Why content quality is more important than keywords in website content

Some people that we talk with are stuck in the belief that keyword stuffing is the way to go to improve your website ranking. They believe that it’s important to integrate lots of these keywords in website content and that everything revolves around keywords. Well, they’re wrong!

Over the years, Google has been carefully weeding out sites that use keyword stuffing and fluff content (or filler content). Instead, they favour sites that have high-quality content, careful selection of keywords, and which utilise SEO strategies properly and effectively.

Nowadays, if you’re using keyword stuffing in your online strategy, you may find your website ranking go down rather than up. This fixation on the keyword will distract you from more important elements, such as the quality of the content.

high quality content is more important than keywords in website content

How to get better placement on Google with the help of content?

Back in the day, it was easy to cram your site full of niche keywords, driving traffic towards the site you wanted people to check out. Now though, Google has refined its search engine. If you know how it works, it can be very beneficial to those of us creating web content.

Rather than specifically looking at the keywords in website content, or at those that are searched, Google now finds the meaning behind the search phrase used. This is called ‘search intent’. This means that it doesn’t just look for the exact words but at similar phrases and word combinations. This means that if your content is well written, like when you buy content online from professional content writers (wink wink), your rankings can increase.

1. Create a positive search experience

One of Google’s main aims is to give its users, those that use its search function, a very positive experience. Part of this means giving the searcher exactly the right information they are looking for. Because of this, Google updated its algorithm, ensuring that instead of the keywords, the value of the content is taken into account.

This makes things much better for those of us out there who care about putting forth high-quality content to our readers. At this point, it’s important to note that quality trumps quantity any day. If you can say it in 10 words and 100 words, say it in 10. Think about the intention of the content, tailor it to the target audience and make sure it serves a clear purpose.

2. Put effort in to ensuring a good website user experience

Google will also care more about how your site is to use over the keywords. Again this is to optimise searchers’ experiences, ensuring that the information they want is contained in the page that they land on. Focus on quality content, usability, site speed and mobile performance. All these things are more important than keywords stuffing.

Key content placed in the middle of the article might also get passed over when the search engine has a quick look at the site. This means that you need to make sure to have the important information right at the start. It’s also worth remembering that internet users have very short attention spans, so grab them from the get-go!

3. Make sure you have an easy-to-use site navigation

The way your site is structured will make it easier or harder for the average visitor to navigate it. Along these lines, again with a positive visitor experience in mind, Google will reward sites that offer a cleanly laid out, well-organised site. This will win out over a site stuffed to the brim with keywords and links.

It’s good to keep an updated sitemap on the page to make it easier for the search engine to crawl your site. Check the Search Console to make sure that your sitemap is up to date.

Other optimisation tips

Though these aren’t strictly related to high-quality content, mobile optimisation and site speed are additional factors to bear in mind. They too focus on the content quality, making sure that visitors will stay on the website and use it. Coming back to it is even better as this way Google will see that your site has merit. This is exactly what the visitor is looking for.

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High-quality content is extremely important and you can buy it from lots of freelance sites. However, if you are going to buy content online, then you should make sure you’re getting nothing but the best.

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We’ll take care of your content

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