We asked our clients how they learned about us, this is the data we got back

In 2022, we sent an email 📧 to all our clients with a straightforward question: “How did you learn about us?”.

This was the result of that survey:

  • 2.7% through social media
  • 10.6% Search Engine Ad
  • 20.2% “Other/Don’t know”
  • 32.8% Recommendation from a friend
  • 33.7% Search Engine Organic

In other words, SEO emerged as the top lead generator, followed closely by “Recommendations from a friend”. 🏆

Out of curiosity, we cross-referenced these responses with the amount each client had paid us 💰 (the survey was not anonymous).

The data then looked a bit different:

  • 8.8% through social media
  • 3.5% Search Engine Ad
  • 35.2% “Other/Don’t know”
  • 33.7% Recommendation from a friend
  • 18.9% Search Engine Organic

Interestingly, “Recommendation from a friend” overtook organic SEO, and paid ads lagged far behind.

It was striking to see how both SEO and “human efforts” yielded better results than ads.

What we learned from this exercise: As a service provider, going the extra mile for your clients can be a more effective marketing or advertising strategy. 💡🚀

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