English UK: Premier League predictions

Premier League predictions this season

If the Covid-19 pandemic was to end today and the English Premier League resume from where it stopped, there are some teams that look likely to finish in the top four of the table. Liverpool FC sits at the top of the table, 25 points ahead of second-placed Manchester City FC. They have only lost to Watford and registered a draw with Manchester United. They need to win just two games from the remaining 9 fixtures to win the league. The probability of them winning the league is almost 99%, however, it remains to be seen whether the league will resume or start over.

Manchester City and Leicester City to Retain their Position

The second-placed Manchester City and third-placed Leicester City are likely to retain their current positions in the table. They currently have 57 and 53 points, respectively. Given their consistency and the remaining fixtures, they are likely to continue with their strong form to the end of the season. The only remaining hard fixtures for Manchester City are against Liverpool and Chelsea. On the other hand, Leicester City still has to play some challenging opponents, namely Tottenham Hotspurs and Manchester United. However, given the consistency of those teams so far, it will be hard for them to fail to gain a place in the Champions League next season.

Strong Battle for Fourth Position

Currently, Chelsea sits in fourth place just 3 points ahead of 5th placed Manchester United. Wolverhampton and Sheffield United are tied in 6th place just three points below Manchester United. The battle for fourth place in the League remains more interesting. In the last 5 games, all four teams have shown similar consistency. Only Chelsea has registered a loss. The others have won or registered draws in each of their last 5 fixtures. It is very difficult to know which of these teams will ultimately claim that 4th position. We may never know, as it’s likely that the season might be called off due to the coronavirus pandemic.