If you have an e-commerce business you know how important product descriptions are for increased traffic and improved conversion rates.

Benefits of good product descriptions

  • Gives more relevant traffic from search engines
  • Increases conversion rate
  • Lowers the return rate of goods

High-quality content will increase your traffic, push the customer to buy using suitable call-to-actions, and will describe the product so that the customer knows he is buying the right thing. Creating this kind of texts is not easy but fortunately, we are experts.

Investing in good product descriptions for your e-commerce site is one of the most important things if you want to sell more through organic traffic. We write product descriptions and we do it well.

Let Topcontent do it for you

  • Long experience and many happy e-commerce clients
  • We know the process from A to Z
  • Big network of writers with different skills and expertise

If you have ever bought something from a Scandinavian online store, chances are very high you have read a product description written by us. Our amazing writers have created e-commerce content since 2013 and our e-commerce client list is in the hundreds.