There are almost 2 million Amazon sellers with many products listed that are actually not being seen by potential buying customers. With nearly 200 million visitors each month, Amazon is an impressive marketplace hosting a lot of sellers competing to sell their products. With its unique algorithm, Amazon search engine optimization, or Amazon SEO, is crucial for sellers. It’s fair to say that Amazon product descriptions that sell are the key to the success of any business trying to sell their products.

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Why you need professional Amazon product description writing services

Ranking your products on Amazon search results

Even though SEO is mainly associated with Google, Amazon SEO is more important for sellers. Their algorithm is very different from that of Google or other search engines, which means your Amazon product description writing should be done accordingly. Without Amazon search optimization and the proper keywords, you’ll end up among millions of sellers who get few or no sales.

Persuading customers to buy your products

The second and equally crucial role of a great product description on Amazon is to actually sell your product. The description should include all the necessary information about your Amazon product and convince customers that they need to buy them generating sales. Great Amazon product description writing should include detailed product specifications as well as speak to your audience. There are product description generators out there (some specifically designed for Amazon), which do this for those sellers who don’t want to invest in writing the descriptions themselves or taking on product description writing services, but the result is far cry from having unique and honest descriptions. In fact, it can make things worse for you.


How to write a great Amazon product description

your product highlighted

Sell benefits, not features

Instead of boring a potential customer with only features and technical details as many eCommerce sites tend to do, a good description should focus on selling the benefits. Examples of this can include, how will the product bring value to the user? Will it make their life easier? This should be the focus when you write on Amazon’s platform.

content with list of items

Short description with important points

Since we have only a few seconds to gain a potential customers attention, a great Amazon product description should be short and to the point. Ideally, it should convey all the important information in just a few sentences. Remember, customer attention span is short.

content with keywords

Product title should be short and include relevant keywords

To elaborate on the above point, the title of the product should be kept short as well. However, the copy needs to be packed with important information together with the relevant keyword about the products.

content with bullet point lists

Bullet points for easier readability

There is nothing worse than a long text packed with a lot of detailed information. The best Amazon description should display important features as a bullet point list to improve readability. In this way, you’re also clearly outlining the key features, an optimum strategy in Amazon’s marketing. So, with all that in mind, why should you consider getting a product description writer to help with your eCommerce needs?

How do we write Amazon product descriptions that sell?

We are a content creation company experienced in writing content that both the Amazon search engine and your audience will love. We have creative Amazon product description writers who know the description rules generated by Amazon. Their combination of knowledge in Amazon search optimization, and creative product descriptions writing, results in the creation of written Amazon product descriptions that actually turn into sales.

Our product description writers take the time to do a lot of research on the key features before creating your content. On top of that, they take a look at your products and brand to ensure they meet your brand’s needs and tone. All the content is created to entice buyers to your products and ensures that the work is customized to you.

In this way, we make sure that all your listings will rank high on this selling platform when someone searches for an item. Thus improving conversion rates, boosting sales and encouraging traffic. Through careful marketing and the inclusion of a call to action, we reduce the instances your items get abandoned from the cart urging customers to buy now!

Our copywriting services are also capable of handling bulk orders. No matter how many Amazon descriptions you need, we can write top quality content and deliver it fast.

What does our product description service for Amazon include?

Amazon SEO is complicated and should be handled by experts in the industry. We have invested in our Amazon product description writers who all understand the Amazon algorithm and have a proven track record of success within their work. In addition to our state-of-the-art content production system, our Amazon product description writing services include:

  • Original Content
  • Buyer Persona-based Descriptions
  • Proper keywords
  • Product benefits
  • Product features
  • Bullet Points

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Frequently asked questions on Amazon product descriptions

How do I write a product description on Amazon?

Understand your buyers and present the benefits they can gain from using your product. Make sure to write brief, catchy descriptions packed with all the important information for your listing. Use bullet points with searchable words if necessary to improve readability.

How many characters can you have in an Amazon description?

Your description can be maximum 2,000 characters long.

Can you use HTML in Amazon description?

Yes, HTML tags are a great way to highlight parts of your description and make it easier to read. Make sure to conduct research which HTML tags are supported by Amazon before using them in your product descriptions.