The digital world is moving fast, and in order to keep up, you need to be able to publish new content frequently on your website to outrank your competitors and attract more visitors. Our solution is automated content publishing; say goodbye to manual content publication and welcome all the benefits it brings from getting rid of time consuming manual work to saving money and improving your website’s security.

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We offer multiple different technical solutions you can use to automate your content publication:

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Key benefits of automated content publishing

The world is becoming a more efficient place thanks to robots doing the time consuming and boring jobs. Join the revolution and don’t get left behind. Here are three benefits of using automated publishing. 

Fire-and-forget content plans

fire and forget automated content publishing

With automated publishing your work ends when you click the order button in the self-service. You only need to create the content plan. The rest of the process, writing, proofreading, approving, scheduling and publishing, is handled by our automated system. This is true fire-and-forget when it comes to content creation. You can plan an entire year of content in one day, fire-and-forget, and it’s published all through the year. 


Save money by removing manual publishing

save money

Automated publishing is a time saver even if you only have one site. If you have several, it’s a game-changer. When it comes to manual work done by humans, time is money. Furthermore, our WordPress plugin works for free, which means every saved hour of work is more money in your pocket. Money you can spend on more marketing (or mojitos).


Increased security with fewer users

online security with automated content publishing

With automated publishing, you no longer need to give out passwords and access to untrustworthy humans. Our WordPress plugin will always love you and will never leave you for a different company or side project. You no longer need to keep track of which human data entry employees have access to which sites. It will automatically publish exactly, and only, what you want. No more – no less.