What comes to your mind when you hear of Japan? Cars and technology, rice, or even fish? All major industries exist in Japan and this is probably one of the reasons why you should consider seeking Japanese translation services. Of course, it’s not just for the people in the aforementioned industries, but also for a whole lot of people that have businesses touching on the lives of Japanese people.

Whether you are involved in the beauty industry or politics, it’s important to seek translation services to reach your goals. Japan has a population of over 126 million citizens, so this should be enough reason to extend your business in a language they understand. Notably, Japanese people have a relatively high buying power and the second biggest GDP on the planet, making them a highly potential market.

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Benefits of using Japanese translation services

It’s no secret that the international market is always very profitable for businesses that seek to make more sales. For them to be felt on the global front, there is no other way than a good presence on the internet. On the flipside, language barriers can be a stumbling block for business expansion. In a report published by the UN’s International Telecommunications Union in 2014, it is evident that only 28% of users on the internet are English speakers. This, therefore, poses the question: does the other 72% need to access services and in their language? The simple answer is yes.

By translating your website, you increase the possibility of a larger audience, search engine rankings as well as achieving higher visitor to customer conversion rates. You now agree that translating your website is a good idea? Moving forward, if you decide to translate your website to Japanese, you will have a number of options in hand. You could decide to hire a Japanese writer at your company, or even get a freelance translator from the many market places available on the internet. Both the former and latter aren’t very good options. The most ideal method is hiring a fully-fledged translation service. This comes together with multiple benefits:

  • Larger volumes: With translation agencies employing large pools of writers, they can complete even your big translation projects in a short time.
  • Tone consistency in all copies of the translation: All jobs done by a translation agency are edited appropriately by professional editors. They can tweak your job to a tone or voice, depending on your requirements.
  • Professional writers for each topic: Since a translation agency has a large pool of writers, they can always choose suitable translator for ones for each topic depending on their expertise area.
  • Guaranteed native speakers: Translation agencies work with native writers. You can be sure that your task will be of high quality and will flow naturally.

How to evaluate a translation service?

Because the translation industry is largely unregulated, there are virtually no barriers to entry. It can become pretty difficult to settle for a competent service. Indeed, we would just say that a good translation agency is like a barista at your coffee shop down the street. They endeavour to build a healthy relationship with you, anticipate your needs, prioritise an excellent service and deliver a quality final product. These three tips should be your guiding star to assist you to evaluate and certainly hire a proper translation service.

Vast array of topics covered

With the internet hosting hundreds or even thousands of translation companies, it is just an uphill task choosing one that fits your needs best. Notably, all these companies offer various services while targeting different market niches. Are you up to date with the trending cryptocurrency news? Heard of the IoT, or even the ever dynamic world of cybersecurity? There are simply too many topics to write about. Therefore you need to make sure that you choose a translation agency that can provide some quality work on your specific niche. A good translation shouldn’t just be word for word, it needs to feel natural and look as if it was a piece of text written originally.

More language pairs

Translation agencies are meant to make translations from one language to another. For instance, an agency could offer translations from English to Japanese, but might not offer the opposite. Alternatively, it could also offer a service for Japanese to English. The best translation service is that which offers both ways. In this regard, our translation service offers both ways for the above language pair, and for many other pairs too. When choosing a translation website, be sure to check out if they offer translation services for the language pair you are interested in. You, therefore, may need to check if translation service offers Japanese / English before settling down for it.

Integrating your website to the translation service

Even though the quality of the translation is the most important thing when choosing a translation agency, you might also want to look at the integration options the agency supports and/or offers. Especially with larger translation projects, it might be useful to take advantage of an API integration or a plugin available in your CMS to get the final translations sent directly to your system. Automating your job means that the final translations are sent directly to your system. If anything is edited or even updated, it goes directly to the specific web page that you intended it. Before choosing a translation service, take time to check if they offer any integration plugins.

Questions you should ask a translation service

With the insights now at your fingertips, there are some questions that you could ask a potential translation agency you are talking to. It therefore goes without saying that you can only start co-operation with the agency, once your questions have been answered with satisfactory answers. There are certainly many others, but we only highlighted what we feel is of paramount importance and carries the most weight in the same regard. Some of the questions include:

  • Are you able to translate my website/blog from English to Japanese?
  • Are your translators competent in my company’s business area and in a position to translate my content while keeping the content natural?
  • What pricing structure do you employ for translation services?
  • How should I send my text to you?
  • Can I place multiple translation orders simultaneously?
  • Are you able to send the final translation to my CMS?
  • How long should I wait for you to send the final copy of my translation?

Why prices for the same language pair can differ between different translation services

There are a vast array of factors that could affect the final price of your project. Such would include the urgency of your project and certainly the word count as well. Just like any other services or even goods, translation rates are certainly subject to the laws of supply and demand. You may need to note that some language pairs may come with more qualified translators as compared to others. Others are in higher demand than others. Indeed, different translation providers may offer different pricing structures too. While some may charge per word, others might decide to charge you based on your file formats, volume or even topic. Therefore, it makes absolute sense to do price comparisons before making your ultimate decision.

Why Topcontent is a good Japanese translation service

At Topcontent, we strive to offer you the best Japanese translation services while ensuring that you still get value for your money. Our experienced team can translate your website from English to Japanese while sticking within your stipulated deadlines. Additionally, the final task we send to your CMS is checked extensively to the highest possible quality as well. Some other benefits associated with our translation services include:

  • We are a diversified platform that offers translation services in quite a number of mainstream languages, so you get all your translations done under one roof.
  • We have put in place a large pool of writers that have knowledge on different topics across the board. Be it iGaming, e-commerce, or even cryptocurrencies, we’ve got you covered.
  • At Topcontent, we make your work easier by sending all translations back in the format you need them. If you settle for using our CMS integrations, the final copy will be sent to directly to your website.
  • No translation is too big or small. We take care of them as they come, ranging from newsletters to bigger projects such as a whole website.
  • We assure you of timely submissions. Once you place your order, we will communicate on a date on which you will receive your translation.

Topcontent’s Japanese translation services prices

We at Topcontent try as much as possible to make your experiences with us simple and productive. For this reason, our translation services pricing structure is also as simple as it can be. Our pricing is based on the original text’s number of words. This will, of course, include the text in headings, subheadings, tables and lists. As such the final price you pay for your translation is based on your final word count going by the original source text. You may need to note that translations may sometimes be longer or even slightly shorter than the original text. For instance, translations from English to Japanese tend to get a little shorter. Read more about our pricing structure here.


Translating your website or blog is certainly one of the best decisions you can make for your business. Having a website in your local language not only increases your search engine rankings, but also increases the trust users have in your company. More important in this regard is the quality of your translation. It’s therefore in the best of your business’s interests to ensure that the company that handles your translations is good at it. A company offering translation services should be able to offer final copies that read as good as the original. They should also be free of grammatical errors.

Here at Topcontent, we offer translation services in Japanese together with Japanese content and translation services in number of other languages. We work with professional native translators, so high-quality output is guaranteed. Our pricing structure is simple, transparent and deliveries are done in a timely manner.

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