Unique content guarantee with automatic plagiarism checking

Unique content is essential for any website owner who wants their site to grab the top positions of search engine results. If you are looking to buy unique website content, you have come to the right place; we provide high-quality content that is 100% unique – always. To ensure this, our internal process at Topcontent involves using our top writing team coupled with thorough external plagiarism check software. It is used in every stage of the process from writing to proofreading to confirm 100% unique output. 

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Unique content meaning

Unique content is a common term used in the context of SEO. It refers to text that cannot be found anywhere else online. It’s one of the key factors in reaching top positions in the search engine results, as search engines will not show your page in search results if its content is copied from another website.

Why unique content is important

unique content important for seo

If you don’t want to throw all your SEO efforts and investments out of the window, you need to display only unique text on your website. 

Using copied content from another website can harm your site by making your rankings drop and decrease your traffic dramatically. If search engines find same content in more than one location, they will get confused which page to show for a specific query. They would choose to display the page which has been indexed earlier and has more authority, which would be the site you used to copy the content. That would result in your page not being ranked at all.

We provide only 100% unique text

When you order content from us, we guarantee it’s always 100% unique. We provide our writers tools and guides to conduct research and turn existing information to unique text and articles. Every written article then goes through a plagiarism check to make sure it’s absolutely unique.

How we guarantee content is unique

We have integrated an external tool, a unique content checker called Copyscape, to our content creation process. At every step of the process it compares the text to two different databases: 

  1. Every piece of content published on the internet
  2. All articles in our own database – over 2,000,000 of them

In this way we are able to compare between unpublished work by our writers as well as anything already found online. Any issues or similarities are picked up so that we can fix them. It’s literally impossible for non-unique content to go through our process, as the system requires a fix to copied content before it can be sent through.

You have ownership of the content provided

Once your request is finalised and it has gone through our quality check process, you will have complete ownership of the work. This means you own the rights to any of the content that you have purchased from us.

Why you should buy unique website content

  • Guaranteed 100% unique output – you don’t need to spend time making a plagiarism check yourself.
  • Save your business money when you don’t need to buy another tool to check for copied content – we’ll do it for you as part of the package.
  • Getting unique content guarantees your site has a chance to reach top positions in search engine results.

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