Spain is a beautiful country that is located in the southwestern parts of Europe. It is ranked 30th in terms of the best Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in the world. As of 2018, the county’s population was 46 million and it recorded an internet penetration rate of 86.11%. The e-commerce field in Spain has continued to experience constant growth over the decade with many Spaniards shopping for household appliances and technological gadgets. This makes the country a good target market for online businesses that want to expand beyond their current boundaries. In addition to Spain, Spanish is the official language of many other countries around the world. These include majority of South American and Caribbean countries. However, if you want to target any Spanish speaking market, you need to take into consideration the language of the people. Thus, it might be a good decision to consider Spanish translation services and get the content of your website translated to Spanish.

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Benefits of using Spanish translation services

It cannot be argued that translating your website comes with several benefits. Not only will it give you a chance to expand your business to reach a new market with potential customers, but it can also result in a good ranking on search engines. In addition to that, translating your site can lead to an increase in conversion rate, while also giving your brand a good international image. You should note that not every Spaniard has the ability to speak multiple languages. Thus, tailoring your site in a manner that they can understand is important.

There are many ways that you can translate your website to Spanish. You can decide to hire a Spanish speaker into your team to help you do the translation. Another way is for you to hire a freelancer who does Spanish translation. You can also resort to using online language translation tools to translate your site to Spanish. However, we strongly advise against the latter because it has proved to be inefficient. One thing you need to know is that, if you use a Spanish translation service for your website translation, you will get amazing benefit from it.

  • Native speakers: Good translation agencies make use of native speakers to handle their translation and make it sound completely natural and readable.
  • Larger volumes: Translation agencies have a large pool of expert translators at their disposal, and this allows them to take on huge translation projects with ease and deliver them on time.
  • Localisation: Translation agencies localise the translated texts so that your target audience can understand it better.
  • Expert translators with topic-specific knowledge: Top translation agencies have experts translators that have knowledge of specific topics related to your business?

How to evaluate a translation service?

Are you looking for a Spanish translation agency already? If so, good job! However, we need to bring your attention to a few things before you pick any translation agency. There are numerous translation agencies out there, but the quality of service offered by each one differs. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to how good a translation agency is before you reach a conclusion to choose it. In the next few sections, we’ll provide you with tips on what to check for to determine if a translation agency can deliver top-quality translation.

Topics covered

The present market across the globe consists of numerous businesses with different products and services. Thus, their content needs are also bound to be different according to their niche market. Do you know anything about frontend web development? Are you current with IT or cloud storage trends? There is a wide range of topic to write about. So, when you’re selecting a translation agency, examine it to see if it’s capable of providing top-quality content that matches your business needs. Remember that a good translation does not involve translating word for word. Instead, it involves making the translated text easy to read and sound natural, while also ensuring it passes the message in the original text.

Supported integration methods

It is an undeniable fact that the quality of the translation is the most important thing to consider when choosing a translation agency. Nevertheless, checking the integration methods that a translation agency support can also be important most especially if your translation request is going to be a huge one. A translation agency with good integration methods such as a plugin or an API can make it easy for you to receive your translated text on your CMS. You will benefit greatly from this since it will help you eliminate the stress you will have to go through to start entering the translated text into the system manually.

Available language pairs

Even with the best translation agency, there is absolutely nothing that it can do if it does not support the language pair you require. Most translation agencies support translation between a few languages. For instance, a translation service may offer translation from Swedish to Spanish, but may not be able to translate texts from Norwegian to Spanish. Thus, it is a good thing to always check which language pairs are supported by a translation agency before you proceed to use it. You should make sure you are selecting an agency who support direct translation from the language of your original text to the intended target language.

Questions you should ask a translation service

Putting in mind the different points we’ve discussed so far, we have also gone ahead to draft some crucial questions which you should ask when you reach out to a translation agency. The answers that they give to these questions will go a long way to help you determine if you should stay with the translation agency or not. It is a good thing to have all the necessary information before you partner with any translation agency. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Can you translate the content of my website from language X to Spanish?
  • Are your translators knowledgeable in areas related to my business, and can they provide top-quality translation free of grammatical errors and highly readable?
  • How much do you charge, and what is your pricing structure?
  • Which formats do you support that I can transfer my original text?
  • What are the ways you deliver a completed translation task?
  • Do you have tools that can be used to send the completed translated task to my CMS?
  • How fast do you complete translation tasks?

Why prices for the same language pair can differ between different translation services

The price of translating from one language to the other can vary as a result of several factors. The language pair of the translated text may affect the price. This is because translating between some languages are easier while others may tend to be a bit difficult. The urgency in delivering the translated text can also factor into the price. If you need your content translated urgently, you are likely going to pay more. Additionally, different translation agencies have different pricing structures. Some translation agencies charge their customers depending on the word count of the source text. Others may consider different other factors such as the topic, volume or format of the original text in their prices. Thus, you should try as much as possible to compare the prices that different translation agencies charge before settling down for one.

Why Topcontent is a good Spanish translation service

At Topcontent, we provide efficient Spanish translation services. Our Spanish translators have many years of experience in translating texts of different topics. Besides that, we make sure that we meet your specified objectives when we translate for you. Our translated texts content sounds natural to the readers, and it includes the right keywords that can boost your search engine ranking. Here are other benefits of using our Spanish translation services:

  • We provide translation in multiple languages, so you can get all your translation needs in one place.
  • We have numerous expert translators who are knowledgeable in vast topic areas including those related to fashion, technology, iGaming, travel and lots more.
  • Our prices are affordable as we have a good and easy to understand pricing structure. We charge customers based on the original text word count.
  • We have different tools in place such as out WPML plugin and API, which allows you to receive your translated text on your CMS. We also deliver your translated text in the same format you sent the original text.
  • Our delivery is fast based on how large your order is. We deliver most projects within just days, and estimated delivery time is communicated when you place your order.

Topcontent’s Spanish translation services prices

As we have mentioned in previous sections, there is a pricing structure that we follow when we charge customers for translation services. We charge depending on the word count that makes up the entire source text. When you forward your source text to us, the first thing we do is count all the words in it including the entire body, headings, lists, subheadings and tables. It is the word count that we get from there we will use in calculating how much the translation will cost. Take note, however, that the number of words in the source text may not be the same as that of the translated text. Click here if you want to learn more about our pricing structure.


It’s usually a good idea to translate your website. The benefits you can get from doing so makes it worth it. By translating your website to your target market’s local language, they will develop more trust in your business. In addition to that, it’ll improve your ranking on search engines as well as your conversion rates. To ensure that your translated website content is of high quality, choose the best translation agency after considering the tips we’ve provided in this article. Ensure that the translation agency will be able to translate to sound natural and free of grammar errors.

At Topcontent, we offer premium quality Spanish translation services and translations in other languages. We have a good pricing structure and there are different tools in place that can make the process easy for you. Additionally, we can take up any translation tasks no matter how big or small it is, and we deliver right on time.

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