Translation agency in Sweden

Topcontent is a translation agency that excels in providing outstanding services to clients worldwide. Our esteemed translators have years of experience in translation services in different fields. They include legal, medical, business, and education among others. Our translation agency in Sweden takes pride in hiring native translators, who offer high-quality services to all our clients. Moreover, we take time to proofread our work to ensure we deliver quality content. Our professional translators offer quick turnaround thus ensuring that clients get their work done in time. Keeping in mind the value of our client’s data, we guarantee confidentiality and personalized services.

Why choose our Swedish translation agency?

We are a certified international translation agency in Sweden based in Malta with a global outreach to clients. If you are interested in getting translation services for a larger project, feel free to reach out to our team. Our agency is renowned for meeting specific translation project objectives as required by our clients. Get in touch with our agency today.

6000+ native translators

To enjoy accurate translation services, contact us! Our agency is up to the task to deliver timely services, thanks to our over 6,000 competent translators, of which hundreds are native Swedish speakers. We handpick linguistic translators and proofreaders who have expertise in specific areas. This implies that clients get value for their money.

Over 15 languages available

Most people assume that translation agencies only major in one or two languages. However, this is not the case with Topcontent. Our agency specializes in over fifteen languages. This plays a pivotal role in breaking communication barriers among people of various cultures. By doing so, we ensure that you conduct business seamlessly with partners globally with unified content.

Exemplary track record

Our translation agency has successfully handled thousands of projects for different clients. These projects comprise of website content translations, app translations, legal documentation translations, and others. Some of our profound clients hail from the travel, iGaming, medical, and technical fields. Nonetheless, we are up to the task for challenges in new fields per client needs.

Advanced translation and content delivery system

Getting in touch with us is not as complex as with some other agencies. You can enjoy our timely services via our automated translation and delivery system. This platform enables our team of translators and editors to handle and deliver all projects at hand. If you have a website, you may opt to connect with our platform automatically.

Pocket-friendly services

Our company ensures that clients get value for their money. To achieve this, we use reasonable criteria for setting our rates. Some of the parameters include word count, language pair, and the quality of the project. Despite our remarkable track record, you can be sure to get low prices when working with us.

Array of translations

Gone are the days when one had to seek different translation services from different agents. Nowadays, you can get these services under one roof! Our translation agency is one of the leading companies in the provision of multilingual translations. You can visit our website for more info on languages covered.

We translate multiple languages to and from English, including Swedish. You cannot exhaust the list. We also deliver other language pair to our clients. This includes Finnish to Swedish, Swedish to Norwegian and others. The moment you contact us, we will share a list of the language pairs and various translations options that we have for you.

Projects we translate

E-commerce websites

Our translation agency can help you expand your online business to global clients. We help in translating product descriptions, blog posts and other content in different languages. By doing this, we ensure that clients resonate with your brand without misinterpretation of information. Some of the e-commerce sectors covered include fashion, retailers, and electronics, among others.

Financial translation services

Language barrier should not bar you from conducting business with global partners. Our professional translators understand the need of providing an enabling environment for clients. We delegate personnel with years of experience in the finance industry. That is why you should let our team translate your financial documents. Contact our team today!

iGaming translation services

If you plan on penetrating the global gaming space, you have to make the vocabulary understandable to all. To achieve this, you should liaise with renowned translators. Our team has the expertise to translate iGaming content naturally. Moreover, we provide copywriting services for e-sport and online casinos. Our professionals will give you the translations that your iGaming business needs.

Medical and travel websites

The need to expand your health facility is inevitable. To achieve this, you must circumvent language barriers when reaching out to patients globally. Our translation agency is equipped to handle multilingual translation needs for your website. Players in the travel hospitality industries can integrate our services to attract more clients to their services.

Legal websites

Legal proceedings can be derailed by communication barriers between involved parties. If you encounter such a challenge, it is wise to contact our legal translation services. We ensure that our clients get accurate translations for legal policy documents. This makes it possible for all parties to grasp the terms and conditions of the documentation.

Pricing at our translation agency in Sweden

Before taking up a new translation project, our agency highlights the ins and outs of pricing. For starters, we charge our work per word with no extra cost. Once we have reached a consensus with our clients, we upload the job in the system. An experienced translator in the field will take up the job and translate. Afterwards, a proofreader goes through the document before submitting it in the delivery system. As a client, you have a right to get in touch with our translators for revisions if need be. It is worth noting that we have no limitation in terms of the type of documents translated.

Contact our translation agency in Sweden today!

Settling for the best translation agency in Sweden can be overwhelming. Luckily, our agency is visible on all platforms thanks to our remarkable track record. All you need to do is make a quote with our company via phone, email or chat found on our website. Afterwards, you get connected to a professional project manager who will walk you through the process. In this phase, you need to highlight a list of languages to be translated. You can also contact us for any adjustments or addition of languages along the way if you have a need for a translation of a language pair that isn’t listed. Feel free to get in touch with our esteemed agents today!