Get the right landing page content writing services when you use Topcontent. We can help you to get the best landing page content to greet visitors when they arrive at your site.

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How using Topcontent landing page content writers will help you achieve your goals

Engage with your audience to encourage them to read more

Our content writing team will provide you with the best content for your business landing page. We will make sure that the content found here is relevant to your business, but also appeals to your target audience, encouraging them to take a look further on your site. With our content, you’ll stand out from your competitors, encouraging people to look to you.

Reach more people through higher search engine rankings

With our quality content on your landing page, we will help you to rank higher on search engines through our use of keywords and interesting, unique content. With so many websites to compete with, it’s always important to have quality content so that you can stand out. Why not make use of our translation services too, and have a landing page in a number of languages?

Sell more by encouraging people to stay

With an exciting and dynamic landing page, we will help you to pique the interest of your potential clients. By providing them with interesting content, it will encourage them to check out the rest of your site. In this way, you can beat out your competitors by having these visitors come back again and again to use your site and services.

What makes great landing page content?

content presenting clearly the sites products or services

Strong and clear offers

Your landing page needs to be clear and concise in what it is offering visitors in the way of products and services.

landing page content showing trust symbols

Use trust signals

Good landing pages will use trust signals, such as “like” counters, to indicate to the reader that the site is trustworthy.

your product highlighted

Highlight your business features

The content should also give clear information about the specific features of your company, helping to make sure you stand out.

easy to find information

Actionable with a CTA

Finally, the landing page needs to have a selling actionable ending to encourage the reader to move forward with their decision.


How Topcontent ensures quality

Professional writers, proofreaders and translators

Topcontent uses a large group of professional writers, translators and proofreaders to ensure that all the work is provided at the very best quality. Work is written by native speakers to ensure that the flow is grammatically correct and that local idioms are used. Similarly, in translating, we make sure that the meaning is kept the same from the original piece.

Three-stage quality control

In order to ensure you get nothing but the best, all work goes through a checking process. First, the writer will write the piece. This then gets sent to a native speaking proofreader. If there are issues, it’s sent back to the writer for corrections. Once the proofreader okays the piece, it goes to the quality checker for a last run-through.

Speedy delivery

Once the work is finished, it’s time to get it to you. We offer a number of different ways for you to order and receive your content. You can use the self-service option, managing your own work; you can connect your website directly to our system using API or WordPress plugin; or you can chat to one of our content managers, who can sort it for you.


Frequently asked questions about landing page content

What is landing page content?

Landing page content is short, to-the-point wording designed to appeal to a new audience and encourage them to visit the site.

What are the key components of a landing page?

Key components include a main heading, a unique selling point, benefits from your offer, trust signals and a call to action.

How much content should be on a landing page?

Content should not be lengthy. It can also be a good idea to incorporate pictures and graphics to help get your message across.