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Spain is a country in the Mediterranean, famous for things like La Tomatina and delicious meals, among other things. The country borders Andorra and France to the northeast, Portugal to the west and Morocco to the south, past the Strait of Gibraltar. It also borders the Bay of Biscay, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Spain has a population of 46.74 million, making it a favourable e-commerce market to tap into. For this Topcontent has you covered to translate English to Spanish content.

Despite the fact that English is the number one language in the world, it is crucial that you translate English to Spanish to reach your Spanish speaking audience – and not only to reach the citizens of Spain, but also the over 400 million Spanish speaking people in Latin America.

Most of the people in the world are able to understand and speak in English very fluently – but that doesn’t apply to all Spanish speaking countries. Therefore it is essential that you translate your site to Spanish to get more market traction. Read on to discover the reasons why you need to choose Topcontent when translating your site from English to Spanish.

The Online and E-Commerce market of Spain

Let’s first look at some statistics about the beautiful country of Spain.

  • Capital: Madrid
  • Official languages: Spanish is the official language, and next to that the country has three co-official languages Catalan, Basque, Galician, Occitan.
  • Population: 46.74 million (June 2019 estimate)
  • Area: 505, 990 km2
  • Currency: € (usually used before the number, for example, €200 )
  • Date format: dd/mm/yyyy
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: $41,592 (30th position in the world)
  • Weather: two various climate seasons with mild, rainy winters, and hot, dry summers. Rain usually falls majorly during cold winters and spring.
  • Culture and interests: Spanish people are well known across the continent for Sports, Flamenco music, and dance. Other interest includes architecture, art, and cooking.

Considering the above information, we can see that the GDP per capita is high in Spain. Also, the country has a very large population over a wide distance and favourable climate. If you want to grow your business globally, the Spanish e-commerce market is worth your consideration. This is due to the fact that almost half of the country’s population shop online. Let us help you penetrate its online market by translating your site from English to Spanish.

Why you should translate English to Spanish

Despite the fact that some Spanish speakers can understand and communicate in English, that is not the case in all Spanish speaking countries and areas. This means that translating your site from English to Spanish can help you to penetrate Spanish speaking markets, thereby leading to higher visitors and conversion rates.

Become visible in the local organic search

Locally created content is an important building block for SEO. To top Google search ranks and be visible on, which is the local google search engine in Spain, your website needs to be translated to Spanish. You can do a plain test to confirm. Just visit your local English Google search page and search for something in English. Then count have many results you get in Spanish. You won’t find any. This means that your English site is not visible in Spain either. To be visible in Spain it needs to be translated into Spanish. To get organic visitors from Spain, translate your website to Spanish.

Get traffic from Spanish keywords

You can increase the traffic to your site when you translate the language of your website from English to Spanish. This is because when most Spanish speakers do a Google search, they will use Spanish keywords. So, if you translate your website from English to Spanish, you will have those Spanish keywords on your website. If you keep your website in English only, 400 million Spanish speaking individuals will not be able to find your website with the keywords they use. Your website will be invisible in the Spanish E-commerce market. Hence, translating your website from English to Spanish will increase the number of Spanish visitors on your site.

Get more natural links from Spanish

Obtaining local links is crucial for SEO. Do you want your website to be ranked locally? Then getting more local links should be at the top of your to-do list. Spanish web editors would rather link to sites in Spanish. When you translate your website from English to Spanish, the probability of obtaining better Spanish local links will increase. This will increase the amount of traffic to your site, as well as your ranking. With our unique translation that sounds natural, we are sure that your business will be primed to reach a further and larger audience in Spain. It will also increase your conversion rate.

Increase conversion by increasing trust

It is no secret that the first step to digital marketing is getting traffic. The following step is transforming visitors to clients; paying customers. If you gain the trust of the visitor the chances he will become a customer increases. Speaking the local language helps with trust. So to gain your Spanish audience’s trust, you need to translate from English to Spanish. That will increase your conversion rates. At Topcontent, we can help you gain the trust of your Spanish audience with our quality and well-translated Spanish content.

Get better ROI on your Spanish advertising campaigns

First and foremost, we need to understand the meaning of ROI (Return On Investment). ROI is a measure of the amount of return on an investment in relation to the cost of investment. When it comes to digital marketing, organic traffic coming via SEO might not be enough. You might be required to invest money in advertising campaigns as well. Most likely you already have. When you translate your site from English to Spanish your conversion rates in the local market will increase. This means your ROI on advertising will be better. As a result, this means more money from your advertising investments.

Improved Adwords Quality Score will reduce your ad cost

Google Ads is an efficient and effective way to grow your businesses and increase your reach. You should know that the Gooogle Ads system checks the quality of your site to decide the amount you will pay to display the ad. Improving your Adwords quality score will help to reduce the amount you will spend to have your ads displayed. A high bounce rate is detrimental in the Adwords quality score system. Translating your website from English to Spanish will reduce the bounce rate, thereby increasing your Adwords quality score. This will reduce your cost for Google Ads.

More than 400 million of the world population speaks Spanish

As we have mentioned earlier, English is the number one language spoken by almost all the people around the world. You might wonder the need to translate your site from English to Spanish since English is the major language of the world. However, it’s important for you to know, that not everybody in Spain understands and can communicate fluently in English. There are more than 400 million people speaking Spanish across the globe. Also, people feel more comfortable when you speak their native language to them. So, translating your website from English to Spanish will help reach all Spanish audiences around the globe.

Reach a bigger market with your current organisation

It is no doubt that developing and managing a business is very difficult and requires lots of effort and sacrifices. You need enough capital, manpower, websites, suppliers, products to vend, bank accounts, marketing material, procedures and software to hold it all together. It’s very difficult and time-consuming. However, translating your website from English to Spanish may give you a higher return on your efforts and sacrifices. You can reach a larger and further audience by requesting your English to Spanish translations from Topcontent. We have professional native Spanish translators with many years of experience. In simple words, sell more from what you have already. We got you covered.

How is a translation from English to Spanish done?

Throughout the preceding paragraphs, we have shown you the advantages of translating your website. Let us now show you how we translate your English content into flawless Spanish.

Step 1: Prepare the original source text

Before we can translate from English to Spanish, the first process is to get the original source file ready. If the text file is in a separate document, you can forward it to us for translation. If the text is on your website, you will be required to connect your website via one of our integration tools or export it.

Available Integration Methods

We provide three effective ways by which you can integrate your website with our translation service.

  • By connecting via API.
  • Using WPML (this also requires WordPress).
  • Using WordPress Plugin and Polylang.

If you don’t have a site that runs on WordPress or you don’t possess the technical tools to connect to our API, don’t worry because we got you covered. We can assist you in exporting the material. Get in touch with us if you need any help.

Step 2: The translators do phase one

We have a vast number of native Spanish translators who are ready to start translating your English text immediately once we received them. In order to ensure that you get the best, we have picked talented native translators with years of experience. So you don’t need to worry; rest assured that your translation content is in good hands. You will never be disappointed.

Step 3: Proofreading and Quality Check

After the translation stage, we have a different selection of native Spanish translators who proofread the text. To further ensure quality, we also have a 3rd level of Spanish translators who do additional quality checks. If there is any error whatsoever, the text will be returned to the translator from the first level with feedback. With this level of quality checks, you can count on high-quality translation from Topcontent.

Step 4: Translated text delivered to you

When the proofreaders are done with their work, the translated content will be delivered to you immediately. If you sent it via our integration service, the translation will be delivered constantly as they are finished. However, if you sent us a document to translate, we will deliver your translated Spanish text to you via the same channel. You can send us feedback if you think the text needs some adjustment or improvement.

How much does it cost to translate from English to Spanish?

The number of words you want to translate determines how much it will cost you to translate from English to Spanish at a fixed price per word. Irrespective of the fact that English and Spanish are Indo-European languages, sharing the same Latin-based vocabulary, one also needs to take into account the localisation of the provided texts. There are also some other factors that can influence the final price of your translation. Factors such as:

  • The difficulty of the topic.
  • The number of words (discounts for larger volumes).
  • How urgent the project is.

For instance, if the topic you want to translate is a difficult one, you may need to pay a small premium. Also, if your work requires urgency, it might incur additional fees. However, there is a chance for a reduction in price (discount) for large volume translation texts orders (i.e. orders above 100 000 words).

Example of a translation cost from English to Spanish

For clarity’s sake, if you want to further understand how much your translation will cost, we have laid down a simplified example for small and large order request. For a standard quality translation, the following shows how much your translation would cost with a normal deadline. The price is calculated based on the number of words. The higher the number of words you want to translate, the higher the cost with the cost per word remaining the same until you reach large volume figures.

Quality: Standard Quality Quality: Standard Quality
Deadline: No urgency, 1-2 weeks Deadline: No urgency, 1-2 weeks
Amount of words: 1500 Amount of words: 25 000
Price per word: 0.09 euros Price per word: 0.09 euros
Calculation: 1500 * 0.09 = 135 euros   Calculation: 25 000 * 0.09 = 2250 euros

How do you count words in English?

The cost of all translation orders is calculated based on the amount of words in the original text. This includes every word that you want to translate. The calculation of the word includes everything in the source text, such as:

  • Tables
  • Citations
  • Headings
  • Quotes
  • Lists

We can also translate programming code and HTML documents. However, since the HTML code or programming code won’t be translated, we don’t include them when calculating the cost. During our calculation, a word is taken as a set of symbols, number(s) or character(s) that are separated with space in the text. Before we send an order to our Spanish translator, the total word count of the text is counted.

You can send in your translation order in any format that suits you. You can send using .doc format or .txt. We will always tell you the translation cost before the start of the project.

Formal differences between English and Spanish

We should not think that because both languages share the same Latin vocabulary it will always be very easy to translate. Even though both language use parts of speech in the same way, there are still some distinct differences in their grammar, for instance:

  • One of the main differences is the placement of adjectives. Spanish descriptive adjectives usually come after the noun they modify, while in English this comes before the noun.
  • All Spanish nouns, whether animate or inanimate, can be referred to as SHE or HE, whereas in English only animals, people and some nouns such as ship can use the gender word HE or SHE.
  • Also, the way both language conjugates differs.

Why you should use a native to translate English to Spanish

There is no doubt that a lot of Spanish people can speak one or more languages as we have mentioned earlier. Also, we can’t dispute the fact that Spanish is the second most spoken language in most of the American states. So it’s easy to find an English speaking native who understands and knows Spanish well. However, when you want to translate from English to Spanish, it’s crucial that you make use of a native Spanish speaker. When you use a native speaker of the target language, the translation sounds better and will be of higher quality. At Topcontent, we ensure that the translations from English to Spanish are handled by native Spanish translators.

Common mistakes translating from English to Spanish

One of the common mistakes is a direct translation. There are a lot of differences between English and Spanish. One of the differences is in the use of conjugation. In English, commas can be replaced by using conjugation, whereas this rule does not apply in Spanish. For instance, when we write ‘the districts, houses, and buildings’, it will be incorrect to translate it and use a comma before “y” in the case of ‘Barros, cases y edificios’. Therefore, a direct translation should be avoided when translating English to Spanish. That is why at Topcontent, we ensure that your translations are handled by professional translators to avoid common mistakes to make the translated text sounds natural.

How length of text differs between English and Spanish

The number of word count after translating your text from English to Spanish differs. After you have translated your words from English to Spanish, the resulting translated text will usually contain more words than the English original. Spoken Spanish is fast. Spoken Spanish has on average 7.82 syllables per seconds compared to English 6.19. This translates into written form as well. Also, Spanish has a lower grammar density than English. Hence, Spanish requires more word to convey a piece of information.

Here is an example to demonstrate:

English – 24 words Spanish – 29 words
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Most common terms translated from English to Spanish

We have provided you with a lot of information on English to Spanish translation. This has hopefully made you appreciate the reasons why you should choose Topcontent for your English to Spanish translation. Here are also some of the most common English terms used in online businesses and their Spanish translation:

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How to calculate ROI on translations from English to Spanish

Everybody’s preference differs. So, translating your website from English to Spanish is a business decision you need to consider well before undertaking. You should do it when the aim is to make money or promote your business. One of the possible benefits of translating your site from English to Spanish is increased ROI. Do you require help calculating your ROI for your businesses? Do not worry, our skilled team has got you covered. Feel free to contact us.

Summary of Translations from English to Spanish

Translating your website from English to Spanish is very crucial. This will help you reach a further and larger Spanish audience, as well as grow your business. Also, English to Spanish translation can improve your website’s ease of access, thereby providing a better user experience for your potential customer. This will increase the traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate. Translating your site from English to Spanish will help you penetrate the Spains E-commerce market that has lots of potential buyers.

If you are considering English to Spanish translations, choosing Topcontent is the right decision for you. Making us partner will have a positive influence on your business. We have professional native translators and proofreaders who will get the job done as quickly as possible. So when you choose us for your translation work, we are confident that you will get top-quality English to Spanish translation, which can increase your ROI. Contact us now and request a quote for your translation request.