How much does it cost?

We like to keep things simple. We have a very simple pricing structure that is easy for you to understand. We always charge per word for content and translation. So for any text that is written or translated, we will charge you a fixed amount per word.

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Price variations

The price we set per word depends on what quality level you’re looking for, what type of content it is, and in which language you want it written in. Based on these three variables, the price per word will be presented to you.

*Only available for enterprise clients

Budget-friendly content

When you order content from Topcontent, you get exactly what you pay for. You can also directly control your costs. If you have a lower budget this month, then simply lower the number of words you order. When you have a higher budget the following month, just talk to us and we’ll be ready to do the extra work for you.

Using Topcontent vs. hiring your own writers

Topcontent brings writers and end-clients together. You might wonder, why not just hire your own writer and skip the middle-man? Here are some of the differences:

  • We always proofread your content before delivery. A minimum of 2 writers work on every single text we produce to make sure we always deliver high-quality content.
  • We do all the administration work for you which means you can just focus on your core business.
  • One payment for all languages and articles. No more processing a bunch of payments for different writers.
  • No more on-going employee costs, such as recruitment, sick leave and vacation. This is a huge cost-saver. Just pay for what you need.

No hidden charges

Our payment structure is also great because there are absolutely no hidden charges. There are no administration fees or any customer support fees. We provide you with a full packaged service that’s all included in the price per word. You are guaranteed to have no extra cost with this 100% transparent pricing structure.