As one of the biggest translation agencies based in Europe, we currently have over 6,000 experienced translators in our team. Twenty-nine countries globally use French as their official language; understandably, our French translation agency employs a large team of experienced and native French translators. They are ready to translate your content and help you reach new markets with high-quality translations.

We offer a wide range of expert online translation services at an affordable price. Once we get a translation request, we immediately assign the work to the best native speaker who specialises in that topic.

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Why you should choose Topcontent French translation agency

Topcontent is synonymous with producing quality and valuable French translation services. Our translators follow the client’s instructions to ensure they receive quality work, and they will not stop until the client is satisfied. You should expect fast outcomes and confidential service. We thoroughly proofread the work to ensure no words are lost in translation.

Hundreds of native French translators

Topcontent has a team hundreds of native French translators ready to tackle every complicated translation job thrown at them. All our French translators are not only native, but they are also professionals in the various fields we provide translation services such as legal, gaming, and finance. Rest easy because your work is in the hands of experts.

15+ languages available

We have a wide variety of language options. Do not be fooled by the language options seen on this page; you may think we only specialise in the more widely-used languages. We have a rich catalogue of over 15 languages to serve our multinational clients. Further, our network of linguists will cater to all your language needs.

Thousands of completed translation projects

We have completed thousands of translated projects. We have translated videos, financial documents, travel websites, legal documents, medical projects, online casinos, online game reviews, and other website content that needed translation. It gives us the confidence that we have the experience and expertise to cater to any French translation projects you may require us to tackle.

Translation and content delivery system

Topcontent has an efficient translation and content delivery system. Contact us on our website, upload the material that you need translating, give instructions, and we will deliver your work as soon as possible. We can achieve this because we have a high-tech system that ensures only professionals handle your tasks, and in the shortest time possible.

Affordable prices

We have a no-hidden-charges at low-cost company policy, and our translation services are no exception. At Topcontent, you are guaranteed high-quality service at affordable prices. Our French translation service charges are based on word count, language pair, and the quality level the client requests.

The language pairs available at our French translation agency

If you are visiting our website, there is no point going to other agencies for other translations services, Topcontent is your one-stop-shop for all your translation services. You will find all the languages we support and their charges on our pricing page. We translate all the major languages, for example, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and others.

Our professional translators will not only translate every language to and from English, but they will also translate other less spoken language pairs such as Swedish-Finnish-Swedish, Norwegian-Swedish-Norwegian, Danish-Swedish-Danish, Swedish-Danish-Swedish, and others. Contact our friendly customer care representatives for comprehensive information about a specific translation request.

What we can translate

Website content translations

The French are fussy about their language; you do not want to commit any faux pas when conducting business in their language! Allow us to provide accurate translation for your e-commerce website about fashion, beauty, consumer electronics, or any webshop. We can translate the contents of a website such as blog posts, category texts, or product descriptions.

Financial translation services

For your financial translation needs, look no further than Topcontent. We have handpicked a team of French translators who have specialist experience of the French financial services market. The team will translate financial documents such as credit card applications, investments documents, or insurance documents.

iGaming translation services

The gaming world is full of jargon that is continually evolving due to the different profiles of gamers. Topcontent will help you navigate the iGaming and e-sports minefield by providing French translators that have plenty of gaming knowledge up their sleeves. Our professionals will accurately translate all your French gaming guides, reviews, and gaming related material.

Travel and health websites

For owners of travel and health websites, reach out to us for translation services from native French translators. Our translators have first-hand experience living in France and will offer authentic description for travel destinations in your travel website. They will ensure you avoid cumbersome and embarrassing incidences when describing health issues in your health website.

Legal translation services

Law requires specialist knowledge and we are capable of fulfilling your online legal translation needs. Our qualified team of interpreters will translate any French terms and conditions, privacy policies, or other legal documents. Talk to our customer care representatives and they will showcase our legal translation offerings.

Process of contracting our French translation agency

Please email us your instructions and attach the document you need translating in it. You can call for further instructions if you feel writing it down will not competently convey your intentions—no need to worry about compatibility because we accept any document format type.

Our translation costs are always per word, at no extra cost. After that, we take the document through our system and hand it to one of our professional and experienced translators. Their work goes through proofreaders, and when this is done, we send it to you for approval. In the unlikely event that we mistranslated anything, we will revise the work at no further cost.

How to get started: French translation agency

We have made contracting us very simple. Visit our “Contact Us” page for a quote from our French translation agency. You can converse with one of our customer care representatives through email, live chat, or phone. The list of our translation services above is by no means exhaustive; we did not want to tire you with our extensive list! You can find our full list of languages on our website, or ask our representative who will guide you through our portfolio of translation services. Our translation services are so vast; we probably have an answer for every work you may throw at us! We hope to hear from you soon.