Interview with Lieve


When did you join Topcontent and how did you hear about us?

I joined Topcontent at the beginning of November. I sometimes work with a translation agency of friends who live in Spain. They had been working for Topcontent for some time and told me that they were looking for additional translators for a large assignment from French to Dutch. They advised me to contact Michelle. So I wrote her an email and got an immediate answer that I had to take a test first. I did and I passed. 


What role do you do at Topcontent and for which language?

At this moment I am working on translations from French to Dutch. It is my goal also to achieve the possibility to do proofreading. I would also like to do translations for other languages like German and English. But for now I am quite satisfied with the French translation. 


What do you like most about freelancing with Topcontent?

I like freelancing with Topcontent because you have the possibility to work at your one pace. The fact that there are always small blocks of text gives you the opportunity to divide your work better. You always know at the end of the day how much you have done and that is sometimes quite a challenge for me, as I always want to [get] better. 


Is there anything you find challenging within the Topcontent system?

The fact that sometimes there is a bonus when you become a top translator I find a really good challenge. I think this motivates translators to do more so that the deadlines of Topcontent can be achieved.


You are one of many writers/translators that freelance with Topcontent. Do you find you get enough support?

I like the fact that you occasionally get feedback from the other translators. Sometimes it’s adjustments, but sometimes it’s constructive criticism. I personally find that very positive. And if there are problems you can always contact Michelle or Anita.


Do you have any advice or tips for someone who is thinking about joining the Topcontent team?

The only tip I can give is that they shouldn’t hesitate. I am very happy that I got to know Topcontent through my friends. They are also very helpful and correct. 


As a freelancer, you escape the 9 to 5 job and have a lot of freedom and flexibility to pick and choose when and if you want to work. How do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated each day when at the end of the day I check the balance of my earnings that day. I rather see it as an occupation to keep busy than as a job. And I get paid each month. So as long as Topcontent needs me…I will keep doing this.


Finally, what fun facts are behind you Lieve? Or maybe any exotic destinations you’ve been to that you can share with us?

I live in Belgium and I am in my early fifties. After my divorce 3 years ago I was reborn as a party animal. Now during this corona period that partying is a lot less. Now I go for long walks together with my small dog. 

Normally I also go to Spain about five times a year to visit my friends. Since the beginning of this year I am also the owner of an apartment there. Unfortunately it is not that easy to travel this period. I hope to go there again as soon as possible. My plan is to live there someday. I can do my work for Topcontent anywhere on earth so that is ideal.

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