English UK: Travel preparations for a long flight

Tips on how to prepare for a long flight

Long flights tend to be tiresome and unpleasant to many travellers and it is, therefore, necessary to make yourself feel as comfortable as possible throughout your entire journey. First of all, make sure that you book a flight with a reputable company. This way, you will at least be reassured that you are in good hands during your journey.

Book a comfortable sitting position

Your plane seat position contributes a lot towards your comfort on a long flight. As per research, window seats, aisle seats, and seats near the front are said to be the best. Consequently, you should ensure that your travel agent books for you one of these seats. Besides this, they should be adjustable, well-padded and well-equipped with headgear and good seat belts.

It is also important to prepare yourself emotionally and physiologically before your long flight. Remind yourself often that you are about to board for a long journey in the air, especially if it is your first time. Try to research on the dos and don’ts while travelling. This will help you be calm and composed in the event that you experience events like strong turbulence.

Checking your health and clothes before boarding a long flight

Before leaving your house for the airport, take a look at your outfit from head to toe and verify that you are dressed comfortably for the flight. Avoid wearing tight clothes, high heels, and inappropriately warm attire. You can wear canvas shoes or some pleasant leather shoes and choose loose attire that won’t need changing in the middle of your journey.

Finally, check with a doctor that your health is good and you’re fit for a long flight. If you are an expectant mother, ensure that your flight doesn’t take place anywhere near your due date. Also, get a yellow fever shot, which is mandatory to every traveller – especially if you have never had one. Above all, rest well before you travel.