Traveling is one of the most exciting activities you can do. It allows us to explore new places, cultures and people. But for many people, they don’t know where to go which is why it’s so important to offer travel content to cater to this need. Travel information is so popular that even people who don’t travel around enjoy looking at photos and reading about other places. And this is where travel writing services come in handy.

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You might think it’s easy to write travel content but there’s a lot more that goes into it than just adding in some keywords. In fact, being a travel writer as a whole is hard, with many travel sites opting to get their high quality travel content writing by outsourcing.

The main driver for this is because, when you work in the travel industry an important aspect of your work is to build relationships with potential travellers in order to show them the world. One of the best ways to do this is by ensuring that your website and content stands out in the travel industry for providing high quality blog posts and travel writing.

This is where we can help out. You can get the best content writing for travel websites with Topcontent! We can help you get the best travel articles for your website or blog. Stand out from your competitors with great content, inspire your readers and improve your conversion rates.

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Why you should get travel content from us?

Quality content from experienced travel writers

As a starting point, all of our travel writers will write in their native language for your site. This means that the travel content they produce will be relevant to your specific market. From blog posts to more in-depth articles on travel, our writers will create great content for people to read, get ideas and most importantly, come back to you.

Using our travel writers is the perfect way to get great content for your websites without having to go through the hassle of finding a travel writer yourself. So, you can sit back and relax while we take care of it all.

Engage with your audience with travel content that sells

Our team of travel content writers will work to provide the best content for your website by creating appealing guides targeted to your audience. All the content created by our travel writers is highly detailed, fully researched, and customized to you. Our travel writing can also cover a range of different areas from blog posts through to specific travel guides, web content or even eBooks, depending on your needs.

Fully optimized travel content

Not only that, but all of our travel posts will be optimized for your site, using SEO within the articles to ensure you get the traffic from the readers you deserve. Essentially, we’re your ticket to high quality travel writing! This will help your business to sell your travel products in the most effective way. You’ll stand out from the crowd and reach all the people looking for quality travel content, like prospective travellers looking for info about the best destinations.

What makes great travel content?

Informative and factually correct

An informative and thorough travel guide, filled with interesting content about the destination, is a must-have for any travel business.

What to see and do

Travel guides should have loads of information about what do see and do in each destination, so travellers can make an informed choice.

General information about the destination

Our guides and articles provide great well-researched information about the destinations like the location, population, area and nearest interesting places.

Actionable and containing CTAs

In addition to being informative, we make sure that our travel content is selling and actionable. This will inspire and encourage the reader.

Reach a worldwide audience with 15 languages

Topcontent’s travel guide writing services will help your business to rank higher on search engine result pages. There are lots of websites and blogs out there, so if you want to attract readers and potential buyers, you need top-quality content. Topcontent can also translate your travel content to 15 different languages, so your website will be available to a broader range of readers.

As we mentioned, our writers are native speakers too, so the travel content we produce will be relevant to the travel industry and market you are appealing too. In this way, if you have great travel content, you can be sure that we will keep the same meaning within the content, but use phrases and colloquialisms that meet the different audience requirement.

Sell more with our travel guides and texts

So, why will all this help you in your travel content? Well, ranking higher on search engine results and having your travel content translated will help your business to sell more. With Topcontent your travel articles are written by professional content writers, able to provide the utmost quality and the most informative pieces. You’ll be able to top your competitors by having your visitors keep coming back whenever in need of quality travel content. And this is hugely important if you intend to grow and engage with your audience.

Travel writing that stands out

Competition is rife in the world of travel so your content always needs to go above and beyond, and we can help you. Through our articles, we will offer readers relevant travel tips that will make readers come back for more. Our writers will take the time to check out the type of content needed for SEO marketing matching it to your brand so that you will have great, engaging posts for readers to share.

Creating compelling travel content

It’s important to consider too that all your blogs and information on travel will be read by people looking to make a decision on their next holiday. This means that the content needs to be interesting, but compelling too and cover some of the less exciting aspects of travel. It’s therefore important to include tips, not just overall details, in order to keep the piece enjoyable. Our writers are all experts and can fulfil niche markets as well as follow specific travel briefs.

Sharing is caring

And you may not think it, but the share is hugely important these days when it comes to marketing. Not only do you want to have quality, professional content on your website for visitors to read, but you need to have content they want to share. The more your content is shared, the higher you will rank on Google.

High ranking means more people will see your content and make a decision based on your information. Our writers know this and will make sure any travel article is full of information that’s unique to your site. With the focus and target on your specific readers, travelers will make your site their regular go-to destination for quality travel news. And you definitely want that!

Marketing your travel guides

Knowing the wants and needs of your readers is key to providing them with good content. It’s not just about filling up the words, the post must provide information on an experience. Putting in the relevant research so that the right tourism words are used will really boost your SEO and subsequent marketing to travelers. This will also help bring in new viewers thanks to our authentic, helpful content.

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What travel content writing do we offer?

In order to get the exact content, you need simply let us know what type of travel writing you are looking for. All you need to do is select the type of work whether it’s a travel blog post, travel tips or a detailed article, set out some of the keywords you’d like to use and we do the rest. We can cover a range of different topics. You can decline or request changes in the content writing too.

We can also cover anything in our content writing. Nothing is too big or small for our team as we can do anything from travel information to weekend getaways, top five spots and more. And do you know why we’re so good?

That’s because all of our writers love to travel too. Our great content is created by people who have traveled themselves. With firsthand experience coupled with a ton of research and passion, we can guarantee you travel content that your readers will read, post about and act upon. Your readers will enjoy the experience we create.

Why you should have a blog on your travel websites?

Still not convinced? Well, one of the reasons you need to write regular article content for your travel websites is to provide regular, reliable information to your followers. This will cause you to rank higher on Google through the very fact that travelers will regularly visit your page.

With more readers taking a look at your site, your Google rankings will improve as Google recognizes your site as useful to readers. In turn, this will make you stand out in searches so that you get more hits. In this way, your careful SEO strategy will aid your marketing.

Don’t forget that we will also ensure that all articles are engaging and target your specific audience which helps to push your page higher within the industry, showcasing you as an expert in the area.

Get your travel writing from Topcontent

Meeting deadlines

Our services are able to meet any deadline needs you may have. Whether your order is urgent or you have time to spare, we can meet this need. All our work has a fast turnaround time so that you can get the content up on your site quickly.

Affordable pricing

We offer an affordable payment plan for our content as well. This is based per word, but this will also depend on the quantity of your order and the quality level you would like. Depending on the turnaround time you are looking for, the price will also be affected. However, we are always transparent on costs and will give you the price prior to beginning work.

Quality at all times

We assure top quality texts are always produced. Our writers are natives in your target language, but we do take it a step further too. Your texts are checked by proofreaders to ensure there is flow and the correct information. Depending on the quality level you select, your text may also go through a third quality checking phases as well.

Frequently asked questions on travel content writing

  • What is travel content? Travel content is a unique way to inform people, giving them the proper tools to book a trip and visit a destination they’ve always wanted to, with quality articles and reviews working as a call-to-action.
  • How can I promote my travel agency? With Topcontent is easy to promote your travel agency. We’ll create engaging content, highlighting the benefits of the services you provide and upselling your products.
  • How do you target a traveller? There are lots of ways we can target travellers. One of the best ways is to identify the types of travellers that fit your business and target by interest. We will create unique content directed to them that will help you boost your sales.