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Great product description copywriting is fundamental if you want to catch your target audience’s attention right from the start. Ask us how we can help your business with the best product descriptions.

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Product Description Writing Services that Work

Topcontent has a team of professional product description writers able to help you with all your copywriting needs. We can help your business reach its goals in the most effective way by writing catchy and sellable descriptions of all the products you offer.

Reach a Worldwide Audience

We can help you reach a worldwide audience by writing and translating creative product descriptions into more than 15 different languages. Imagine the potential that multilingual content has! With our help, you can have your website, and all the products you offer, available to a broad range of potential buyers. Boost up your sales and your customer engagement. Ask us how!

Rank Higher on SERP

Topcontent’s great product description service will also help your business to rank higher on search engine results pages. With our help, your products will appear higher in organic results, this way being exposed to a larger audience of potential buyers. Our SEO-friendly product descriptions are optimised to shine on the search engine results page game, helping you sell more and to more people.

Engage with your Target Audience and Sell More

Our team of professional writers is experienced in writing effective SEO product descriptions that help businesses to grow. Your business can benefit from our expertise as well. You just need to trust us with your product descriptions writing and translating. Your target audience will be prsoperly reached and expanded, boosting your chances of selling your products in the most effective way possible.

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What makes a great product description?

Knows The Target Audience

To write a product description, it is fundamental to know the target audience. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to properly communicate your products.

Uses Easy-to-Understand Language

A good product description uses an accessible type of language so it can reach a broader audience in the most effective way.

Is Mindful About Words That Sell

Good product descriptions use words and phrases that naturally convince the target audience to complete the purchase as an emotional response.

Easy to Find Information

Consumer attention spans are short. Good product descriptions must be easily scannable. Customers need to find the info they’re looking for easily.

Quality Guaranteed by Topcontent

Three-Step Quality Process

The text we produce undergoes a three-stage quality process, fundamental to delivering good and reliable work. First, our pool of writers produces your product descriptions, following the instructions provided by you. Once they’re done, a second team will pick up the work. These are the proofreaders who will ensure that all is how it should be. Finally, our quality-checkers will have a final look before delivery.

Professional Content Writers

Our team is composed of professional multilingual content writers who will produce your product descriptions in the most effective way. We work in more than 15 different languages, so you’ll always have the chance to translate your order and reach a vast pool of buyers and potential customers. We deliver a top to bottom service so you won’t need to look anywhere else.

Innovative Delivery System

Topcontent developed an innovative state-of-the-art delivery system that makes ordering and receiving content a walk in the park. You can connect your website to our system by using one of our plugins like API or WordPress, use our convenient self-service system to create and manage your orders, or have one of our project managers help and guide you throughout the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Product Description Writing

What is Product Description Writing?

Product description writing is the marketing copywriting that explains what a product is and how and where to buy it.

How Do You Write a Product Description?

We define the target audience, research about the products (benefits, features and specs), delineate the keywords and write a text that sells.

Why is Product Description Important?

Product descriptions are the best method you have to engage with your audience and sell your products, by enhancing the customer experience.