Topcontent Quality Levels

At Topcontent, we have three different quality types of content and translations that you can choose from:
Raw Quality (RAW)* Standard Quality (SQ) Business Quality (BQ)
Content Expert

Output sent to client



Output sent to client

Content Expert


Quality Check

Output sent to client

*Available only for Enterprise clients, more information about subscription levels here.
Why RAW? Why SQ? Why BQ?
✓ Work is completed by our carefully selected and most talented freelance writers and translators

✓ Enjoy faster turnaround, as work does not go through the check process in the system

✓ Proofread the ready text yourself

✓ Work directly with the writers to complete orders 

✓ Favorite writers and work with only selected freelancers 

✓ Work is completed by our pool of freelance writers and translators

✓ All articles go through proofreading phase for fact, grammar and flow check

✓ Especially good for larger orders when you want content ready for publication

✓ Work is completed by carefully selected content experts to ensure the highest quality

✓ All work goes through additional quality check phase after proofreading 

✓ Freelancers are given more time and detailed instructions to complete their work

✓ Suggested for more challenging/difficult topics