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Evide Group first turned to Topcontent for help when they needed high-quality SEO content in the insurance niche to launch their website Försäkrio. With the help from content by us they now outrank their competitors and receive more revenue generating traffic to their website.

  • Tell us a little bit about your company; the industry in which it operates, and its position in the market.

Evide Group is a Swedish company working with a broad range of affiliate sites from insurance to the health industry. We focus on providing reviews and comparisons that help customers  make smarter decisions in their daily life.

  • How long have you been working with Topcontent?

We came across Topcontent in May 2019 and have worked with them on a regular basis since then. They have provided various content for us, from single articles and blog posts, up to copy for full-scale sites.

  • What problem were you looking to solve when you decided to start working with Topcontent?

When Evide Group started to grow, we needed help to scale up. I sent out quotes to five different companies in Sweden with very specific requirements. We needed around 100,000 words of well written high-quality SEO content for the Swedish market within the insurance niche. On top of that, we had an 8-week deadline for the content.

Topcontent came back within a week with the best samples AND the lowest price. The order was delivered on time and passed all our quality checks and the brand Försäkrio was successfully launched.

  • How has Topcontent helped you solve your problem and achieve your goal(s)?

In less than a year we launched three sites, based solely on the copy produced by Topcontent.

We have also been outranking our competitors on Google which in the end, is one of the best indicators of quality content.

  • Why would you recommend Topcontent to other companies?

Topcontent is great at what they do, it’s as simple as that. This is something that shines through in all aspects of their offer; from following up and being there whenever you need help, to delivering high-quality content within niche topics. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or a big project, the outcome has always exceeded my expectations!


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