Become Big in Japan – With Japanese Content

Japan is one of the world’s biggest economies with a flourishing digital industry. Its more than 120 million inhabitants have considerable purchasing power, making the Japanese market an attractive destination for anyone wishing to expand their online business. However, in order to successfully reach the Japanese market, you need content in Japanese. Lots of digital businesses have already caught onto this, as we can tell by the many requests we’ve received for Japanese content.

Get Japanese content at Topcontent

Therefore, we’re happy to announce that we can now offer translations from English to Japanese! This is a way of helping you break into one of the potentially most profitable markets in Asia. We have teamed up with several really talented Japanese translators, with Japanese as their first language and a solid understanding of English.

When should you translate to Japanese?

  • If you’re offering a product or service that would sell well in Japan. Right now, the iGaming industry, in particular, is on the rise.
  • And, you want to offer your Japanese customers localised and relevant content in their native language.
  • If you want to expand your business to the world’s third-largest economy.
  • You already have or want to buy English content.

If this sounds interesting, contact us for a quote today.