Google Ads & PPC Translation

We don’t just translate your Google Ads campaigns, keywords, and ad copies; we recreate them with your target audience and markets in mind to deliver high CTR, conversion rate, and quality scores.

Finding someone to translate Google ads to other languages is not hard. But translating paid ads is more than a document or website translation. You have to be sure sure that the translated keywords are the ones your local audience searches for and your unique selling propositions, ad copies, and offers resonate with them. This is exactly what makes our Google Ads translation service stand out. With a mind-set to bring you valuable traffic and high-performing ads, our translators understand your goals, translate your ads and localise them by finding keywords and phrases specific to the local market.

Google ads translation

1. Tell us about your campaigns and translation needs

Our PPC translators need to understand your product/services, audience, target markets, and your USPs to deliver the best content. Tell us about the languages and local markets you are targeting. A detailed description is always better.

2. Share your campaign content with us

We need to see your content structure before translating it.
You can share an Excel, Word or Google Docs file with us that shows the clear structure of the campaign.

3. Get a quote that fits your business goals and budget

Our account managers will get back to you with a custom quote based on the number of languages and your campaign structure. We like to make things simple for you by offering no-registration translations as well. You can sign up as a client or receive a payment link to confirm your order.

4. Receive your translated campaigns

Our experienced Google Ads translators will check your campaign structure, your keywords, ad copies, negative keywords, extensions and everything else before the translations. As the final step, they will localise their translations by researching the local markets and audience you are targeting as well as Google Keyword Planner to find the best keywords.

Do you need more than Google Adwords or PPC translations?

Here at Topcontent, we create original and high-quality content that helps you reach your business goals. Our SEO content in 20+ languages is always created by native speakers!