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At Topcontent, we believe in making it easy to order, receive and review content and translations. The easiest way to do it is to fully integrate your platform with our state-of-the-art Content and Translations API.

Existing plugins and connections

We have already successfully integrated with WPML, PolyLang and These integrations allow the users of those systems to order content and translations without having to leave their dashboards. Their orders are delivered straight into their systems eliminating all manual work traditionally associated with content and translations orders.

REST API for content and translations

Representational state transfer (REST) sounds fancy but is actually very simple. It mainly breaks down to the HTTP-methods GET, PATCH, POST and DELETE matching the operations to read, update, create and delete. 

We have made an effort to make it easy to get started while also allowing you to do very complicated things. There is also a sandbox environment you can play around with. 

All services that we offer through our self service are also available through the API.

Head over to the full documentation for the API to get started. 

Single-user or multi-user connection

You could either build a single-user API connection to your own CMS, or, if you are a CMS developer, you can create a multi-user connection. With the multi-user connection, you can allow your users to order and pay for content and translations. This will add an extra benefit to your clients and an extra revenue stream for you. Contact our sales team to get information on the type of money you could make.  

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Example of multi-user connection: PIM-systems

If you have developed a PIM service with e-commerce clients you already know the benefits of having all content and translations in one place. By adding a multi-user connection to us, you will make it easy for your clients to order more of it. 

Example of e-commerce content with high ROI: 

  • Meta Descriptions
  • Titles written from an SEO perspective
  • Product texts that increases conversions
  • Category texts that drives traffic from search engines

And of course, translations of all the above to drive traffic from additional markets. 

Adding the option to order those things from your system will increase your clients revenue, increase their dependency on your system and create an extra revenue stream for you. It’s a win-win-win. 

Contact us to know how much money you can make

Offering content and translations through your system is a great way to make money. Contact our sales team to learn how much extra money you can make. 

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How to get started

1. Create a free client account

Create a client account to get access to the Sandbox environment. Don’t worry, it’s free!

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2. Grab API token

Generate your API token in the settings page of your account.

Topcontent REST API

3. Test using the Sandbox

Send a content order or send content for translation into the Sandbox, get test data back.

Sign up and start developing!

Topcontent Sandbox

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I connect with the Topcontent REST API? We have collected all the information you need for the connection in the API documentation.
  • What is a multi-user connection? If you are a CMS developer, you can allow all the users of your system to order and pay for content and translations.
  • Can I test the Topcontent API integration before using it? Yes you can! Create an account in our Sandbox environment where you can test the integration. It is designed to mimic the live environment as closely as possible.