose from a wide range of translation services including Norwegian document translation, certified translation as well as more simple translations.
  • Experienced translators with knowledge in specific topics: When you request translation services, a translation company makes sure that your work is handled by experienced Norwegian translators who are knowledgeable about your site topic.

How to evaluate a translation service?

Are you thinking of getting Norwegian translation services to handle your website translation? If so, bravo! However, you need to be aware that there are tons of translation services out there offering translation between different languages. So, you need to consider a few things to make sure you are choosing the best ones that can handle your translation needs perfectly and also meet your goals. In the sections below, we’ll go through some of the important things you should check before you choose any translation services.

What are the topics covered?

The business world is vast with several companies offering products and services that are targeting different markets. Ever heard of CBD extraction process? Do you know the latest things about cybersecurity or mobile app development? Truth be told, there are several topics you can write about, and you have to be sure that whichever translation services you hire can deliver premium quality content that will match your niche. Translating in a good way doesn’t mean that you should translate one word after the other from the original text to the desired target text. What it means is that the new text must sound natural and at the same time pass on the same information as in the original text. In short, it needs to sound natural which is why you need Norwegian translators.

The integration methods available

Although the quality of translation is the paramount aspect to consider when hiring a Norwegian translators from an agency, you should also take your time to consider the different integration methods that are put in place. It is even more important if you are dealing with a huge project that you wish to translate. You can benefit from using a translation agency that supports API integration or that has a plugin that you can easily link to your CMS. This will eliminate the stress that you may have to go through to receive your text and then enter them into your system. An API or plugin can be used to send your completed translations to your system automatically.

The available language pairs

Even if you are able to get the best translation agency in the world, they cannot help you unless they support your required language pair. Most translation companies support translation from just one language, for example, English to Norwegian. Sometimes you might want the reverse too – Norwegian to English. If you have your website content in French and you need it translated to Norwegian, such translation company may not be able to help you with it. Thus, we suggest that before you go ahead to choose a translation company, you should take a look at the language pairs that it supports and make sure that it corresponds to what you need.

Questions you should ask a translation service

Keeping the points mentioned above in mind, we’ve prepared some key questions that may be useful for you to ask a translation company before hiring them. The answers that you get from these questions will be useful to help you decide whether you should go ahead and hire a particular translation agency or you should find a better one. It’s always better to get all the information you need before hiring a translation agency as this will help you avoid a lot of issues.
  • Do you support translation from language X to Norwegian?
  • What is your pricing structure and how much do you charge for translation?
  • Are your translators conversant with topics related to my business area, and can they translate my website content to sound natural and informative?
  • What format do you support in receiving source text?
  • In what format will you deliver my translated text?
  • Within how many days will I get my final translated text?
  • Do you have any system in place that can allow me to get my translated text directly on my CMS?

Why prices for the same Norwegian language pair can differ between different translation services

The price of a translation can differ based on a number of reasons. The first reason is the language pair for your project. Some languages are easier to translate than others and this can affect the price. Besides that, if you need the translation done urgently, you may have to pay more for it. Another thing that affects translation price is the number of words in the translation. Remember that translation companies have different pricing structures and there is no globally used structure in place. Some charge based on the number of words while others may consider the topic of the required content, volume and format in their pricing structure. Thus, you should take your time and compare different translation companies to determine the right one that will fit your budget and meet your requirements.

Things to remember when translating Norwegian to English

When it comes to pricing for Norwegian language translation there are a few things to consider. For instance, a Norwegian searching online will tend to use a few keywords in a single search, but this search will get repeated. Norwegian translations need to reflect that. A professional translation from a native Norwegian will know how to accomplish this. It’s also important to remember that the length of the text can vary depending on which way the translation is being written. For instance, Norwegian to English is often longer than translating English to Norwegian simply due to sentence structure.

Why Topcontent has good Norwegian language translation services

If you want the best Norwegian translation service, we can help you out. At Topcontent, we have several expert Norwegian translators who have been in the business for years and can handle a wide range of topics. When you choose our translation services, you can be assured that we’ll deliver texts that sound natural and meet your requirements. A few of the benefits you stand to gain by using our Norwegian translation services are:
  • We support translation in multiple languages, so we can handle all your translation needs. English to Norwegian is not an issue for us.
  • We have a large pool of experienced Norwegian translators with knowledge in a vast array of topics ranging from travel content to iGaming content.
  • We have professional translators who are great at localization.
  • Our delivery is fast, based on the volume of your order. We can deliver the final translation in just a couple of days. We’ll communicate the estimated delivery date of your work once you send it to us.
  • The pricing structure of our translation services is understandable and always charge a fixed price based on the word count of the source text.
  • We support different formats, and we send back the final text in the same format you sent the source text.
  • We have an API system and WPML plugin in place which you can integrate to get your translated text directly on your system.

Topcontent’s Norwegian translation services prices

As stated earlier concerning our pricing structure, we charge depending on the word count of the original text you want to translate. When you contact us and request for our translation services, we calculate the total number of words in the source text including the body, headings, tables, subheadings and lists. This will determine what the final price of the translation will be. Other factos to consider aer whether you want a certified translation or not. One thing that you need to note however is that the word count of the source text may slightly differ from that of the translated text. This is usually as a result of differences in the structure of the languages. Click here if you wish you to read more about our pricing structure.


A move to translate your website from one language to another is rarely a bad one. This is because it’ll open new opportunities for your business to grow and reach a new market. Additionally, translating your website in your target market’s local language will help you gain their trust. So, a high quality Norwegian translation will also help you improve your search engine rankings which can lead to an increase in conversion rates and bring more profit for your business. The quality of translation is crucial, so you should check the features of a translation company before choosing it. Be sure that the translation company can deliver the best quality translation that sounds natural and grammatically correct. At Topcontent, our Norwegian translation services are of premium quality, and we have tools which can ease the whole process for you. In addition to that, we boast a speedy delivery, and we have a large pool of professional and native Norwegian translators that can handle large tasks and provide complete localization to the target audience. You can contact us at any time to ask for a free quote or send a query about our services. Let us help your website go global and reach the Norwegian market!