Translate Swedish to French

France is one of those countries renowned for a wide range of cultural pursuits ranging from art and literature, right through to its fabulous cuisine and wines. It’s also one of the most romantic countries, known for its more liberal, love-orientated nature. France is considered a central-western European country and shares borders with several other countries including Italy, Belgium, Germany and Spain. It also boasts a large population – 67 million – giving your business plenty of reasons to translate Swedish to French.

What’s more French isn’t just spoken in France. The country has several overseas territories including islands in most of the world’s oceans and French Guiana in South America, not to mention various countries in Africa and South-East Asia, as well as Quebec in Canada, that were once colonised by the French. With French being so widely spoken, and the nation being proud of its language, you can see why teaming with Topcontent to translate your site is a good idea.

The Online and E-Commerce market of France

Before we move on to discuss translating your content, we will just take a look at some important facts about this cheese and wine-loving country:

  • Capital: Paris
  • Official languages: French
  • Population: 67,022,000
  • Area: 640,679 km2
  • Currency: Euro
  • Date format: dd/mm/yyyy
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: $47,223
  • Weather: There are four distinct seasons with warm summers and colder winters. Spring and autumn tend to be more mild.
  • Culture and interests: The French are immensely proud of their culture and the influence it has had on the surrounding nations. For centuries France has been the hub for art, literature, architecture and even food.

From the information above, you can see that France has a relatively high GDP per capita. This applies across a sizeable population that is spread over a large area of land. French is also the official language of 29 countries throughout the world with 73 million people considering French to be their first language, and 338 million using it as a second. If you want to increase your market by localising your content, you need to translate Swedish to French on your site.

Why you should translate from Swedish to French

While many French speakers will speak a second language, Swedish isn’t one of the more common choices. In fact, the French notoriously prefer to speak their native tongue, meaning you should translate Swedish to French to reach this market.

Local visibility

Success online stems, in part, from knowing what Google wants. Google is all about keeping its users happy and picking what it thinks they want to see. This means that when people from a specific area search for a product, the search engine will automatically produce results from that local area. Try it yourself. Take a look on and see if you can find any sites in French. You won’t find any because Google will put local search results in the native language of that area up first. If you want to reach this huge French-speaking audience and become seen by them, you need to translate your content.

Having French keywords will increase your traffic

In conjunction with this, you will understand that French users are not going to be typing their search queries in Swedish – they will be typing in French. By translating your site from Swedish to French you will start to rank higher on Google’s searches and thus become visible to the vast French audience you are trying to reach. With a Swedish only site, you are missing out on all those French users who are ready and waiting to get purchasing products online. By translating to French, you will see your traffic increase as you now become visible in Google searches to an entirely new market.

Getting natural French links

No matter how you try, you’re always going to need natural links to your site when you are trying to improve your SEO. These natural links are much better for your site as they help to improve the traffic flow to it. Having back links provided on relevant, and sometimes branded, websites, will help you to move higher up Google’s rankings during searches. However, a French webmaster is unlikely to link a Swedish site to their French content, which means that neglecting to translate your site to French will see you lose out on these valuable back links, and, as a consequence, potential business growth.

Trust increases conversion rates

When working in the marketing industry, most of you will already know that getting traffic to your site is just step number one. The next phase is to encourage people to keep coming back and making purchases. And that’s the hard part. But that’s where translating your site from Swedish to French can come in very handy as you’ll be able to convert these French-speaking customers who were initially just visiting, into paying clients. The majority of online purchase decisions are based on trust, so if your site is in a language the visitor understands, they’re much more likely to make a purchase from you!

Improve your ROI

You don’t need to just get organic traffic to your site though. You can also encourage traffic to your site through careful ad campaigns and marketing strategies. Most of you are likely to already have a good campaign in place, but is it useful to French speakers when it’s in Swedish? Translating your ads from Swedish to French is another necessary step to increase conversion rates and, as such, improve your ROI or Return on Investment when spending money creating and distributing those ads. By utilising these ads, you will end up making more money back for what you spent on those ads in the first place.

Improve your Adwords score

Google has many different functions and features to help businesses get seen online. One of these is the Adwords auction system, which is a feature that takes a look at the quality of the Adwords you are using on your site. As it checks these, it determines the final price you should be paying for the ad to be seen and distributed. By using better words to improve your score, you will actually have to pay Google less for your adverts over the long run. Bounce rate has a lot to do with this and is factored in. By translating to French, this bounce rate will decrease and you’ll rank higher, ultimately paying less.

French speakers like to speak French

There are millions of people who speak French across those 29 countries and, as we have mentioned, many of them prefer to stick to their native tongue. While there are doubtless a number of French speakers who have also learned Swedish, it’s not a common language to speak. This means that your Swedish site is never going to be of interest, or even available, to French users. This highlights the importance of translating your site from Swedish to French as the majority of French users reaching your site are never going to stick around long enough to figure out what it’s about. Translate and you’ll reach a much wider audience.

Get an increased market reach

Setting up any business is hard, but arguably it’s even harder online. You need a product to sell for starters, and then you need a whole range of features to accompany it. This includes software, banking, marketing, websites, you name it, you need it. And it all needs to work cohesively together to bring in traffic. Adding in translation onto an already exhaustive list can seem like too much, but it’s totally worth it. In the long run you’ll see bigger and better returns on your investments. That’s because if you work with Topcontent to translate your site from Swedish to French, you’re hard work will pay off, reaching a larger audience.

How a translation from Swedish to French is done

So now that you’ve seen all the top reasons why getting a translation from Swedish to French is important, it’s time to see how it’s actually done.

Step 1: Prepare the source text

Step one comes from you – you need to give us the Swedish text that you’d like us to translate. This can be in a document that you send to us, in your preferred format. If your content is on your site, you can export it to a document and send it to us. Alternatively you can use our integration tools and link your web-based text directly to our translation system.

Integration tools

At this time we have three different ways you can connect your site to ours:

  • API
  • WPML
  • PolyLang

If you do not possess a WordPress site, then you will need to make use of your technical know-how to link to our system via API. If this is complicated and out of your skill set, contact us and we can help you sync up.

Step 2: Content is translated

Once you’ve sent us the complete Swedish text that you’d like to have translated, we will then upload it onto our web-based translation system. Here we have an impressive pool of native French-speaking translators who will start translating your project from Swedish into French in no time. Now it’s time for you to sit back and relax and let us do all the heavy work.

Step 3: Proofreading and quality checking

Once the translation phase is complete, the project then gets sent on to a different set of French-speaking translators. Their job is to read through the translation and ensure that there are no errors. In some cases, the task will pass through a third set of translators for a final quality check. If there are any issues it will be sent back to the previous phase with feedback for corrections.

Step 4: Delivery of your content

Once we’re satisfied that the translation will meet your expectations, we will send it back to you. If you sent us the document directly, you will receive your French translation in the same file format that you sent us. If you are using our integration tools, you’ll get your project back in a continuous stream as the tasks are completed. We also welcome any feedback to help us improve our service further.

How much does it cost to translate from Swedish to French?

When we quote you a price for translating Swedish to French, we base it on the number of words you would like to have translated. You will be charged a fixed price per word. This is normal practice when translating between two western languages both using the Latin script, which both Swedish and French do. However, the final price per word can vary depending on a number of different factors, which can include such things as:

  • Urgency
  • Difficulty of topic
  • Number of words (large orders attract a discount)

As an example, if your request is an urgent one, we will charge more for the faster turnaround time. Similarly, the price per word will go up if the topic is difficult or more specialised requiring extra research. However, larger volumes of words – over 100,000 for instance – will be eligible for a discount per word. Contact us for a quote.

Example of a translation cost from Swedish to French

We like to be totally transparent about our translation pricing system. In order to clearly demonstrate this, we have provided a couple of examples on how much a small and a large order would cost when translating from Swedish to French. The example assumes that the text is straightforward and with a normal deadline. As you will see, the price per word remains the same between the two orders, the large order only costs more as there are more words to be translated in the source document.

Quality: Standard Quality Quality: Standard Quality
Deadline: No urgency, 1-2 weeks Deadline: No urgency, 1-2 weeks
Amount of words: 2300 Amount of words: 33 000
Price per word: 0.17 euros Price per word: 0.17 euros
Calculation: 2300 * 0.17 = 391 euros   Calculation: 33 000 * 0.17 = 5610 euros

How do you count words in Swedish?

All of our Topcontent translations are based on the word count of the original document, in this case Swedish. This word count includes everything that’s in the text that needs translating. This includes things like:

  • Headers
  • Citations
  • Quotes
  • Tables
  • Lists etc

Documents that contain HTML or other programming codes can also be translated. However, as we will not translate the code, therefore this is not counted in the final word count. When it comes to counting the words in a document, a word is considered to be a group of numbers, characters or symbols that are separated from the next grouping by a single space. Before we send the source text for translation by our French speakers, we will count the words and send you a quote based on the original Swedish word count. The document you send can be in a range of formats such as .doc and .xslx. No matter what though, you will always know the project cost prior to us commencing the translation.

Formal differences between Swedish and French

Despite both being European languages, French and Swedish are not very similar. French forms part of the romantic languages grouping, whereas Swedish is an Indo-European language derived from Germanic roots. This means that there are different grammar rules in place that need to be noted when translating.

  • French conjugates words according to the person, but Swedish doesn’t
  • French has a future tense, but Swedish doesn’t
  • Swedish has one past tense, whereas French has three

Why you should use a native speaker to translate Swedish to French

While there are bilingual French speakers out there, some of whom are likely to live in Sweden, or speak Swedish, it’s still important to translate Swedish to French. When translating between these two languages, it’s always important to ensure that you use a native French speaker to do the translations. This is because a native speaker of the final language will always offer a higher quality translation, as they will know the nuances and colloquialisms of that language, making it more relatable to your potential clients. In this way, the meaning of your text is retained, and your true message is carried across from Swedish to French.

Common mistakes made when translating from Swedish to French

One of the more common mistakes found when translating Swedish to French is the word order. Often you will find that translators will do a word for word direct translation rather than looking at the overall meaning of the text. When this happens the text will often become stilted and read in a non-native manner. This can be off putting to users reading this online and will not inspire trust in your product or business. This is a common mistake made by non-professionals, so we seek to avoid this by only using experienced native French speakers to produce top quality Swedish to French translations for you.

How length of text differs between Swedish and French

When translating between Swedish to French, the final word count in the French output may be different to the number of words in the original Swedish text. However, both languages do tend to run longer than others. French text is often longer than the source content as it is wordier, although Swedish can have additional words due to the high usage of prepositions. Make sure you bear this in mind as you may find some of your translated text might be too long to fit in the space allowed for it. This is another reason why we hire top quality French translators as they can reduce the word count, while still retaining the original meaning.

Swedish – 24 words French – 29 words
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Most common terms translated from Swedish to French

Now we have gone through a large amount of information relating to how and why you should translate your Swedish site into French. As a little gift, we have included some common Swedish business words with their French translations in the table below. We hope this will encourage you to get started on your path to translating your Swedish content.

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How to calculate ROI on translations from Swedish to French

When it comes down to the decision to translate your content or not, it is of course a purely business decision. Will it be worth the cost? The short answer is yes, but only when you are financially able to support it. Once you’ve made the decision to proceed with translating Swedish to French, you will want to calculate your ROI for your business. If you need help in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Making the decision to translate Swedish to French for your online business can really help you expand your market, increase traffic, grow your business and have a better ROI. You’ll also have a leg up on your competitors, not to mention that you will be tapping into an enormous brand new market at little cost or effort to yourself. Better yet, you’ll stand out on Google and move up those all-important rankings to become more visible around the world.

Once you decide to translate your site, look no further than Topcontent. We are experts in translation. We understand the importance of pertinent SEO and we use native translators to get the job done. We offer an efficient and transparent working process and pricing scheme for our services. In this manner we ensure your translated Swedish to French content has a high impact value and is relevant to your market. For a free quote, contact us today!