The Russian language is an East Slavic language with over 150 million speakers from different countries in the world. Apart from Russia, the other countries with Russian as an official language are Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Kyrgyzstan. In addition to that, the language is widely used in different regions such as the Baltic states, Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia. When you choose to translate your source text to the Russian language you will have the chance to reach a large number of its 150 million speakers and the Russian-speaking communities in different countries around the world. And, when you do so, you can sell more and increase your ROI. With our expert Russian translation services, you will only get the best quality of service, which is sure to pass your intended message perfectly to the right audience.

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Benefits of using Russian translation services

Providing incredible content is essential to the improvement of your site, but it is simply better if you can deliver to a wider audience. This is why translating your website is useful, as it will give you the chance to reach a broader audience. It does not stop there, as your website will also enjoy improved rankings on local search engine pages, and your conversion rates will improve. For this reason, it is always a good idea to choose to translate your website, especially if you can get it at an affordable price, which is what you get with Topcontent translation services.

By choosing to translate your website to Russian, you can choose from different options. The first option you can choose is to hire a freelance native translator to get the job done. The second option is to employ a native Russian speaker at your firm. Or, you can pick from the list of translation tools that are available online, but we do not recommend this option. However, choosing a translation service will give several perks you will enjoy. Some of these benefits include native expert translators, affordable prices, quick delivery, blog posts, and other updates.

  • Attested native speakers: translation agencies only work with native speakers. Hence, you can rest assured that the translation you get will always sound natural and grammatically correct.
  • Massive volumes: translation service providers use a large collection of translators that can complete even difficult and large translation projects in a very short time.
  • Follow a single tone of voice: translation service providers ensure a particular tone of voice and accurate and consolidated terminology are achieved in the complete translation.
  • Professional native translators with niched knowledge: translation agencies can distribute your site translation projects to different translators with in-depth knowledge in your niche topic.

How to evaluate a translation service

If you decide to go for the option to hire an agency, you’ve made the right decision! Notwithstanding, you need to note that the industry today is saturated with many agencies that offer translation services in several languages, including the Russian language. With that, the question, “how can you choose a suitable agency?” arises, and is left unanswered. See below a list of some interesting tips that will help to make a better decision so that you will get to choose the perfect one from the available options.

The topics covered

Today, we have a lot of firms operating in the industry, with each one providing services and products for different kinds of specific audiences. You might be accustomed to services such as pet rocks or goggles for dogs or your library may be up-to-date on cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity, or IoT. With the countless number of topics to write on, you need to be sure that the agency can deliver on your desired niche. A great translation is not meant to translate the source text word for word, but the completed translated text needs to sound completely natural and retain the important message included in the original text.

The integration techniques employed

In terms of picking a translation service provider, even though the quality offered is important, you also have to take into consideration the different integration methods used by the agency. When it comes to massive translation projects, you can opt-in for a contemporary API integration or a site plugin which is going to work well with the CMS platform you use. Hence, you will get the chance to receive the finished translations directly into your system with no need to stress. The integration options used by the translation service provider makes it easier for anyone to place their order and in turn, get the order delivered swiftly.

The language pairs supported

It is highly improbable that any agency which doesn’t provide the language pair you are looking for can help you. Many companies might offer translation from Italian or English to Russian, but your site may be in Swedish or Finnish, and you would like to reach the Russian audience, especially through their native language. For this reason, in terms of selecting a translation agency, you have to ensure that the agency delivers Russian translation services in your desired language pair. That way, you will receive a top level translation service for your website as well as pass the correct message you want to your target audience.

Questions you should ask a translation service

To choose a suitable agency for your needs, you have to ask a set of questions. With the previously mentioned points in mind, we have put together a list of questions you need to ask after you have contacted a potential translation service provider you might be considering. That way, you can be certain that the agency is a perfect choice. Consequently, it is a lot better to start work with the agency after you get a proper answer to the listed questions below:

  • Do you offer translation from language X to Russian?
  • Do your translators have knowledge of my firm’s business niche and can they translate my text while sounding natural and experienced?
  • What type of pricing format do you use?
  • In which format do you accept the original text?
  • How do you send the completed translation?
  • Is it possible to get the final text straight to my CMS?
  • How long will it take to get the complete translation?

Why prices for the same language pair can differ between different translation services

The pricing of a translation service is varied and based on different factors. These factors may differ between the language pairs you need, how fast you want the project delivered or the total word count. Additionally, you will discover a few distinctions among various translation agencies, and you will likewise get different price quotes even when you request for similar language pairs from two separate places. This primarily occurs since not all translation service providers follow a similar pricing structure. Some might present a well-structured pricing method in which the text is priced per word, while others may charge you entirely based on the file format, volume, and even the topic in question. As a result, it is good you make it a habit of doing a few price correlations before proceeding to make the final decision in terms of choosing an agency.

Why Topcontent is a good Russian translation service

With Topcontent, you will get a high standard Russian translation service. Our expert translators are readily available to assist in translating your text perfectly. In addition to that, you will also benefit from a wide range of perks when you prefer to use our translation services, which includes competitive prices and more. Other benefits you will enjoy with Topcontent include:

  • We provide translation services in several languages, so it is possible to receive all your translations from a single place.
  • Our vast collection of expert native translators have deep knowledge about various topics, ranging from e-commerce to iGaming, travel, lifestyle and cryptocurrencies.
  • We provide a simple pricing structure, and with that, you will continually get a fixed price per total word count.
  • With Topcontent, you will get your Russian translation back in a similar format as your original text. You can use our WPML CMS integrations plugin to get the complete translation straight to your site.
  • We ensure quick delivery. Based on the request size, you will get the complete translation in within days or, at most, two weeks. The estimated time of delivery will be told to you when you have placed your translation request.

Topcontent’s Russian translation service prices

At Topcontent, there are lots of perks to enjoy when you pick us as your number one translation services agency. The benefits you will enjoy are more than the usual advertised by other agencies. With Topcontent, you’ll get a simple pricing format entirely based on the final word count of the source text. After you place your translation order, we’ll sum up the total word count in the original text you sent. This will include the entire body of the text as well as the subheadings, tables, lists, headings, and so on. The full price is decided based on the final word count of the source text. Note that the completed Russian translation you’ll get might be longer or shorter. Click here to learn more about our prices.


Choosing to translate your website is certainly not a bad idea in any way, especially if you select the right translation service provider to assist you. Making your site available in the target market’s native language will not only boost the user’s trust in your company, but it will also impact your website rankings positively on search engine result pages as well as increasing your website’s conversion rates. The quality of translation is vital. As a result, it is a great idea to choose an adept translation service provider to assist in the translation of your website. An adept translation service provider will continuously present natural sounding and grammatically correct translations. All this is done with your target market in mind.

At Topcontent, we provide Russian translation services as well as various other languages, with a straightforward pricing structure, affordable prices, simple working techniques, and fast deliveries.

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