Bulk Article Creation With Topcontent/AI and Ahrefs

Bulk Article Creation with Topcontent/AI and Ahrefs

When managing a large website, or multiple websites, it can be very time-consuming to produce large volumes of content. Having a high output is crucial to both keeping the sites fresh and relevant but also to gain traffic from long-tail keywords.

In the video below, I’m showing how you can use Topcontent/AI and Ahrefs to create large volumes of content in a short matter of time.

The strategy here is to focus on question-based search queries, but you can also build your own keyword list based on other long or short-form keywords.

Below the video, I have also written down the process and how you can scale this up even further. Let’s go!

Watch the Video

Step-by-Step Process

If you prefer reading over watching, I have written down the steps I took below.

Step 1: Create a keyword list in Ahrefs

Start by inputting your main keyword (the one you want your site to rank for) in Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.

Go to Matching Terms and filter by question-based search queries.

Select all the questions that are relevant for your site. Avoid using similar questions more than once.

Click ‘Add to’ –> ‘Keyword list’ –> ‘New list’ and name your list.

Open your new keyword list (you can always find it by going back to the main page of the keyword explorer).

Repeat this step with all the main keywords until you have a long list of questions in your keyword list.

Step 2: Create the articles in Topcontent/AI

Select all the keywords and copy them to your clipboard.

Open Topcontent/AI (sign up here) and go to Batch Generator.

Add a name for your project, set Keyword as the Generation Mode and paste your list of keywords.

Adjust the article settings according to your preferences and click Generate.

Step 3: Exporting the completed articles

After a few minutes, the articles are ready. You can go through the articles and make changes if you wish, or rewrite an article completely.

Once you are happy with the articles, you can export them in 3 ways:

  1. Copy: Simply copy the articles one by one. You can decide how you want them formatted; plain text, markdown or HTML.
  2. Download: Select articles and download them to a CSV. The CSV file contains all the formatting options.
  3. Push to Site: In the Integrations tab on the left, you can connect your website to Topcontent/AI. This let’s you mark articles and have them automatically sent to your website.

Wrapping it up

There you have it, a straight-forward process on how you can leverage Topcontent/AI and Ahrefs to maximise your content creation and output. If you want to give Topcontent/AI a try, I’ll give you 5 articles+images for free.