Even though Finland is a rather small country in the northern part of Europe, with around merely 5.5 million inhabitants, it’s a potential market for all online businesses. The country’s e-commerce field has had a steady growth every year during the last few years, and it’s expected to keep on growing. In particular, Finnish people tend to purchase clothing and home electronics online. To reach this market, it might be useful to consider Finnish translation services and have your website translated to Finnish.

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Benefits of using Finnish translation services

We all know that translating your site brings multiple benefits – from the possibility of reaching larger audiences to better search engine rankings and increased conversion rates, translating your website can never be a bad idea.

If you decide to go for translating your website to Finnish, you have multiple options to proceed. You can hire a Finnish speaker at your company, work with a freelance translator or even use an online translation tool (which we don’t recommend). However, there are many benefits of using a Finnish translation service to complete the translation of your website – and all future additions, including blog posts or other updates.

  • Guaranteed native speakers: translation service providers only work with native speakers, so you can be sure the translation provided is always grammatically correct and sounds natural.
  • Larger volumes: translation agencies employ a big pool of translators, so they are able to complete even large and challenging translation projects in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Follow the same tone of voice: a translation agency can make sure a certain tone of voice and correct and unified terminology are implemented in the final translation.
  • Professional translators with topic specific knowledge: a translation agency can assign your website translation project to translators with knowledge about the topic of your site. 

How to evaluate a translation service

Have you decided to look for an agency offering Finnish translation services to work on your website’s translations? That’s great! However, today’s active marketplace is full of various agencies offering translation services in multiple languages, including Finnish. How do you choose the one fitting your needs? Here we give some tips to help you make the right choice.

Topics covered

There are thousands and thousands of companies out there, and all of them offer products and services for various different niche markets. Have you ever heard about goggles for dogs or pet rocks? Are you up-to-date about cyber security, IoT or cryptocurrencies? There are so many different topics to write about, and you need to make sure the translation agency you decide to cooperate with can provide good quality output about your niche. Good translation doesn’t only translate word by word from the source to the target language, but makes the translation feel natural and conveys the same knowledge and expertise as the original text. 

Integration methods available

Even though the quality of the translation is the most important thing when choosing a translation agency, you might also want to look at the integration options the agency supports and/or offers. Especially with larger translation projects, it might be useful to take advantage of an API integration or a plugin available in your CMS to get the final translations sent directly to your system.

Language pairs supported

A translation agency cannot help you if they don’t support the language pair you need. Many companies need their English or Swedish site translated to Finnish, but you might have a German or Italian website and want to reach the Finnish audience in their native language. So when choosing a translation agency, make sure they offer Finnish translation services in the language pair you need.

Questions you should ask a translation service provider

With the above points in mind, we have drafted up a list of questions to ask when you contact a potential translation agency. It’s better to begin a cooperation with a translation provider only after you have received answers to the following questions:

  • Can you translate my website from language X to Finnish?
  • Are your translators familiar with my company’s business area and able to translate my content while sounding experienced and natural?
  • What kind of pricing structure do you have for translation services?
  • In what format should I send over the source text?
  • How do you deliver the final translation?
  • Can you send the final translation directly back to my CMS?
  • How long does it take for you to complete the translation?

Why prices for the same language pair can differ between different translation services

There are many factors which affect the final price of a translation project. These vary from the language pair in question to the urgency of the project and final word count. There are also differences between translation service providers. You might be quoted varying prices for the same language pair in two different places. This happens because not all translation agencies follow the same pricing structure. Some might have a structured pricing system per word, whereas some might charge you more based on the topic, volume and even your file format. Therefore, it makes sense to do some price comparison before making a final decision.

Why Topcontent is a good Finnish translation service

At Topcontent, we offer high-quality Finnish translation services; our experienced translators can translate your website for example from Swedish or English to Finnish. Other benefits include:

  • We offer translation services in multiple different languages, so you can get all your translations from one place.
  • Our large pool of professional translators have in-depth knowledge about various different topics, from travel to e-commerce, iGaming and cryptocurrencies.
  • All of our translators and proofreaders are professional native Finnish speakers. They will ensure high-quality and natural outcome localized to the Finnish market.
  • We have a clear pricing structure, and you will always be charged a fixed price per word.
  • At Topcontent, you get your Finnish translation back in the same format as you originally sent it. You can also opt for our CMS integrations of WPML plugin to receive the final translation directly to your website.
  • We guarantee fast deliveries; depending on the size of the request, you can expect to receive the final translation in just a few days. The estimated delivery time will always be communicated with you when you place your translation order.
  • No translation request is too big or too small. We can take care of small translation needs (e.g. a newsletter copy) or handle bigger translation projects (like translation of a whole website).

Topcontent’s Finnish translation service prices

As mentioned, we offer a simple pricing structure based on the amount of words in the original source text. When you make your translation request, we calculate the amount of words in the order. This includes the body text as well as all headings, subheadings, lists, tables etc. The final price is determined based on the word count in the original source text, but the final Finnish translation may be shorter or longer in length. Read more about our prices here.


Translating your website is rarely a bad idea. A website available in the local language of your target market will not only increase trust towards your company, but have a positive effect on search engine rankings as well as conversion rates. However, the quality of your translation is important. Therefore it’s always good to turn to a professional translation agency to handle your website translation. A company offering translation services will be able to provide you with natural sounding and grammatically correct translations, bearing in mind the market your company operates in.

Here at Topcontent, we offer translation services in Finnish, as well as multiple other languages, with a clear pricing structure, easy working process and fast deliveries.

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