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Why you should work with Topcontent for affiliate marketing copywriting

Tired of agencies who just don’t get your business? We’re experts in creating affiliate marketing content that drives the right traffic and brings conversions. Our team includes a whole host of highly skilled writers from across the globe. We’re experienced in working with affiliates from a range of industries, including iGaming, travel and finance to name a few.

Not only can our writers create extremely compelling affiliate marketing content in English to bring in more sales for your company, they can do it in various other languages as well. We’re proud to create powerful content in over 20 languages. We know that your content needs to be selling, accurate and, most importantly, convince your user to buy – and we can create affiliate content that matches all that criteria.

Benefits of outsourcing content writing for affiliate marketing

Get selling affiliate content while you focus on your business

We’re specialists in providing top quality affiliate content marketing to our clients. That means our writers can produce the content you need in a range of languages. Most importantly, our content is carefully crafted so that you see an increase in traffic and the crucial conversions for your business.

Say goodbye to time-wasting when you work with us and our experienced team of excellent writers. We have an efficient and thorough creation and proofing process for the package you require. That means you are in full control when you work with us, providing any feedback you desire.

Our focus is your content, so that your focus can be your business.

Stand out from your competitors

Content is competitive. So, your content needs to be engaging and persuasive and stand out from the rest of your competition. We have plenty of experience in doing exactly this. We work hard to bring you the right traffic, more of it and more of those conversions.

When you choose Topcontent, you choose a company who gets your business, and who have a firm grasp of how affiliate content works. No more vague, boring pages that users will forget only to buy from your competitors. We’ll create purposeful, targeted content to speak directly to the needs of your visitors.

Reach a wider audience

Did you know that we have a team of polished writers across the globe? If you’re looking for a set of quality content articles in different languages for your affiliate websites, you’re in the right place. We also create content that’s not only engaging and high quality, but we make sure you get seen by Google too.

We work with a multitude of clients to improve their content’s SEO performance. Grow your brand awareness across the globe and get better organic rankings around the world. What does that mean for you? It means increased website traffic where you need those conversions.

Get content for affiliate marketing that works

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Informative content that gets you sales

Are you finding that your content is just not reaching your ideal audience, or it is not converting them into customers? As affiliate content experts, we know that every page needs to provide factually correct information and it needs to highlight the benefits too. Successful content is content that tackles the pain points of your users to bring you more conversions.

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Content that is spot on and on time

Choose one of our packages to meet your budget. We have an extremely thorough process from content creation to the very end. Our expert writers produce your content, before it is proofed with a fine-toothed comb, to ensure it’s error-free and meets the tone of voice of your brand’s website. It’s delivered straight to your content system on time so that you can give us any feedback you have.

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Well-researched affiliate content marketing

If your affiliate content marketing is going to work, it needs to be well-researched and created for the purpose of compelling your readers to take action. That’s why we undergo a full research process into your business and your website to make sure the affiliate page catches the attention of the reader straight away.

actionable content

Purposeful content

We know that there is nothing worse than flaky, vague content for users, which inevitably causes them to bounce away from the page and not come back. That is why our content writers ensure that your content lists all of the key benefits, but also makes sure your content is designed to compel a reader to take action.

Top-quality affiliate marketing content writing from Topcontent

Optimised for search

Experienced in affiliate marketing, our team of writers will get your content optimised to rank higher in search engines’ results. That way, you’ll get more of the right traffic on your website so that more and more people become aware of your business. When more users land on your website, that means more conversions, which in turn translates into more sales for your company.

Reliable content writers

Your content represents your brand and your business. That means it needs to be spot on. It needs to have the right tone of voice, target the right audience, be factually correct and most importantly, be convincing. We have a team of only the best writers to make sure the content produced always hits the mark, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Consistently quality content

Affiliate marketing content needs to be selling and creative, but it also needs to be perfect and error-free. We have a quality check process in place to ensure all content delivered to you is top-quality and matches your requirements. However, you always have a chance to review the affiliate content delivered to you and let us know if some changes are needed – free of charge.

Frequently asked questions on affiliate marketing copywriting

What is affiliate marketing content?

Affiliate marketing content is on-page copy that readers find online. Its purpose is to tell about a particular company or product and describe its important highlights and benefits. The main goal of affiliate content is to encourage the user to visit the site of the company and to persuade them to make a purchase.

How do I get affiliate content?

Topcontent can help with this. Our team is very experienced in creating affiliate marketing content for a range of clients across a variety of different industries. We produce engaging, exciting content that drives traffic and encourages to take action. You only need to sign up to our content ordering and delivery system, and then you can start ordering affiliate content right away.

How do you make sure the content is targeted correctly?

We know our stuff when it comes to search engine optimisation. Our writers are experienced in producing high-quality and factually correct affiliate content that search engines and your visitors will love.