The Polish language is predominantly spoken in Poland with over 97% of the population speaking the language. The language is related to Slovak, the Czech language, and also the Sorbian languages of East Germany. Historically, the Polish language was originally derived from the dialects of the Poznań area in West Poland during the 16th century. Additionally, the language was coined from the Roman (Latin) alphabets. Translating your original text to Polish will give you the chance to reach most of the 39 million polish language speakers living in Poland and over 2 million living in other parts of the world such as Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Belarus and the like. And, as a result, you will get to sell more. With our professional Polish translation services, you can only expect the best quality that will pass your message perfectly.

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Benefits of using Polish translation services

Offering great content is vital to the growth of your site, but it is more beneficial when you are able to reach a broader audience. As a result, when you translate your website, you will enjoy several benefits which include the chance to reach a wider audience. To add to that, you will enjoy an increased ranking on search engine pages coupled with improved conversion rates. This is why it has never been a bad idea to translate your site, particularly when you are able to do so at a competitive price when you pick Topcontent’s translation services.

When you decide to translate your site to Polish, there are different types of options to choose from. First of all, you can decide to hire a freelance translator for the gig, employ a Polish language native at your company or decide to select from the vast range of translation tools available online (which we do not recommend). Nonetheless, there are several advantages when it comes to choosing the a Polish translation service for a proper website translation. Some of the perks are swift delivery, competitive prices, native professional translators, blog posts coupled with other updates.

  • Professional native speakers: with translation agencies, your site will be handled by native translators since they only work with native speakers.
  • Huge volumes: translation agencies employ a big group native translators to ensure even large and challenging translation projects are completed quickly.
  • One tone of voice used: translation service providers ensure a single tone of voice and the exact and distinguished terminologies are employed in the completed translation.
  • Professional translators with topic-specific experience: a translation agency can distribute your site translation request to professional translators with a broad experience in the specific topic of your business.

How to evaluate a translation service?

If you end up with the decision to hire an agency that offers Polish translation services, this is amazing news! However, the marketplace today is completely composed of several agencies that provide translation services in a lot of languages that include the Polish language. For this reason, the huge burning question of how to select a suitable one that fits perfectly with your desire is left unanswered. Check below to see some fine tips that are useful in making a good decision so that you can select the finest from the available selections.

Kinds of topics covered

There are several companies operating in the marketplace, and every one of them provides products and services for various types of niched targets. Are you familiar with services like goggles for dogs or pet rocks? Is your library updated on cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, or even IoT? There are various types of topics available to write about, and for this reason, you need to make sure the translation agency you select can deliver top-quality results on your desired niche. A fine translation is not meant to only translate the original text word for word to the translated text. The final translated text must sound natural and at the same time preserve the vital message from the original text.

Integration techniques available

In terms of selecting a translation agency, although the quality offered is a very vital factor, you are also required to take into consideration the various integrations selections the agency supports and/or offers. Especially in terms of huge translation projects, it might be better to employ the use of a state-of-the-art API integration or a website plugin that will work perfectly with your CMS platform. As a result, you will have the chance to get the completed translations sent directly to your site without the need to stress. The integration methods employed by agencies will make it much easier for you to place an order and also get your order delivered easily to you.

Supported language pairs

It is somewhat impossible for any agency that does not offer the language pair you want to help you perfectly. Several firms want their Spanish or English site translated to Polish, but your site might be in German or French and you want to reach the Polish audience, particularly in their native language. As a result, when it comes to choosing a translation agency, you are required to make sure that the agency offers Polish translation services especially in the language pair you desire. With that, you will be sure to get a high standard translation for your site and also pass the right message to the intended audience you choose.

Questions you should ask a translation service

To determine the agency that suitable for your want, you need to ask a series of questions. With the points stated above in mind, we put together a few questions you should ask after you must have made contact with a potential translation agency you may be considering. With that, you will be certain they are the perfect choice for you. Thus, it is more beneficial to begin work with the translation agency after the listed questions have been properly answered:

  • Can you provide translation for the language pair X to Polish?
  • Do your translators have the skill to translate my text without sounding unnatural and inexperienced and are they intimate with my company’s area of business?
  • What sort of pricing structure does your translation service offer?
  • In what forms do you receive the original text?
  • How is the completed translation presented?
  • Can I possibly get the completed translation directly to my CMS?
  • How much time will a translation take to get completed?

Why prices for the same language pair can differ between different translation services

Numerous factors affect how a translation service is priced. These factors can vary from the language pair you want to how quickly you will like the project to be delivered and also the complete word count. To add to that, you will find some distinctions among different translation service agencies, and you may as well get distinct price quotes even when you order the same language pair from two places. This mainly occurs because not all translation agencies follow that same pricing format. Some may have a well-formatted pricing system in which the price is per word, while some might charge you fully based on the topic in question, volume, and maybe the file format. For this reason, it is good to cultivate the habit of making a few price comparisons before going ahead to make a final decision when you want to choose an agency.

Why Topcontent is a good Polish translation service

When you pick Topcontent, you will enjoy a high-quality Polish translation service; our professional translators are available to help you perfectly translate your site. There is more as you will also enjoy a huge amount of perks when you decide to make use of our translation services like competitive prices and the like. Other perks that come with selecting Topcontent include:

  • We present translation services in numerous languages, so you can possibly get all your translations without moving around.
  • Our extensive collection of professional translators has in-depth knowledge on many topics, from travel to e-commerce, iGaming, and cryptocurrencies.
  • At Topcontent, you will receive your Polish translation in the same structure as the original text. Additionally, you can employ the use of our CMS plugin to receive the final translation straight to your site.
  • We ensure fast deliveries; depending on how large the order is, you should expect to receive the completed translation within just days. Note that, the estimated delivery time will be communicated to you from when you place an order.
  • We accept all orders no matter how small or big, whether it is a newsletter translation or an entire website translation, we’ve got you covered.

Topcontent’s Polish translation services prices

With Topcontent, you will enjoy a lot of perks when you choose us as your translation services provider. The perks you will get go beyond the norm other agencies advertise. As stated previously, at Topcontent, you will receive a straightforward pricing structure based fully on the total word count of the original text. After requesting your translation order we will sum the complete number of words in the original text we received. This includes the whole body of the text coupled with the entire tables, headings, lists, subheadings, and the like. The full price is determined depending on the total word count of the original text. Note that the final Polish translation you receive may be shorter or longer. To learn more about our prices, click here.


You are going to the right direction when you decide to translate your website, particularly if you pick the perfect agency to assist you. Having your website accessible in your intended market’s native language, you will not only be improving the user’s trust in your firm, but it will also have a positive impact on your website’s rankings on search engine pages and your site’s conversion rates will improve. Nonetheless, the translation quality is also very vital. For this reason, it is certainly a fine idea to pick a professional translation agency to help with the translation of your site. A professional translation agency will give better, naturally sounding and grammatically accurate translations, with your niche market always at heart.

At Topcontent, we offer Polish translation services, together with numerous languages and professional translators, with a simple pricing structure, straightforward working techniques, competitive prices, and quick deliveries.

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