Portuguese translation services

Portugal is a small country located in the western-most part of the Iberian Peninsula. Although it only has around 10 million inhabitants, Portuguese is spoken worldwide by a whopping 260 million people, and it’s an official language in 10 countries. Using Topcontent’s Portuguese translation services will help you reach this huge market and expand your business to absolutely every single continent – including Antarctica! Besides this, Portuguese is the third most widely used language online, and e-commerce has a great penetration rate in Portuguese-speaking countries overall. In Portugal itself, the market value of e-commerce is estimated to be €4.3 billion. While in Brazil, consumers spend an average of 9 hours per day online! What are you waiting for? Translating your website to Portuguese is a truly marketing-savvy move that will help you consolidate your business among a vast target audience.

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Benefits of using Portuguese translation services

Translating a website can bring lots of benefits to a business. It’s undeniably helpful if you’re trying to reach a specific target market and broaden the action scope of your business. A translation can also help you climb higher in search engine rankings and have better conversion rates. People also tend to prefer content in their native tongue, especially when related to e-commerce and online businesses. Having your content translated into Portuguese will help you build trust among a massive audience stretching from Europe to America, Africa and Asia. If you’re a business owner, translating your website is always a good idea.

There are lots of ways by which you can translate your website, from hiring a freelance translator to asking your neighbour or even by using an online translation tool. However, none of these options can guarantee such a top-notch job as Topcontent can. Besides translating your website, we can also help with all your content needs, from blog posts to newsletters, from product descriptions to terms and conditions. Our team of native Portuguese speakers will translate your content in the most professional and trustworthy way possible, opening the doors to a whole new enormous audience for you. You just need to ask us how. We guarantee:

  • Professional translations
  • Team of native speakers
  • Homogeneous tone
  • Fast turnaround of large volumes of work

How to evaluate a translation service

Even if you speak a language, it doesn’t mean you’re able to provide a quality translation. Today’s market is filled with agencies and individuals claiming they can guarantee translation services in several languages, Portuguese included. But not everyone is qualified to do so. What’s more, Portuguese is such a unique language that sometimes even native speakers of the dialects from different countries have a hard time understanding each other. At Topcontent, we can provide quality translations in more than one language variant, including both European and Brazilian Portuguese, embracing the full scope of the language.

Range of topics

At Topcontent, we understand that every business will have different content needs. What’s more, those businesses will cover a wide range of topics that may differ completely one from another and need professional research. Perhaps you have a pet-shop, an online casino, a blog about fitness and health or even a tech start-up. No matter what niche your business fits into, we can guarantee that our team of professional translators will work towards providing a top-quality and natural translation of your content. Our translations always bear in mind that the target text must contain the same expertise as the original, and needs to pass on the exact same message to the audience you’re trying to reach.

Language variants supported

Topcontent works in more than 15 different languages, providing a wide range of possibilities for all your translation needs in many language-pairs. Besides that, you can also have your Portuguese translation needs done in more than one language variant. In Brazil, there are more than 200 million people waiting to read about your business in Brazilian Portuguese. What about European Portuguese? Portugal may have only around 10 million inhabitants, but the Portuguese diaspora is responsible for another 5 million people worldwide. In Africa, countries like Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde and São Tomé e Príncipe make up another 50 million speakers; while in Asia, East Timor has another 1 million, not forgetting Goa and Macao!

Top-quality integration methods

When choosing a translation agency to take care of all your translation and content needs, you should also check whether the process is easy and seamless. Working with Topcontent you can rely on our innovative integration methods, which makes placing an order and receiving your translation a breeze. You can use several methods, including API integration, where you simply connect your website to our system; Website Plugin using WordPress Multilingual; our Self-Service suite; or having a dedicated content manager who will guide and help you throughout the process. The latter is especially useful if you’re not that tech-savvy. No matter your choice, at Topcontent we guarantee a trouble-free experience and top-notch service.

Questions you should ask a translation service

We understand that having your website or blog translated is a business decision that needs to be taken carefully. We also understand that in the process, many questions may arise, so we’ve made a shortlist of some of the most frequently asked questions. You should only start to work with a translation agency once you’re sure that all of them have been answered. Reach out to us and we will happily answer these and any other question or query that you might have.

  • Do you have English-Portuguese translations available?
  • Can you translate in the language variant I’m looking for?
  • Can your team translate my content even if my business is from a unique niche?
  • What is your pricing structure?
  • How can I order translations from Topcontent?
  • Can I receive the target text in the format that I want?
  • Will my translation sound natural?

Why prices for the same language pair can differ between different translation services

Agencies have different ways of evaluating their services. Some may charge you per word, others may charge you depending on the complexity of the work, while others will do it based on the language-pair you’re looking for. No matter which case applies, it’s always good to check and compare prices before deciding on the best translation service. Languages are obviously quite different from each other, each having its own peculiarities and linguistic traits. Portuguese, for example, is very distinct from English, beginning with its roots: Portuguese has a Romance origin, while English’s roots are Germanic. The Portuguese alphabet also lacks some letters present in the English one, like K, W and Y, and adds others with diacritic marks like Ç, Õ and Ê. Portuguese text is also around 30% longer than its English counterpart, and this fact will also have an impact on the translation.

Why Topcontent is a good Portuguese translation service

At Topcontent we have a pool of professional native translators that can get your text ready in more than one Portuguese variant. Our experienced team will be responsible for the high-quality translations your business needs, whether you want website or blog content, newsletters, guides or product descriptions. Having a native translator working on your content will ensure that you get the best quality translation, with a clear and natural result.

  • We can handle a range of requests, from large orders to small samples. We will translate a paragraph of copy or an entire website with the same dedication and professionalism.
  • We have a large pool of native Portuguese translators, knowledgeable in more than one language variant and able to research a variety of topics.
  • At Topcontent we offer translation services in more than 15 languages, so you can cover all your translation needs in one place.
  • We offer a fast delivery system. Depending on the size of your project you can expect your translation in as little as a few days.
  • Topcontent has a clear per-word pricing system. You’ll always be charged a fixed price per word no matter the size of your order. Larger orders may attract a discount, though.

Topcontent’s Portuguese translation service prices

Our pricing system is very simple and calculated as a per word rate. We always charge based on the number of words in the source text, so you don’t need to worry if the target text comes out longer than the original one. Once you place your content translation order, we’ll calculate the number of words in the source text – that’s the one you send us. This includes everything from the body of the text to tables, headings, lists, sub-headings, etc. The price will be determined from the total number of words and will be clearly explained before our team begins to work on your translation. Our translation services don’t have any hidden fees. You’ll receive exactly what you paid for. Simple as that. See more information about our prices in here.


If you’re a business owner and have a website, translating it is always a good idea. Marketing-wise, you’ll be able to reach a much larger audience and increase the chances of getting your business known, seen and wanted. Having your content translated into the target language you’re looking for will also build trust in your brand or product among your prospective customers. Of course, in this day and age more and more people understand English. But it’s a fact that when it comes to spending money on any kind of product or service, customers always prefer to read about it in their own native tongue.

Our Portuguese translation services will help you reach the goal of penetrating a huge worldwide market that stretches over every continent. Portuguese is that special!

So, if you want to know more about how Topcontent can help you to do just that, contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help you reach your goal.