Translate Swedish to Italian

Italy, the home of pasta, pizza and, of course, the Romans, is one of the central European countries. It not only has a landmass attached to the main continent, but also consists of a number of small islands stretching into the Mediterranean. Although more central, it is considered to be part of Western Europe and shares borders with France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia, making it important to translate Swedish to Italian on your website.

The country is home to a large population. It’s the fourth most populated country in the entirety of Europe, most of whom speak the official language of Italian, with few speaking other languages unless they’re a native dialect. Because of this, Swedish sites are definitely not understood, highlighting the importance of translating your content into Italian. For more information on why you should partner with Topcontent for your Swedish to Italian needs, keep reading along!

The Online and e-Commerce market of Italy

Just before we delve into all the translation details, here are just a few fun facts about Italy, this exciting western European country:

  • Capital: Rome
  • Official languages: Italian
  • Population: 60 million
  • Area: 301,340 km2
  • Currency: Euro
  • Date format: dd/mm/yyyy
  • GDP (PPP) per capita: $40,470
  • Weather: Generally Italy is known for its warmer weather. Winters are still distinguishable from other seasons, more so in the north. Generally, summers are hot, winters cold and the spring and autumn seasons tend to hold milder temperatures.
  • Culture and interests: Thanks to the Romans, Italy is known for being a cultural hub offering a huge amount of notable works of art, inventions, writings, cuisines and historical hot spots with more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country.

As you can see from the information above, there are a number of things to bear in mind. Italy has one of the largest populations in Europe, although this is spread over not too large an area. The GDP per capita has them sitting at 25th in the world, making them prime customers for online shopping, which is why it is a good idea to translate Swedish to Italian if you want to tap into this market.

Why you should translate from Swedish to Italian

For the most part, Swedish is not a language spoken by Italians. Therefore, if you want to reach out to this Italian market, it’s important to translate Swedish to Italian if you intend to increase traffic and conversion rates.

Increase organic search visibility

When it comes to online businesses, you need to make sure that you are doing what Google wants. Google is there to help its users, not you, so the search engine is going to show users sites in their own native or local language. Check it out for yourself. Have a look on, type in some Swedish keywords and have a scroll through the results. There’s not a single Italian site up there. Essentially, your Swedish site is completely invisible to the Italian audience. So if you want visibility and organic traffic from this market, you’ll need to do some translating from Swedish to Italian.

Italian keywords get traffic

Following on from this, Italian internet users are much more likely to be using Italian keywords when they search for a product via Google. Because of this, translating your site from Swedish into Italian will give you a greater chance of ranking higher on Google’s searches when this market starts looking for something. If you keep your site in Swedish, Italian users are not going to be able to find you when they type in keywords in their native language. Doing a quick and easy translation with us will see your site become visible to Italian speakers and thus help you to increase your traffic from the Italian market.

Get Italian natural links

When you are trying to become more visible online, one of the important things is getting links from other sites. If you intend on getting, and improving, your local rankings on Google, you need to get natural links made. However, you’re only going to get these links in a new market if your site is translated to their native language. After all, what Italian webmaster is going to start linking their Italian site to one in Swedish? They won’t, they will link to an Italian one. Get your site translated from Swedish to Italian and see an increase in traffic from Italy towards your site.

Trust equals conversions

Once you’ve got traffic to your website, you know that the next step is retaining these customers and getting your conversion rates up. The hard part is getting these visitors to become paying customers. If you translate your site from Swedish to Italian, you’ll find that your conversion rate is likely to sky rocket. Why is this? Well, Italians looking online are going to decide whether they will make a purchase at a site based on how much they trust it. If they can’t understand the language the site is in, they’re not going to trust it, which means no purchase. Translating to Italian will see conversions from Italy increase.

Italian ad campaigns get a better ROI

You don’t need to just concentrate on organic traffic when promoting a business online. You can also be proactive and create ad campaigns that promote your products as well. Many of you will already have a great ad campaign in place, but this is likely to be in Swedish, not in Italian. Translating this from Swedish to Italian will help your conversion rates increase as well as seeing your ROI or Return On Investment in your adverts also improve. You’ll get more money back from your investment into advertising as more people will actually make a purchase through your site, which is really good for you!

Improve your Adwords Quality Score to reduce costs

When you use the Google Adwords system, the programme will look at the quality score of your ads as a way to figure out how much you should be paying for your advert to be distributed online. If you are able to make your Quality Score go higher, then you will pay less for your ads over the long run, which is really good for your business. One of the factors that is important when calculating the Quality Score is the bounce rate. If you translate your site from Swedish to Italian, you will find your bounce rate reduces and your Quality Score will be improved.

Italians speak Italian!

Unlike some of the other more northern European countries, Italy does not speak Swedish. While there are a number of people who will speak more than one language, it’s important not to forget that this is likely to be one of the 12 minority languages found within Italian borders. While French, German and Slovene are given special bilingual status and fall within this minority language group, Swedish does not figure at all. With that in mind, it’s very important to translate your site from Swedish to Italian so that you can reach this very large audience. Otherwise you are totally missing out on a large potential market that could help your business grow.

Widen your horizons

We all know that getting a business up and running is very hard and time consuming, so why make it harder on yourself? Businesses consist of many different aspects and features including the need for products, employees, software and much more. Importantly, all of this needs to be of a cohesive nature if things are to move forward. Translating your site with Topcontent from Swedish to Italian simply enables you to build on what you already have in place at little to no extra effort. Doing this will mean that you can reach a much larger market and sell even more, using what you have in place already.

How a translation from Swedish to Italian is done

So there you have all the benefits of translating from Swedish to Italian. Now it’s time to look at the way we do it.

Step 1: Prepare the original text

The initial part of getting your translation going will come from your end. You will need to prepare the original Swedish text that you wish to have translated into Italian. If your text is in a separate document, just send that on over to us. If your text is online then you can export it or connect your site directly to our system via one of our integration tools.

Integration tools

There are three different ways you can connect your site with us at Topcontent:

  • WPML
  • Polylang
  • API

For those of you not using a WordPress-based website, or if you don’t understand the technical jargon associated with integrating the sites, then we can actually help you to export your text. Just get in contact with us and we will be happy to help you out.

Step 2: Translating

Once we have your Swedish text, the content will then be uploaded into our web-based translation system. Once in the system, the project will be viewable by our large pool of Italian translators who are all ready and raring to go to start translating. As the tasks are taken up, your content will get translated from Swedish to Italian in a prompt, efficient and high-quality manner.

Step 3: Proofreading and quality checking

Once the translations are complete, they will be passed on to another group of Italian translators. These translators will perform the proofreading phase where they’ll check through all the work done by the initial translator. In some cases the work will get passed on again through a final set of Italian translators for a last quality check. If any issues arise, the piece will be sent back with detailed feedback for corrections.

Step 4: Delivering your translated text

Once the text has gone through all the stages and has been deemed good quality, it will then be sent on to you. In cases where your site is linked to ours via the integration tools, you will get the translated text sent directly to you as it is completed. For those sending in files, you will get your complete order sent to you in the same file format you provided.

How much does it cost to translate from Swedish to Italian?

The cost of Swedish to Italian translation is calculated on the basis of the number of words that you wish to have translated. You will be charged a standard price per word. This is the usual method of pricing when it comes to translating between two western languages that are using the same Latin character set, which both Italian and Swedish do. The final cost will be based on some additional factors though, which include the following:

  • Word volume (discounts are offered for large orders)
  • Deadline
  • Difficulty of topic
  • Standard versus Business quality writing

For instance, if you have a large volume of words, we will actually offer a discount (if the volume is over 100,000 words for instance). Costs will be higher though if you need the work in a short turnaround time rather than our usual 1 to 2 weeks. If the topic is complex the price per word will also increase.

Example of a translation cost from Swedish to Italian

As a demonstration as to how much it would cost to translate from Swedish to Italian, we have set up some simple examples below for you to see how it works. Here you can see we have outlined the costs of both a small and a large translation order. Each of these is calculated assuming that there is a normal deadline, a relatively simple topic requiring a standard quality translation. You can see that the price is only based on the number of words.

Quality: Standard Quality Quality: Standard Quality
Deadline: No urgency, 1-2 weeks Deadline: No urgency, 1-2 weeks
Amount of words: 2100 Amount of words: 32 000
Price per word: 0.07 euros Price per word: 0.07 euros
Calculation: 2100 * 0.07 = 147 euros   Calculation: 32 000 * 0.07 = 2240 euros

How do you count words for the translation?

All of our translation prices are based on the number of words in the original text, in this case, it is based on how many Swedish words you would like us to translate. The word count will include:

  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Quotes
  • Tables
  • Lists, etc

We will translate HTML text or code as well, but as these aren’t actually going to be translated, they won’t be counted as words and therefore are not included in any final word count for a project. When it comes to what constitutes a word, this is a set of characters, numbers or symbols that occur together with a space between them and the next group of characters. Prior to adding a translation project to our system, we calculate the cost by counting the number of words that you have sent us. We then make sure to send you this quote before we begin translating from Swedish to Italian. This is so that you know the total cost before we start the translation process and ensure a transparent communication.

Formal differences between Swedish and Italian

It’s unlikely that you will think that Swedish and Italian sound the same, after all they come from very different roots. Swedish is of Germanic origin, whereas Italian is considered to be a romance language. This means that the two languages have different grammar and pronunciation rules including:

  • Italian contains sounds unique to that language with letters not eliciting the same sounds as their Swedish counterparts
  • Italian has gendered nouns, which do not follow typical rules meaning memorisation is a must
  • In Italian, the adjectives come after the noun
  • The Italian verb ‘to have’ can be used to show a feeling

Why you should use a native to translate Swedish to Italian

As we’ve mentioned previously, there are very few Italians who actually speak Swedish, although there are likely to be a greater number of Swedes who speak Italian. Despite this, when translating from Swedish to Italian, it’s important to use a native Italian speaker for the process. This is because the translation quality is always higher when the target language is translated by a native speaker of that language. During our process of translating from Swedish to Italian, we always make sure we use native Italian translators to do all of the work for us. In this manner you are guaranteed the best quality translation possible.

Common mistakes translating from Swedish to Italian

One of the most common mistakes that is made when translating from Swedish to Italian is the word order. Despite both languages actually having a relatively similar structure, as we mentioned above, there are some differences which set Italian apart from Swedish. If translators make a direct translation, word order can be confused and the resulting translation will read as stilted or, worse, lose the original meaning entirely. In order to avoid this, we make sure we use native Italian speakers when performing Swedish to Italian translations so that the flow of Italian is much more natural and retains the meaning you want from the original document.

How length of text differs between Swedish and Italian

In some cases you might find that the final output in Italian will have a different number of words to the original Swedish text. In instances like these you might find that sometimes the Italian text is shorter with fewer words than the original text. This is simply because the Swedish language uses a lot of prepositions in their sentences, which will increase the number of words when compared to the slightly more conservative Italian. However, to clarify, you are charged on the number of Swedish words that need to be translated so the reduced word count for the finished Italian text will not affect the cost of the project.

Swedish – 24 words Italian – 31 words
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Most common terms translated from Swedish to Italian

We’ve given you a pretty impressive amount of information about translating Swedish to Italian, especially with regards to why you should have it done by one of our native Italian freelance translators here at Topcontent. However, to give you a head start on your translating, here are some common Swedish words with their Italian translations.

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How to calculate ROI on translations from Swedish to Italian

Translating your content from Swedish to Italian is undoubtedly a business decision as it will cost you money. Once you have decided that it is a financially viable option, then it’s time to contact us. Don’t forget that translating from Swedish to Italian will have multiple benefits for you down the line, not least in helping you to improve your ROI. If you’re unsure of how to calculate your business ROI, our team is ready and willing to help.


If you translate Swedish to Italian content on your site, you can grow your business at a faster rate. You’ll be able to dodge in front of your competitors and make better use of your visitors whilst reaching out to other markets. This will mean you’ll get more traffic and, as a consequence of this, you’ll get more conversions. With such a large population waiting in Italy, it would be a shame to miss out on so many potential customers.

When you make the decision to translate your site from Swedish to Italian, you should choose Topcontent as your partner. We are in tune with the business side of translating, understand the importance of ROI and, of course, are excellent at translations. With our skilled native speakers, and smooth translation services, you’ll get high quality Swedish to Italian translations. So why not contact us now and get a quote so you can start moving towards that Italian market.