Translate Norwegian to Swedish

Sweden is one of the Scandinavian countries located in the Northern part of Europe. The country has many inland lakes and bordering islands, together with a vast collection of frosty forests and icy mountains. The nation’s capital is Stockholm but there are also other major cities like Malmö and Gothenburg. The country is bordered by both Finland and Norway, its Scandinavian brethren. Although it is possible for a Swede to understand Norwegian, you should translate Norwegian to Swedish for better understanding.

Occupying about 450,295 square kilometres, Sweden is one of the biggest countries in Northern Europe, and it’s the 5th largest in all of Europe. From recent statistics, a large number of Swedish people make use of the internet. For this reason, translating your website from Norwegian to Swedish will give better leverage to expand your business to that country. Keep reading to see more reasons for translating your site and why you should choose Topcontent.

The Online and E-Commerce market of country Sweden

Before we go deeper, let us talk a bit about Sweden. Take a look at some important information about this Northern European country below:

  • Capital: Stockholm
  • Official languages: Swedish
  • Population: 10,302,984
  • Area: 450,295 square kilometres
  • Currency: Swedish Krona
  • Date format: YYYY-MM-DD
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: $51,242
  • Weather: Sweden’s climate conditions are categorised into three. With the south experiencing oceanic climate and the north experiencing a sub-arctic climate. The central parts experience a more humid climate with snowfalls in winter and enough sunlight in summer.
  • Culture and interests: Sweden is known for its popular of pop music, and other interests such as outdoor activities like skiing and other winter sports.

From the data listed above, Sweden has a relatively high GDP per capita (it’s 12th in the world). So, together with people’s interests and culture, the country is a great place for online businesses to thrive. In addition to that, the nation’s population is an added advantage as it is one of the most populated countries in the north. As a result, when you translate Norwegian to Swedish, you will stand a chance to generate more sales from Sweden.

Why you need to translate from Norwegian to Swedish

Although many Swedes can understand the Norwegian language, you still need to translate Norwegian to Swedish if you want to reach a larger audience. That way, you will have the chance to generate organic traffic and increase ROI locally.

Build your Audience Locally

To satisfy their users, Google tends to show what they believe the users want to see. So, all the results in the user’s native language take the top spot. As a result, if you are looking to be visible on, it is recommended that you have your site translated to Swedish. You can run a simple test to confirm this theory by visiting your, then search for a particular product. Afterwards, scroll down and look for a search result in Swedish, you will certainly not find it. This is because your Norwegian site is invisible in Sweden. For organic traffic, you should translate your Norwegian site to Swedish.

Get Traffic From Swedish Keywords

People mostly tend to employ the language they are most comfortable with online. Thus, it is most likely that a Swedish speaking internet user will make use of Swedish keywords anytime they search using Google. So, when you translate your website from Norwegian to Swedish, you have a better chance of ranking higher in search engines with Swedish searches too. If you have your site only in Norwegian, it will not be visible to the millions of Swedish Google users that make use of Swedish keywords. For this reason, if you choose to translate from Norwegian to Swedish, the amount of traffic you get from Sweden is sure to increase.

Get more from natural links

Another impressive benefit that comes with translating your website from Norwegian to Swedish it the increased activities through backlinks. When it comes to SEO, getting enough links is very important. As a result, if you would like to rank high locally, it is recommended that you get local links. And, to increase your chances of getting high-quality Swedish links, your site needs to be translated from Norwegian to Swedish. In most cases, Swedish webmasters prefer linking to sites in Swedish than other languages. So, when you get your site translated, your site ranking will increase, and also, the traffic to your site is sure to increase.

Build Recognition and Trust

Everybody used to online marketing already knows that driving traffic to a site is just the first step. The most important part is converting the generated traffic to actual paying customers. You can increase the conversion rate on your site when you translate your website from Norwegian to Swedish. When it comes to a potential customer deciding whether he or she wants to buy a particular product or not, trust plays a very important role. That way, when you sell a text in Swedish, a visitor that is more comfortable with Swedish tends to trust your site more. Thus, your traffic from Sweden will result in higher conversion rates.

Increase ROI on your Swedish Adverts

Another important aspect of online marketing you need to consider is running targeted adverts. With adverts, you will give your site the publicity it needs and you also have the chance to increase your return on investment. As a result, it is recommended that you run your adverts in the native language of the intended users. Thus, you need to translate the adverts from Norwegian to Swedish. That way, users who are visiting your site from Sweden will completely understand the message you are trying to pass on. Also, you will be able to communicate your products and ideas easily to the Swedish audience, which in turn leads to higher ROI.

Get the Competitive Edge you Deserve

When you make your site available in Swedish, you will get to increase the trust of your Swedish customers in the products and services you render. In addition to that, a connection between you and your customers will be established as they will become more familiar to your content compared to when it was in Norwegian. Also, you should not forget that there are several other kinds of online business which offer the same services and products as you. For this reason, to gain more customers from Sweden and increase your ROI, it is recommended that you translate your text or website from Norwegian to Swedish.

Better Your Business Growth

Although it might sound vague, you can enhance your business growth by translating your site from Norwegian to Swedish. Growth is important to the longevity of a business. This means that, if the business is not growing, it might not survive the test of time. For instance, if all your content is only available in Norwegian, there is the possibility that your business might not grow as the market for your native speakers will be saturated. But, when you are translating to Swedish, the business will have the chance to expand across borders. And with the high GDP per capita and population, you will have access to an increased ROI and large market.

Reduce Your Cost of Advertising with Improved Adwords

If you are looking to run SEM, you should know that top search engines like Google put in place an auction system. This auction system will take a look at the quality score of your Adwords so to determine the amount you will need to pay for the advert. So, if you choose to run an SEM for Sweden and your website content is in Norwegian, your Adwords will have a low-quality score meaning that you will be charged higher. Also, together with the high price, the bounce rate will be affected. Additionally, with a very low-quality score, your ad might not appear at all.

How a translation from Norwegian to Swedish is done

Now that you know why translating your website into Swedish is important, let’s look at the easy steps to do it. Check below for more information.

Step 1: Preparing the Original Text

First, we need you to send the source text you want to translate. And, since we are translating from Norwegian to Swedish, the content should be provided to us in Norwegian. If you have the text available as a document, you can send it over. But, if you do not, it is recommended that you either export the text or make use of any of our integration tools.

The Available Integration Tools

At Topcontent, we have three integration tools you can use to connect your site to our system.

  • Web Page Mark-up Language (needs WordPress)
  • WordPress plugin or Polylang extension
  • Connection via our advanced API

Depending on the website, you can choose any one of our integration tools. If your site is not powered by WordPress or you are finding it hard to use the available integration tools, you can talk to us at any time and we are always happy to help you always.

Step 2: The Translators Starts Work

Once we get the prepared Norwegian source text, it’ll be sent to our system. In our translation system, we have a lot of native Swedish translators with many years of experience when it comes to translating texts. Our Swedish translators will then take the Norwegian source text and translate it. They ensure that the translated text still possesses the original information and meaning before sending on to the next phase.

Step 3: Proofreading of the Translated Text and Checking the Quality

After the source text has been translated to Swedish by the translators, it is transferred to our Swedish proofreaders. Afterwards, the proofreaders will check thoroughly to ensure that the translated text is error-free and all the provided instructions are completely followed. Also, they will check if the text is localised and readable for a native. Afterwards, the text will be sent to Quality Check once the proofreaders are done.

Step 4: Get your Translated Text

Once the text has been translated and it has passed all the stages and the final version is ready, you will get the text instantly. You should note that you will get the translated text the same way you sent it to us. The process for your text to be translated fully will take between one to two weeks. You can help us better our service by giving us feedback.

Cost of translating from Norwegian to Swedish?

The price for translation from Norwegian to Swedish varies based on the total words of the text you would like to translate. At Topcontent, we have an already fixed rate for each word. This is the same format we use mostly when we are translating from one language to another with similar Latin characters. For instance, Norwegian and Swedish are both in the Nordic language group. But, the prices may vary based on the following reasons:

  • Total number of words
  • Task complexity and difficulty
  • Deadline required

In the case where you want to translate a document with a large number of words, for example, more than 100,000 words, you’ll get a discount. But, if the task is more difficult, we might charge you extra. Also, if you are looking to get your task in a short period (that is, an urgent task), you’ll need to pay more.

Example of a translation cost from Norwegian to Swedish

To ensure that you fully know how the cost of translation from Norwegian to Swedish works, we included a comprehensive example below. In the example, you will get to see how we calculate the cost for both big and small requests. In addition to that, you will find included the quality type and deadline set for the task. You’ll also see that the cost of translating from Norwegian to Swedish depends majorly on the total words. So, the more text, the higher the price, but the cost for each word won’t change.

Quality: Standard Quality Quality: Standard Quality
Deadline: No urgency, 1-2 weeks Deadline: No urgency, 1-2 weeks
Amount of words: 1900 Amount of words: 27 000
Price per word: 0.12 euros Price per word: 0.12 euros
Calculation: 1900 * 0.12 = 228 euros   Calculation: 27 000 * 0.12 = 3240 euros

How do you count your words in Norwegian?

The cost of translating from Norwegian to Swedish is dependent on the word count in the original Norwegian text you sent us. The total word count will include everything that is inside the document, which includes:

  • Headings
  • Citations
  • Tables
  • Lists
  • Quotes

We can help you to translate your HTML document or programming code at Topcontent. If we are assisting you, the programming or HTML code will not be counted as part of the total word count as we are not translating them. With us, each word is counted as a character set, symbols or numbers, which are separated by spaces in your document. We will count every word that is in the original Norwegian text before we send it to our system for our Swedish translators to translate them. When you want to send the document to us, you can send it in any readable format such as .doc or .xlsx. Once the word count is completed, then, we will calculate the price and send you a quote before we get started.

Formal variations between Norwegian and Swedish

Since Norwegian and Swedish are both Scandinavian languages though they are considered West and East Scandinavian languages respectively. Many people believe they do not differ much, but, in Swedish there is only one written standard; Norwegian has two. In addition to that, each Norwegian written standard comes with different forms.

  • In the Swedish language, some letters such as æ and ø are not included but are present in the Norwegian language.
  • The Swedish language nouns have two genders while the Norwegian language have three.
  • Swedish verbs end with -a, but Norwegian verbs end with -e

Why you need a native to translate from Norwegian to Swedish

As previously stated in this article, some Swedes understand the Norwegian language, and there are also several people from different countries that know the language. But, when you want to hire someone to translate Norwegian to Swedish, it is recommended that you make sure they are a native of Sweden. This is because natives can translate your message to read a lot better as they are experts of that language. At Topcontent, we have a broad collection of native Swedish writers and translators with many years of expertise. With our experts, you will get your text translated with ease and your message will still be intact.

Common mistakes translating from Norwegian to Swedish

The common mistake people make that can occur when you translate from Norwegian to Swedish is being too direct. This is because Norwegian is more flexible because the word sequence is not regulated compared to the Swedish language. As a result, you cannot easily adjust the word series to fit the context of your message. Thus, you risk sounding mechanical and unnatural when the translation is too direct. That way, the crux of the message will completely be removed when you are passing the message to your Swedish audience. To avoid this, expert native translators translate the overall text and not word for word. Thus, resulting in a more natural translation.

How the length of the text differs between Norwegian and Swedish

When you want to translate from one language to another, the word count might vary. This is fully dependent on many reasons which are associated with the grammar and structure of the language. In the case of translating from Norwegian to Swedish, the translated text is usually longer. This is because the Norwegian language uses fewer propositions together with longer words, which in turn affects the number of words. But, the Swedish language employs the use of more propositions. In the table below, you will find a typical example of the difference in the number of words when it comes to translating from Norwegian to Swedish.

Norwegian – 24 words Swedish – 23 words
Kasinoet tilbyr mer enn 1 000 ulike spill, inkludert et stort utvalg mobilvennlige spill. Det er derfor enklere enn noensinne å finne favorittspillet ditt. Casinot erbjuder över 1 000 olika spel, inkluderat ett stort utbud av mobilanpassade spel. Det är enklare än någonsin att hitta ditt favoritspel.

Most common terms translated from Norwegian to Swedish

From the sections above, we have talked deeply about the benefits that come with translating your site and text from Norwegian to Swedish. Also, we have shown you different reasons to choose any of our native Swedish freelance translators. Below is a table with some examples of common phrases translated from Norwegian to Swedish.

Om oss Om oss Nettkasino Online casino
Legg til Lägg till Personvern Integritetspolicy
Bestill nå Boka nu Les mer Läs mer
Kampanjer Kampanjer Registrer Registrera dig
Kontakt oss Kontakta oss Tilbud Erbjudande
Kundeservice Kundservice Opprett brukerkonto Skaffa konto
Gratisspinn Free Spin Spilleautomater Spelautomater
Hjemmeside Hemsida Bordspill Bordsspel
Tidsbegrenset Endast begränsad tid! Vilkår og betingelser Regler och villkor
Live kasino Live casino Avslutt brukerkonto Säga upp

How to calculate Return On Investment (ROI) on translations from Norwegian to Swedish

Deciding to translate your site from Norwegian to Swedish needs to be a business decision. It is recommended that you only do it if it’ll add value to your business and your finances won’t be harmed. Notwithstanding, you stand to gain a lot when you choose to translate your site. And in turn, the benefits you’ll get is sure to increase your ROI on the price paid to translate your site. If you would like to know about calculating the ROI, contact us.


When you choose to translate Norwegian to Swedish, your business gets the chance to expand across border beyond its geographical zone. Also, you will enjoy the competitive edge you need because your business will reach more people. And since Sweden’s GDP per capita is high, you will not only enjoy increased traffic to your site but also a better conversion rate. Overall, you will see more sales and high return on investment in your business.

By selecting Topcontent to help with your site’s translation from Norwegian to Swedish, you will get access to our numerous tools and services. We have many years of expertise in the business and also a great number of professional native writers and translators. To sweeten the deal, our pricing process is open and transparent, and your business is our major priority when we translate. Contact us now for a charge-free quote on your upcoming translation order!