Efficient content production with our Speed Writing App

We at Topcontent have one clear and exclusive advantage over other similar companies – our Speed Writing App system. It enables our writers to produce text efficiently and to complete even complex writing tasks in much less time. The efficiency gained during the production process allows us to offer affordable prices – which translates into savings for our clients.

In the system writers work using task specific templates. This allows the writers to produce articles according to very precise specifications without the need for manual checks of word count or keywords. This saves the writers and proofreaders a lot of time, without sacrificing quality. With our Speed Writing App system, everybody wins; the writers, the agency, and our clients.

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How our writers and proofreaders can work more efficiently

speed writing app content structures

  • Predetermined content structures: The structure of each article sent for production is predetermined, so the writers have everything laid out the moment they start to write. This includes potential sources for research for the article, and general instructions for the task.
  • Prefilled keyword rules: If a writing task has specific keyword requirements, they are clearly set for each assignment. It’s impossible for a writer to use incorrect keywords, because a text can be submitted only when all set keywords are properly incorporated. With this process a writer working on a task doesn’t even need to be an SEO expert to be able to produce an SEO-friendly article.
  • Writers immediately see when they have followed given rules correctly: Each paragraph in the writing tasks have specific instructions, so writers won’t have to guess what goes where. For example, they can immediately see when word count requirements have been filled or the correct amount of titles are used.
  • Adding HTML codes automatically: If writers are requested to add links to an article, the hyperlinks are added automatically to the requested anchor texts without the writer required to have the skills to do it themselves.
  • Secured from malicious links: The system automatically detects malicious links or other spammy content, and such content cannot be sent through the process.
  • Automatic plagiarism check: The writing process includes a plagiarism check by an external provider, so all content provided is 100% unique. The system automatically runs a check for copied content, and it requires this to be fixed before an article can be submitted.
  • Seamless cooperation between writers and proofreaders: The system allows for writers and proofreaders to work together seamlessly, with confidence and discretion, across the globe.
  • Writer workload management: The writers are able to only accept writing tasks they intend to finish, and they must submit all work by deadlines automatically set up by the system.

The Speed Writing App benefits everyone involved

The Speed Writing App is the secret behind our ability to provide good quality work quickly and at affordable prices. We achieve the lower cost not by reducing the quality, but by having state-of-the-art writing software that helps the writers and proofreaders to be more efficient.

Our writers can produce more per hour than using an old-fashioned workflow based on emails and Word documents. The process greatly increases the writers’ output, and we pass that savings on to you. This allows us to produce “top content” at great prices.