We have designed our content ordering and delivery system to be as user friendly as possible. However, if you are short on time and wish to just get content delivered to you without placing the order yourself, our Content Manager service is the right choice for you.

Contact us to request the Content Manager service

Benefits of using the service

  • Save time by having one of our Content Managers placing the order and inserting all order details for you.
  • Our experienced Content Managers will create detailed and easy-to-understand instructions to the writers, which will result in higher quality content, exactly how you wanted it.
  • The Content Manager placing the order will choose the best fitting templates for your articles, so the final output will be easy to read and look good on your website.

How does it work?

  1. Make sure you already have an account created at app.topcontent.com.
  2. Top up your account with sufficient amount of credit for your content request
  3. Send the details of your request to your contact person at Topcontent. This should include all relevant details, such as language of the content request, number of articles, word count, titles, keywords, anchors etc.
  4. A Content Manager sets up the content order according to the information you have sent using your account and sends it to production.
  5. Finalised content will be sent to your account directly, where you will be able to review articles, send them back for modifications if needed and download finished content in your desired format.

How much does the Content Manager service cost?

If you decide to opt in for one of our subscription packages, you get certain amount of Content Manager service hours in a month. If you are subscribed but need more service hours or don’t have a subscription, we offer the Content Manager service with 30 euros / hour.