Case Study – How DreamLead increased their revenue by translating their site

Welcome to another interview from Topcontent. This time, we asked one of our clients, Dreamlead, to talk to us about their experiences from working with Topcontent.

First off, can you tell us a bit about your company?

My name is Sebastian Högberg and I am running a casino affiliate business called Dreamlead LTD. We’re currently operating in 13 different markets. We have also recently started to explore new affiliate niche opportunities.

Interesting! So with 13 different markets, that must mean you have all sites translated for each market. Is that right?

Yes, correct, it’s either translated or rewritten. Some of our markets are the same language GEO’s but we put huge value in having unique quality content for the same keywords in the same language but for different GEO’s.

And just how important is localisation when operating in different markets?

Sebastian Högberg, CEO at Dreamlead Ltd.

It’s absolutely key to have a unique approach for each target market, even when targeting different languages in the same GEO or country. The competition is hard and to have the best content for the exact target visitors you aim for is of the highest importance.

I could not agree more! Next question: What challenges did you face when you decided you needed to translate your site?

First off we decided that we were going to arrange it with a content agency instead of employing a country manager. It seems like a wise decision as even though we don’t know some of the languages, we are performing very well in foreign-speaking markets.

We are very happy to hear that! Which other benefits have you seen after translating your site?

We have seen great results, as it turns out expanding markets has made a lot better ROI from content and links rather than spamming articles in one single GEO. Expanding to new markets is absolutely key. A good example where we implemented this strategy is Gambla!

Having gone through the before and after (translating your sites) process, what advice do you have for anyone who is operating in different markets who have not yet translated their sites?

I would recommend investing your money in premium content and translation as you can easily reach a huge audience in markets that might be otherwise untapped. A strategy that worked out very well for us.

Thank you, Sebastian, for your time!


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